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Deep Abundance Integration Remains Open Indefinitely Now

Aug 1, 2018
I’ve decided to remove the signup deadline for Deep Abundance Integration, so you’re now free to sign up whenever you want. Here’s why… The original signup deadline was midnight Pacific time last night (July 31st), but I’ve decided to leave the signups open for anyone who still wants to join – indefinitely in fact. So even if someone wants to sign up later this month and join us for the remainder of the live calls while using the recordings to catch up (or just use the recordings only and go at their own pace), they can do so. I’ll even keep it open beyond the 30-day experience, so people can sign up August 31st or later when the whole thing is over, so they can still get all the recordings. I imagine the price will stay the same since we’ve packed in so much value for this already. This decision wasn’t pre-planned. The truth was that I really didn’t have a clear plan in place for what to do after midnight. I figured I might leave the DAI web page up but remove the signup links… or something along those lines. But more people kept signing up shortly after midnight, so that idea felt off to me. I also wanted to go to bed by that point, so I figured I’d leave it open a while longer and tune back into a heart-aligned place in the morning to consider options. There were also a few people who requested more time to join later this week, such as waiting for a paycheck to come through. It touched me that someone wanted to join but still had to wait for the money, even if it’s just $97. I remember when I only had $70 total to my name, and I’d have needed to wait to afford $97 too. These are people I want to include and serve in this experience, so it doesn’t feel good to turn them away for arbitrary logistics reasons. The real reason for the midnight deadline was to make sure we didn’t get a flood of last minute signups right before the first call. I’d never made an offer like this before, so it was new territory, and I wanted to make sure we’d still have plenty of hours left before that first call to handle any important support issues if necessary. I also wanted to get a good night’s sleep and be well-rested. Additionally, I needed to be able to predict how many people we’d have on these calls (rough estimate at least) since we’d need to upgrade our Zoom account to accommodate a bigger group. The account we use for CGC is on a plan that can handle 100 people, and we’re way past that with DAI. So it was inevitable that we’d have to upgrade, and it’s easy to do that. I just wanted some extra time to make sure we upgraded to the right level based on a reasonably accurate count. I also wanted to be sure we’d have sufficient time to help anyone who might have had issues getting signed up. As it turns out, most of the emails were from people sharing ideas, suggestions, and lots of enthusiasm and appreciation for this experience we’re about to have. The signup process has been going very smoothly, and we’re staying on top of it to make sure that everyone who wants to register for the live calls is getting approved for that. So far, so good. So the reason for the midnight deadline was basically to allow some fudge factor just in case we needed it. I think it was a wise approach and well-intentioned, but it’s now 10+ hours past that initial deadline, and more people are still signing up every hour. Another person just joined while I was typing this. So this puts me more at ease about how everything is going tech-wise and support-wise. And it feels right to leave the door open for anyone who wants to join. So if you’re coming to the party a bit late, you’re still welcome to join us in Deep Abundance Integration at any time.

568 Signups for Deep Abundance Appreciation

Aug 1, 2018

Well that was awesome… our 30-day group abundance deep dive attracted 568 signups since Sunday afternoon. So we’re going to have a nice big group sharing this experience together.

The signup window officially closed at midnight Pacific time on July 31st. That deadline was mainly for me because I didn’t want to risk a bunch of last minute signups right before the first live video call starts at 11:11am Pacific time on August 1st. I wanted to allow some time to make sure everyone was able to register successfully for the live calls if they wanted to participate in them.

Since I’m about to head to bed now anyway, I’ll go ahead and leave the signup page open overnight just in case there are still some people wanting to join us within the next several hours before we start the 30-day deep dive.

If you’re still wanting to join, here’s the link to learn about this 30-day co-creative experience and sign up:

Deep Abundance Integration

If you do the math, you’ll see that this launch generated about $55K in less than 2-1/2 days. I’m delighted with this because it encourages me invest more in this direction, which I think has a great deal of promise. I’d love to host more co-creative experiences and invite some extra teamwork to help improve them over time. I like that they’re scalable and can pack in so much value for people, so we can price them very accessibly. I expect we’ll do more of these on different topics over time. So it’s wonderful to see so much interest and excitement for this first one.

