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Follow Me on Instagram

Nov 1, 2018
As a bit of an experiment, I created a Steve Pavlina Instagram (@steve.pavlina) account today, so you can now follow me there if you’d like. I’ve never used Instagram before, so I’m not sure what I’ll do with it yet, but I’ll test it out for a bit and see if makes sense as another outlet for sharing value and connecting with growth-oriented people.I was a bit soured on social media for many years, so I’m cautiously dipping my toes back into it, partly because I’m learning to delegate better this year, so I won’t be solely managing such accounts myself.

Charity Water

Oct 28, 2018

One charity I like supporting is Charity Water because 100% of my donations go directly towards water projects, mostly in Africa. They cover all of their admin costs through other sources like institutional donors.

I’ve been doing automatic monthly donations to them since last year, and I get occasional emails about the new water projects they’re doing. They’ve already funded almost 30,000 water projects to help more than 8 million people.

While there are many controversial charities, helping people get access to clean drinking water seems like an easy one to support. More than 660 million people still don’t have a water source as good as municipal tap water.

This is a problem we can actually do something about with today’s tech and resources. For $30 you can give someone access to clean water for life.

I saw the founder of this charity, Scott Harrison, give a talk last year, and he recently came out with a new book called Thirst.

So if you’re looking for a worthy charity support, please check out Charity Water, and consider joining me in donating to them. Even a small monthly donation can mean access to clean water for more people every year.

Watch the video on their website to learn more about what they do, and go from there…

(I don’t get any commission whether you donate to them or not. I’m just sharing this because I think this is a good cause to support.)

Deep Abundance Integration Summary Guide Released

Oct 17, 2018

Earlier this month we added the new 62-page Summary Guide to the popular Deep Abundance Integration course, so all course participants can download it now or read it online. You’ll find it on the Gifts page in the DAI member portal.

This is included at no extra charge for DAI course members.

The summary guide is meant to serve as a convenient refresher of the main ideas, exercises, and practices. It can also help you identify which lessons you may want to watch or listen to again. The guide condenses each lesson down to 2 pages of text for easy review.

I actually re-watched all of the videos to create this guide. I smiled a lot in remembering the fun experiences we had along the way, and I even gained some extra insights here and there. It’s fascinating how we can work with certain universal tools for years and still keep discovering fresh perspectives. Even a relatively simple-to-explain idea like building a trusting relationship with reality has so many applications. The more you work with these tools, the more they reveal new ways to grow.

Enjoy the new guide! 🙂

And if you haven’t joined the course yet, we’re keeping it open, so you’re welcome to participate. You’ll find a full description of the course and a sign-up button at the bottom of the Deep Abundance Integration page. More than 800 people have already enrolled. At only $97 it’s priced to be accessible. You can also see lots of feedback from previous course alumni in yesterday’s blog post, so that will give you a good idea of what the experience is like. Join the abundance train when you’re ready!

Podcast Shares Insights from Deep Abundance Integration

Sep 25, 2018

Harriet Morris shares some key lessons from the recent Deep Abundance Integration course in an 18-minute podcast episode she recorded. Whether or not you’ve completed the DAI course, I think you’ll enjoy listening to her highlights.

To date 789 people have now enrolled in the course, and most have actually finished all 30 lessons.

Free Online Launch Training with Jeff Walker Live

Sep 12, 2018

If you’d like to learn how to do successful online launches (such as for your book, online course, coaching, or anything else you might sell online), I encourage you to take Jeff Walker’s Free Online Launch Masterclass. It’s free in September 2018 only, and after that it becomes a paid product.

Jeff is the creator of Product Launch Formula, and he’s been teaching people how to do successful online launches since 2005. I’ve personally met people in Jeff’s community who’ve done 7-figure online launches (i.e. earning more than $1 million online in about a week).

A little over a month ago, I launched the Deep Abundance Appreciation course, and more than 750 people joined, which was awesome! The success of this launch was partly due to applying what I learned from Jeff and his community.

