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Submersion Transcripts Now Being Added

Feb 12, 2019
Lesson transcripts are being added to Submersion this month. The first transcript for lesson 1 has already been published to the Submersion portal. Many more will follow in the weeks ahead until we’ve published all 60 lesson transcripts.These transcripts are only being lightly edited, so they’re essentially word for word transcriptions of the audios, which can be nice for those who’d like to review the lessons as text.I estimate that Submersion’s transcripts will total around 250,000 words when they’re completed, so it’s a substantial amount of material. It’s easily digestible in audio form though since it’s only 26 minutes per day on average.For the ebook version of Deep Abundance Integration, we’re editing the content a lot to make it flow better in written form, which is considerably more work. I anticipate that we’ll have the first volume of 10 lessons published sometime next week. It’s coming in around 65,000 words presently (just for volume 1), but we’re still doing some editing on it.There’s a lot of overlap between Submersion and Deep Abundance Integration participants. Most people who take one course are also signing up for the other. Some have shared that when they’ve finished one course, they want to continue the journey.Our main focus for the rest of this month is to continue creating and publishing more supporting material for these two courses.I expect that these courses will likely still be available 10-20 years from now since the content of both is timeless and universal. So far people from about 70 countries are currently participating, which is great to see.I’m really enjoying creating these long form courses since it provides the opportunity to explore a topic very deeply and to do so with the most interested people.

Are We Living in a Simulation?

Dec 31, 2018

Here’s an interesting video shared by a Submersion deep diver about the possibility that this reality is actually a simulation or virtual world:

More than 500 of us are actively exploring and experimenting with this very real possibility in a 60-day Submersion deep dive experience. As you might expect, we’re discovering that this rabbit hole is indeed full of rabbits. You’re welcome to join us, but only if you’re feeling brave since it will probably break your old reality. 😉

30 Submersion Lessons Now Published

Dec 27, 2018

Today I recorded and posted 5 more Submersion lessons (#26-30), so half of the core 60-day course is now published. We’re right on schedule to have all 60 lessons published by Jan 31st. We also passed 500 sign-ups (currently at 504).

This co-creative approach is still working well with a steady stream of daily feedback coming in. By the time I’ve published a new batch of lessons, there’s enough feedback on the previous ones to inspire ideas for the next batch. The results people have been sharing along the way are powerful yet wildly unpredictable; this exploration is so different for each person.

I’m still wrapping my head around this type of group online exploration, which was an experiment for me as well. Instead of creating a course and then launching it, we launch it first and then co-create it experientially with the people who sign up for it. This approach aligns eerily well with what we’re covering in the Submersion course too. It’s stretching me to lean into more trust, courage, and cooperative creativity. Creative work flows through me every week, but I don’t feel like I’m controlling it. It feels like the course has a mind of its own, and I’m serving as a vehicle to facilitate its manifestation.

Creating a course for 500+ committed deep divers is very different than creating it solo and then releasing it when it’s 100% done. In some ways this co-creative approach is easier because I’m fueled by all the social energy; that aspect can be creatively stimulating, inspiring, and rewarding. However, maintaining overall life balance during this time feels more difficult. It’s like being inside a creative tunnel where it’s difficult to pay attention to anything else. The nature of this particular exploration into the matrix-like nature of reality can lend itself to a bit of obsession as well.

The past 4 weeks have felt almost unreal at times – so much growth and change packed into such a relatively short stretch of time. Part of me wants to pause, process what’s been happening, and try to make sense of it while another part wants to keep flowing with this surge of creative energy. Even sharing this quick update is giving me an idea for another lesson to design, almost like instructions are being downloaded, and I have to go transcribe them.

This type of co-creative energy is a strange animal… wild yet disciplined, obsessive yet patient, chaotic yet structured. It works amazingly well, and someday I’d like to understand why. In fact, diving into Submersion is partly inspired by the desire to deepen my understanding of this type of energy flow.