Deep Abundance Integration Is Now Open

Jul 29, 2018

Good news… our 30-day abundance group deep dive for August is now open. I invite you to join us for a really awesome co-creative experience (if you haven’t already done so). Here’s the page with the details:

Deep Abundance Integration

This page includes a video that I recorded yesterday. I made it easy for you by including all of the key info up front, so you can just watch the first 11 minutes to get those details and then decide if you want to keep watching.

I did my best to make the video very genuine, heart-aligned, and down to earth, so I think you’ll like it. If you have time to watch all 68 minutes of it, I expect you’ll gain some useful insights even if you’ve already decided to join us – it helps set the tone for the overall experience and shares the approach we’ll be using. So think of the video as a warm-up for the deep dive.

Early in the video, from around a time index of 11:11 onward, I shared what I learned from the recent email feedback regarding how my readers experience scarcity and what the overall solutions look like. So if you’re curious to know what people shared and how we’re going to work on this together, I think you’ll find this part especially worthwhile. Reading all of that feedback was an eye-opening experience for me too.

Please note that I’ve extended the sign-up deadline by an extra day – to midnight Pacific time on July 31st – so that gives you a little more than 2 days to join if you wish to participate. As I mentioned in a previous email, I’m hoping that for most of my readers, this will be an easy decision. And the early feedback so far indicates that this is true.

I soft-launched this on my website just a short time ago to make sure everything is working tech-wise. People began signing up right away, and everything looks smooth.

We’re at 14 sign-ups so far (not counting CGC members) just from some web traffic. I just emailed my main list a few minutes ago to let them know the door is open, so I expect we’ll see hundreds more very quickly.

I very much look forward to connecting with you in August and diving into lots of abundance related transformation together. It’s going to be fun, so please join us if you can.

Also… there are a bunch of extra gifts already in the portal for you, and we’ll be adding more this week. You’ll see them listed at the bottom of this page here:

Deep Abundance Integration

If you have any questions about this, just ask. Please also spread the word among anyone you know who might benefit from this experience, especially those who’d appreciate some help with their abundance alignment.

Huge hugs and lots of love! 🙂

Update: We’re now at 142 sign-ups with more people joining every hour, so we’ll have a nice big group doing this together. Join us… you’ll love it!

You Can Now Follow Me on Facebook

Jul 13, 2018

My blog posts and news updates are now automatically reposted to my Facebook page, so you can “follow” me there if you’d like to receive my latest updates via Facebook. I just recently enabled this, so presently there are just a handful of people following that page.

I used to be super active on Facebook many years ago, maxed out at 5K friends (and with thousands more on a fan page). It was fun for a while, but I wanted to invest more energy in other pursuits, so I quit Facebook years ago (and Twitter as well).

In late 2016 I created a fresh Facebook account to access some paid private groups that I belong to. I was reluctant to do so, but some entrepreneurial communities host their communities there, and it’s been worthwhile to have an account to access those groups.

I keep my current Facebook account at zero friends with friend requests disabled. Please don’t take it personally. I just don’t want to dive back into the lifestyle of being super active on Facebook again. That experience ran its course. Hope you understand. 🙂

I am, however, happy to enable auto-posting of my blog and news posts to Facebook if it makes it more convenient for people who want to stay in tune with my latest work. That is scalable and easy to maintain. So… done!

If you know of others who’d be interested in this, feel free to share this with them. Hugs! <3

My Favorite Password Manager (and 6 Months Free)

Jul 6, 2018

How are you doing at managing all of your online logins and passwords? Are you using strong passwords that are at least 12 characters long? Are you careful never to reuse the same passwords for different sites or apps?

Is your system easy to manage? Are you easily able to login to sites on different devices?

Bad password management puts you at serious risk of being hacked. In fact, there’s an easy website you can use to check if any of your passwords are already known by hackers. Just go to Pwnd Passwords and do a search. If you’re worried if one of your passwords has been compromised, you can find out in seconds. And if you find one of yours there, please change it immediately.