Jeff has been doing these trainings for many years, and this is the first time he’s teaching it live with Q&A. He intends to provide about 10 hours of free training this month, and then he’ll offer the new version of PLF for those who want to continue beyond that point.

Jeff is a laid back, encouraging, and down-to-earth teacher who maintains an outdoor adventurer lifestyle. I’d say that his specialty is teaching people with no following and no list how to start doing 5- and 6-figure online launches.

I’ve been active in Jeff’s community since 2016, when I first bought PLF myself. I’ve been to six of Jeff’s life events so far – including speaking at two of them – and I’ve met and talked to dozens of people who’ve gotten good results with PLF. I’ve been in Jeff’s mastermind group since last year, and Rachelle and I will be attending LaunchCon in Orlando in November as well. So I’ve been immersed in this launch community for some time now. I especially like the people it attracts.

Launches are very customizable, so once you learn the basics, you can adapt your own launches to mesh well with your values and do them in your own unique ways. I think you’ll find this an especially rewarding avenue to explore.

If it seems extraordinary to do a launch that earns you an extra $50K or $100K or more in a week or two, I’d recommend opening your eyes to this community and its possibilities. Jeff’s live training is a good place to start. There are stay-at-home Moms doing this sort of thing. I know because I’ve met them. Jeff himself started as a stay-at-home Dad and began doing launches from home. He’ll probably share some stories about that during the training.

Of course there’s work involved if you want to do this – it’s takes effort and patience to be sure – but I think it’s a good fit if you’re looking for a flexible and modern way to earn a living by turning your creative ideas into real value for people. Doing creative launches is a rewarding skill set to develop since you can apply these ideas across different fields, so this can serve you well for many years. It’s a nice approach for explorer types.

Anyway… enjoy Jeff’s free masterclass! I think you’ll find it lively and inspiring. 🙂

Last Chance to Join Us Live for Deep Abundance Integration

Aug 29, 2018

Tomorrow (August 30, 2018) will be our last live video session for the new 30-day Deep Abundance Integration course. A huge thank you to the 766 participants from nearly 70 countries who joined us for this amazing deep dive together!

The average call duration has been about 73 minutes, and the total amount of video we’ve created for Days 1-29 comes in at 35 hours, 22 minutes, and 46 seconds. This means that the full course will easily surpass 36 hours of material. That’s a huge treasure trove of lifelong reinforcement for your alignment with abundance, covering an incredible range of tools from the objectively grounded to the subjectively playful.

It’s hard to fathom that anyone could go through this much material and not be positively transformed by it. I doubt you’ll find such a thorough, thoughtful, and deep exploration of abundance anywhere. We’re talking enough material to fill about four books.

In this course we cover financial abundance, social abundance, time abundance, your relationship with the universe, your hero’s journey, healing trust wounds, creative abundance, meeting your needs, overcoming resistance, building momentum, maintaining boundaries, character sculpting, motivation, money skills, following your path with a heart, the value of play, abundance strategy, sexual abundance, resilience, abundance behaviors, pivoting, harmony, and tons more. And we connect so many dots between these different aspects of abundance that you’ve probably never connected before.

Anyway… the door remains open if you’d still like to join us for the last live video call on August 30th, just in case you’ve been living under a rock this whole time. 😉

You’ll still get access to the recordings of all previous sessions (video and audio, streaming and downloadable). Many people have been downloading the audio versions to their mobile devices and listening while commuting. So while there’s only one live session left, you get to keep the whole course no matter what… along with an extensive collection of extra gifts too. I just added a few more gifts to the DAI portal today.

After August 30th the live calls will be done, and this course will remain available indefinitely in evergreen mode, so you can still access the recordings. But there’s something special about the live calls, so if you’re free tomorrow at 11:11am Pacific time, here’s your last chance to join us and see what you’ve been missing.