Easy Course Login Links Added

Dec 22, 2018

Today I added a convenient login link to the footer of every page of the public website, so if you’re enrolled in either the Deep Abundance Integration or Submersion courses, you can easily login to your account without having to remember or bookmark the login link.

Just visit any page of the website, scroll to the bottom, and you’ll find the login link in the footer. Easy!

You can also access the login link from the Courses menu at the top of any page of the site. Perhaps even easier!

These courses have been super popular with hundreds of people enrolled in each one (Deep Abundance Integration is approaching 1000 sign-ups, and Submersion is coming up on 500), so we’re definitely going to create and launch more courses in 2019.

This co-creative model is working incredibly well, and your input really does shape the direction of each course, not just for yourself and the other participants going through it as we create it, but for everyone who enrolls henceforth, even years or decades later.

Submersion has 22 out of 60 lessons published so far, with more being added each week. So there’s still time to participate in the co-creative phase of this deep dive if you wish. It will be fully complete by January 31, 2019. The feedback on this one has been absolutely stellar, and most people are less than 10 days into it. More lessons will be published this coming week.

Free Subjective Reality Course Is Now Downloadable

Dec 16, 2018

A few people requested that the audio version of the recent free Subjective Reality course be made downloadable, not just streamable. As you wish!

I’ve added download links to each page of the course, right below the audio player. This includes the invitation for the 60-day Submersion deep dive too.

For convenience here are direct links to download the audios (MP3):

Download The Red Pill

Download The Rabbit Hole

Download Wonderland

Download Submersion Invite


I also published 5 more lessons for Submersion yesterday, bringing us to 17 lessons total with 43 more to be co-created with the group. Several more people joined yesterday and today, bringing us to 483 co-explorers.

Submersion Launch Attracts 477 Explorers

Dec 13, 2018

It’s great to see that so many people are interested in exploring Subjective Reality together. The new 60-day Submersion deep dive experience attracted 477 sign-ups during its first week.

This deep dive is well underway already with 12 lessons already in the portal, and I intend to publish more by Saturday, December 15. All lessons will be published by January 31, 2019.

Submersion’s audio lessons are about 20 minutes per day on average. The main idea is to practice the subjective lens (viewing reality as if you’re in a simulation or a dream world) for a full two months, so you can gain practice, experience, and consistency.

Presently I have dozens of emails to read regarding the course, so I’ll be catching up on those today and taking lots of notes. We’re co-creating this experience with the people who are exploring it together, and I listen carefully to the feedback and questions that people share along the way. Then I use this feedback to help design future lessons. So this deep dive is always adapting to the people who are going through it. If you join and share feedback along the way, everyone’s experience will turn out differently because of that. So you have a powerful say in what the deep dive becomes.

This deep dive is the most introverted and introspective one so far. There’s no social aspect to it. It’s about focusing on your private hero’s journey and especially how that plays out through your relationship with reality. This is about training up your skill level.

I enjoy this approach much better than trying to create a program entirely on my own and then releasing it and hoping it lands well with people. I feel a stronger creative flow when hundreds of people are involved and holding the intention for a positive, transformational outcome for all involved. I enjoy knowing and feeling that this is a team project – and that we’re aligning our intentions and energy to up-level each other and to create positive ripples beyond the deep dive.

Submersion will remain open indefinitely, so you’re free to join whenever you’re ready to explore the rabbit hole. 🙂

If you aren’t familiar with Subjective Reality yet, I recommend watching the 3-part Subjective Reality video course first. It’s free (no opt-in required), so you can start watching it right away. It will bring you up to speed and give you a clearer sense of the beginner, intermediate, and advanced phases, so you know what to expect as you explore this space. Each video in the series shares problems and challenges that people experience along the way… and their solutions. So far 2359 people have started watching the free series within the past week. It’s two hours long, so you don’t have to watch it all at once. Just begin it.