My old system for password management was embarrassingly crude, relying on a combination of index cards, memory, and browser-saved passwords. I think partly this was because I started having online accounts as far back as the late 1980s, when most people used short, one-word passwords. So my system for managing passwords was in serious need of a redo.

After some initial research on password managers, I learned that the top three are generally considered to be Dashlane, 1Password, and LastPass. I looked into LastPass first and rule it out. Then I tried 1Password (version 7) and found it lacking, especially in terms of its confusing interface design. Then I gave Dashlane a try, and I liked it right away.

Apparently I’m not alone in this opinion. Based on my experience, I’d say these App Store ratings below paint an accurate picture. That one star difference (4.5 stars vs. 3.5 stars) equates to a significant difference in usability. I liked the setup process in 1Password, but actually using it to update my passwords was painfully slow; I felt like its interface was fighting me at each step. Dashlane was just so much faster and easier to use; it got the job done well.

Password Managers

With Dashlane I was able to automatically import all of my browser-saved passwords from Chrome and Safari, which saved me a lot of time. You can also use it to store other data securely, such as frequent flyer numbers. Another nice feature is being able to grant some access to some or all of your passwords in case you become incapacitated or pass away.

When I started I had around 300 online accounts, but many were obsolete. I simplified that down to about 120, which was a lot more manageable. Then I used Dashlane to change every password to a super strong one. Its built-in password generator really sped things along.

I wanted to share this in case anyone else is in a similar situation, and you’d like to modernize your password management and make everything more secure.

It’s estimated that by the year 2020, most people online will have about 200 accounts to manage. Maybe you’re there already. A good password manager can help you keep those logins and passwords organized, and it can even log you into sites automatically. You don’t even need to remember your passwords.

I wanted something easy to learn that I could use on a daily basis, something that worked across multiple devices, and something that would simplify my life. Dashlane does all of that very well.

Dashlane has robust free version, so you can try it out and see if you like it. And then it’s just a $40 per year ($3.33 per month) if you want to get their premium version. They also give you 30 days of the premium version free up front. I’m not an affiliate, so there’s no commission for me if you buy. I’m sharing this mainly because I figure that if this solved a problem for me, it might be useful for you as well.

Since I’m a user of Dashlane though, you’re free to use my referral link if you want – it will give you 6 months of their premium version for free ($20 worth). And I’ll get the same bonus in return. So that’s a nice win-win arrangement.

And if Dashlane isn’t your thing, then I’d suggest checking out 1Password or LastPass since those are other popular options. Just don’t do what I did and let your current method for managing passwords fall behind the times. 🙂

A Mind Map to Grow Your Business

Jun 21, 2018

Today Ryan Eliason is giving away another freebie – a one-page Mind Map that summarizes his best ideas on how to build and grow a profitable, heart-centered business. This is especially relevant for life coaches, business coaches, consultants, counselors, therapists, healers, seminar leaders, online marketers, authors, speakers, activists, artists, musicians, yoga teachers, and anyone who works with clients.

Visionary MindmapYou can download the Mind Map here (it’s free for one week): Mind Map

Ryan’s coaching specialty is helping people create and build successful businesses that strongly align with their values.

If you provide your email address when you download Ryan’s mind map, you’ll receive an invite to attend his upcoming webinar series for free. If you’re interested in building and growing your own business, feel free take advantage of his training. Thousands of StevePavlina.com readers have done Ryan’s training, which covers key principles and real world case studies. This is the only time Ryan will be offering this free training in 2018.

After the free webinar series, Ryan will be offering a deal for his paid coaching program. The benefit for you is that you can absorb a great deal of his wisdom and experience for free before you even decide to do the paid program.

A high percentage of the students that completed Ryan’s paid coaching program were StevePavlina.com readers, so one reason I’m helping Ryan promote the series is that I know from experience that many readers will be interested in both his free and paid training.