The DAI group has also spun up their own private forum to stay connected going forward, so you’ll get access to that too when you join. Get connected with other abundance-minded people from around the world, share your journey, and get some extra social support as you up-level this part of your life.

Last chance to join us live for Day 30: Deep Abundance Integration

Deep Abundance Integration Remains Open Indefinitely Now

Aug 1, 2018

I’ve decided to remove the signup deadline for Deep Abundance Integration, so you’re now free to sign up whenever you want. Here’s why…

The original signup deadline was midnight Pacific time last night (July 31st), but I’ve decided to leave the signups open for anyone who still wants to join – indefinitely in fact. So even if someone wants to sign up later this month and join us for the remainder of the live calls while using the recordings to catch up (or just use the recordings only and go at their own pace), they can do so. I’ll even keep it open beyond the 30-day experience, so people can sign up August 31st or later when the whole thing is over, so they can still get all the recordings. I imagine the price will stay the same since we’ve packed in so much value for this already.

This decision wasn’t pre-planned. The truth was that I really didn’t have a clear plan in place for what to do after midnight. I figured I might leave the DAI web page up but remove the signup links… or something along those lines. But more people kept signing up shortly after midnight, so that idea felt off to me. I also wanted to go to bed by that point, so I figured I’d leave it open a while longer and tune back into a heart-aligned place in the morning to consider options.

There were also a few people who requested more time to join later this week, such as waiting for a paycheck to come through. It touched me that someone wanted to join but still had to wait for the money, even if it’s just $97. I remember when I only had $70 total to my name, and I’d have needed to wait to afford $97 too. These are people I want to include and serve in this experience, so it doesn’t feel good to turn them away for arbitrary logistics reasons.

The real reason for the midnight deadline was to make sure we didn’t get a flood of last minute signups right before the first call. I’d never made an offer like this before, so it was new territory, and I wanted to make sure we’d still have plenty of hours left before that first call to handle any important support issues if necessary. I also wanted to get a good night’s sleep and be well-rested.

Additionally, I needed to be able to predict how many people we’d have on these calls (rough estimate at least) since we’d need to upgrade our Zoom account to accommodate a bigger group. The account we use for CGC is on a plan that can handle 100 people, and we’re way past that with DAI. So it was inevitable that we’d have to upgrade, and it’s easy to do that. I just wanted some extra time to make sure we upgraded to the right level based on a reasonably accurate count.

I also wanted to be sure we’d have sufficient time to help anyone who might have had issues getting signed up. As it turns out, most of the emails were from people sharing ideas, suggestions, and lots of enthusiasm and appreciation for this experience we’re about to have. The signup process has been going very smoothly, and we’re staying on top of it to make sure that everyone who wants to register for the live calls is getting approved for that. So far, so good.

So the reason for the midnight deadline was basically to allow some fudge factor just in case we needed it. I think it was a wise approach and well-intentioned, but it’s now 10+ hours past that initial deadline, and more people are still signing up every hour. Another person just joined while I was typing this.

So this puts me more at ease about how everything is going tech-wise and support-wise. And it feels right to leave the door open for anyone who wants to join.

So if you’re coming to the party a bit late, you’re still welcome to join us in Deep Abundance Integration at any time.

568 Signups for Deep Abundance Appreciation

Aug 1, 2018

Well that was awesome… our 30-day group abundance deep dive attracted 568 signups since Sunday afternoon. So we’re going to have a nice big group sharing this experience together.

The signup window officially closed at midnight Pacific time on July 31st. That deadline was mainly for me because I didn’t want to risk a bunch of last minute signups right before the first live video call starts at 11:11am Pacific time on August 1st. I wanted to allow some time to make sure everyone was able to register successfully for the live calls if they wanted to participate in them.

Since I’m about to head to bed now anyway, I’ll go ahead and leave the signup page open overnight just in case there are still some people wanting to join us within the next several hours before we start the 30-day deep dive.