New Subjective Reality Course Now Available in Audio too

Dec 6, 2018

About 1000 people have already begun watching the new Subjective Reality course that I published this week, which is great to see. The early feedback is very positive, especially regarding the depth and the conversational style.

A few people asked me if I’d be willing to publish an audio version of the original video course, so they could save bandwidth while streaming over cellular networks. I’m happy to oblige, so now you can watch the videos or listen to the audios – your choice. Each page of the course gives you both options.

Part 1 (The Red Pill) covers the beginning challenges that people experience when exploring Subjective Reality, including feeling anxious and ungrounded.

Part 2 (The Rabbit Hole) explains how to solve intermediate challenges on this path, such as consistency, unfulfilled desires, and how to deal with partial matches.

Part 3 (Wonderland) shares how to handle advanced challenges including thinking bigger and upgrading your imagination.

Our new Submersion 60-day deep dive is off to a strong start as well with 58 people signing up in the first 2 days – that was fast! It’s fair to say that we’ll see hundreds of people doing the deep dive together this month.

It’s going to be fascinating to see what results people get from exploring Subjective Reality together for two full months, co-creating the experience day by day. I think we’re all going to be deeply affected by this. I’m already noticing some powerful shifts just from recording the first 12 lessons.

Stress Reducing Songs

Nov 29, 2018

Fast Company published a short article about specific songs that have been measured to significantly reduce stress levels.

Here’s are the 10 songs:

  1. We Can Fly,” by Rue du Soleil (Café Del Mar)
  2. Canzonetta Sull’aria,” by Mozart
  3. Someone Like You,” by Adele
  4. Pure Shores,” by All Saints
  5. Please Don’t Go,” by Barcelona
  6. Strawberry Swing,” by Coldplay
  7. Watermark,” by Enya
  8. Mellomaniac (Chill Out Mix),” by DJ Shah
  9. Electra,” by Airstream
  10. Weightless,” by Marconi Union

I made a playlist of them in iTunes, and I’ve been listening to them for the past hour. I do notice a calmer and more relaxed state, especially from the “Weightless” song, which currently has 42 million plays on YouTube. So consider listening to some of them when you’d like to enter a more relaxed state of being, which can be especially good for creative work.

There’s a public Spotify playlist of the 10 songs available if you use Spotify.

There’s a free 10-hour version of “Weightless” available too.

Follow Me on Instagram

Nov 1, 2018

As a bit of an experiment, I created a Steve Pavlina Instagram (@steve.pavlina) account today, so you can now follow me there if you’d like. I’ve never used Instagram before, so I’m not sure what I’ll do with it yet, but I’ll test it out for a bit and see if makes sense as another outlet for sharing value and connecting with growth-oriented people.

I was a bit soured on social media for many years, so I’m cautiously dipping my toes back into it, partly because I’m learning to delegate better this year, so I won’t be solely managing such accounts myself.

Charity Water

Oct 28, 2018

One charity I like supporting is Charity Water because 100% of my donations go directly towards water projects, mostly in Africa. They cover all of their admin costs through other sources like institutional donors.

I’ve been doing automatic monthly donations to them since last year, and I get occasional emails about the new water projects they’re doing. They’ve already funded almost 30,000 water projects to help more than 8 million people.

While there are many controversial charities, helping people get access to clean drinking water seems like an easy one to support. More than 660 million people still don’t have a water source as good as municipal tap water.

This is a problem we can actually do something about with today’s tech and resources. For $30 you can give someone access to clean water for life.

I saw the founder of this charity, Scott Harrison, give a talk last year, and he recently came out with a new book called Thirst.

So if you’re looking for a worthy charity support, please check out Charity Water, and consider joining me in donating to them. Even a small monthly donation can mean access to clean water for more people every year.

Watch the video on their website to learn more about what they do, and go from there…

(I don’t get any commission whether you donate to them or not. I’m just sharing this because I think this is a good cause to support.)