Ryan’s Mind Map will only be available for free for about a week, so please download it now while you can: Mind Map

Visionary Entrepreneur Blueprint Workbook

Jun 21, 2018

Visionary Entrepreneur Blueprint

Ryan Eliason is giving away a new freebie today called The Visionary Entrepreneur Blueprint. It’s a PDF workbook that you fill out as you follow along with a video (also free). The workbook and accompanying video will guide you through a simple step by step process to:

  • Create your vision of success
  • Gain clarity about the service you want to provide
  • Overcome myths about time management, so you can be more productive
  • Enjoy your life with the right work-lifestyle balance for you

Download it here for free: The Visionary Entrepreneur Blueprint

Please note that this PDF will only be available for free for about a week, so be sure to download it now and save a copy. Note that it does require an email opt-in to download it, which will also give you access to a free webinar series on entrepreneurial success.

9 Pathways to Abundance Through Service

Jun 16, 2018

How to Make a Lucrative Career out of Profound ServiceIf you’d like to make faster progress on your journey towards abundance while following your path with a heart, here’s a free resource to help you.

My friend Ryan Eliason is about to do his big once-a-year launch of Visionary Business School later this month, and in the days leading up to it, he always gives away many freebies to help people get started on this path.

Today Ryan is sharing his 92-page ebook called How to Make a Lucrative Career out of Profound Service. It’s about creating abundance (for yourself and others) through contribution. You can download it now for free.

The book is only available this month (June 2018), so even if you don’t have time to read it right away, download it and then read it when you have time. Just be aware that you’ll need to opt-in to Ryan’s launch list to get it.

4 Keys to Launch Your Own Visionary Business

Jun 15, 2018

Visionary Manifesto

My friend Ryan Eliason will be releasing several freebies this month only (June 2018) to help people who are interested in creating a successful business that creates positive ripples in the world. Today he’s giving away a free PDF called The Revolutionary Entrepreneur Manifesto.

This PDF will explain how to launch a business that:

  • generates abundant income for you to thrive
  • allows you to make a huge positive difference
  • gives you the freedom to do what you love

I’ve been enjoying such a business for many years, and I have to say that it’s wonderful. Every day I get delightful feedback from people I’ve helped over the years. Hundreds of my readers run such businesses as well.

If you feel like this is your path too, I encourage you to read this PDF to help get you started. It’s an easy read, and it will help you gain the right mindset for success.

In this PDF you’ll learn:

  • The 4 essential foundations of successful visionary entrepreneurs
  • Simple ways to build a business based on serving others
  • Why you must avoid the trap of isolated techniques
  • The system used by over 5,000 of Ryan’s clients to collectively generate tens of millions of dollars while focusing on the greater good

I think you’ll find Ryan’s story inspiring. He spent the last 25 years coaching and training thousands of socially conscious entrepreneurs from 85 countries.

When you download the manifesto you’ll also get instant access to Ryan’s new video training.

Download it here and enjoy: The Revolutionary Entrepreneur Manifesto

30-Day Delegation Challenge Coming in May

Apr 27, 2018

Since this is a skill I very much need to work on, I’m planning to kick off another 30-day challenge next month, most likely starting on Monday, May 14. For 30 days in a row, I’ll work on delegating and outsourcing tasks (both personal and work-related) in some fashion, so I can lean further into team building.

This will be a social challenge with other groups involved, including members of Conscious Growth Club. So far about a dozen CGC members have expressed a desire to join the challenge, and at least two dozen non-CGC members said they want to join in as well. The plan is for us to share ideas, actions, and results along the way; hold each other accountable; and basically encourage the heck out of each other.

Delegation and outsourcing are skill sets that many people struggle with, whether they’re entrepreneurs or not. Many of us, myself included, have some limiting beliefs and inner game shifts to work through in order to access the full benefits of delegation and do a better job of leveraging our core strengths. So the goal of this challenge is for us to make a big push forward by facing our various delegation blocks through direct action. This will create further positive ripples by up-leveling the impact we can have.

Most likely I’ll commit to a specific minimum standard for this challenge, such as assigning at least one task per day to someone else or working on delegation and outsourcing for at least an hour per day. I think it makes sense for each participant to define their own minimum standard based on their situation. I’ll probably go with the one-hour approach since it gives me more flexibility. Some days I may invest more than an hour.

In CGC we’ll be using the member forums to coordinate the daily sharing with members who are participating. I also intend to publicly blog about this challenge as we go along, sharing my own experiences and any interesting lessons we learn along the way.

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