If you’re still wanting to join, here’s the link to learn about this 30-day co-creative experience and sign up:

Deep Abundance Integration

If you do the math, you’ll see that this launch generated about $55K in less than 2-1/2 days. I’m delighted with this because it encourages me invest more in this direction, which I think has a great deal of promise. I’d love to host more co-creative experiences and invite some extra teamwork to help improve them over time. I like that they’re scalable and can pack in so much value for people, so we can price them very accessibly. I expect we’ll do more of these on different topics over time. So it’s wonderful to see so much interest and excitement for this first one.

Deep Abundance Integration Is Now Open

Jul 29, 2018

Good news… our 30-day abundance group deep dive for August is now open. I invite you to join us for a really awesome co-creative experience (if you haven’t already done so). Here’s the page with the details:

Deep Abundance Integration

This page includes a video that I recorded yesterday. I made it easy for you by including all of the key info up front, so you can just watch the first 11 minutes to get those details and then decide if you want to keep watching.

I did my best to make the video very genuine, heart-aligned, and down to earth, so I think you’ll like it. If you have time to watch all 68 minutes of it, I expect you’ll gain some useful insights even if you’ve already decided to join us – it helps set the tone for the overall experience and shares the approach we’ll be using. So think of the video as a warm-up for the deep dive.

Early in the video, from around a time index of 11:11 onward, I shared what I learned from the recent email feedback regarding how my readers experience scarcity and what the overall solutions look like. So if you’re curious to know what people shared and how we’re going to work on this together, I think you’ll find this part especially worthwhile. Reading all of that feedback was an eye-opening experience for me too.

Please note that I’ve extended the sign-up deadline by an extra day – to midnight Pacific time on July 31st – so that gives you a little more than 2 days to join if you wish to participate. As I mentioned in a previous email, I’m hoping that for most of my readers, this will be an easy decision. And the early feedback so far indicates that this is true.

I soft-launched this on my website just a short time ago to make sure everything is working tech-wise. People began signing up right away, and everything looks smooth.

We’re at 14 sign-ups so far (not counting CGC members) just from some web traffic. I just emailed my main list a few minutes ago to let them know the door is open, so I expect we’ll see hundreds more very quickly.

I very much look forward to connecting with you in August and diving into lots of abundance related transformation together. It’s going to be fun, so please join us if you can.

Also… there are a bunch of extra gifts already in the portal for you, and we’ll be adding more this week. You’ll see them listed at the bottom of this page here:

Deep Abundance Integration

If you have any questions about this, just ask. Please also spread the word among anyone you know who might benefit from this experience, especially those who’d appreciate some help with their abundance alignment.

Huge hugs and lots of love! 🙂

Update: We’re now at 142 sign-ups with more people joining every hour, so we’ll have a nice big group doing this together. Join us… you’ll love it!

You Can Now Follow Me on Facebook

Jul 13, 2018

My blog posts and news updates are now automatically reposted to my Facebook page, so you can “follow” me there if you’d like to receive my latest updates via Facebook. I just recently enabled this, so presently there are just a handful of people following that page.

I used to be super active on Facebook many years ago, maxed out at 5K friends (and with thousands more on a fan page). It was fun for a while, but I wanted to invest more energy in other pursuits, so I quit Facebook years ago (and Twitter as well).

In late 2016 I created a fresh Facebook account to access some paid private groups that I belong to. I was reluctant to do so, but some entrepreneurial communities host their communities there, and it’s been worthwhile to have an account to access those groups.

I keep my current Facebook account at zero friends with friend requests disabled. Please don’t take it personally. I just don’t want to dive back into the lifestyle of being super active on Facebook again. That experience ran its course. Hope you understand. 🙂

I am, however, happy to enable auto-posting of my blog and news posts to Facebook if it makes it more convenient for people who want to stay in tune with my latest work. That is scalable and easy to maintain. So… done!

If you know of others who’d be interested in this, feel free to share this with them. Hugs! <3

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