News & Updates

Immune-Boosting Meditation

Mar 16, 2020

Here’s a meditation and instructions from meditation expert and author Dawson Church to significantly boost your immune system and reduce cortisol levels. Do this daily for a week to double your immune response.

Meditation starts at about 7:35.

My First Facebook Live

Jan 16, 2020

I just did my first ever Facebook Live video within the past hour, speaking about character sculpting versus traditional goal setting.

Here’s a recording of the video if you’d like to watch it:

Enjoy the video!

Podcast Interview with Hans Comyn

Jan 14, 2020

My friend Hans Comyn, author of The Way of a Seducer, recently interviewed me for his podcast, The Seduction Show.

The theme of Hans’ podcast is seduction, and in this episode we talk about what seduces us, such as the recent 365-Day Challenge that seduced me into committing to it… and how Hans was seduced into his own 100-day challenge.

Listen to the interview

Our conversation is lively and enthusiastic and has lots of juicy insights about courage, alignment, character sculpting, and personal growth, so I think you’ll enjoy it.

Live Stature Invitation Viewing with Open Chat

Jan 9, 2020

A live viewing of the Stature invitation video with open chat with me is happening on YouTube right now.

Update: The live premiere was a great experience. Here’s a recap of the experience: Stature Video Live Premiere.

Stature Course Update

Jan 9, 2020

Here are some updates on the new Stature character sculpting course:

New Stature Invitation Video Published

The Stature invitation video is now available, and I invite you to watch it.

The video covers a lot in just 35 minutes:

  • What character sculpting is and why it matters
  • The purpose of the Stature course
  • Who the course is for (and who it isn’t for)
  • Format of the deep dive
  • About the deep dive exercises
  • The vibe and style of the course
  • 5 core transformations people requested for this deep dive
  • Tips on doing character sculpting on your own (what to focus on)
  • Pricing
  • The honor code for the course
  • What happens after you join?
  • The co-creative phase for those who join soon
  • A simple tip for making a good decision about whether to join

While the purpose is to inform and invite people to join Stature, I think it also works well as a personal development video since I share a lot of insights about character sculpting.

Stature Has First 7 Lessons Published Now

Jan 6, 2020

The new Stature character sculpting course now has the first 7 lessons published in the portal. The first 4 lessons already have full transcripts available too.

We’re co-creating this course with those who are enrolling now.

So far 134 people have signed up for Stature. I’m sure a lot more will join soon. Join us!

Stature at 109 Sign-ups and Climbing

Jan 6, 2020

I’ve been receiving some delightful feedback on our new Stature character building deep dive. Some people are already finding it transformational in just the first few lessons.

So far 109 people have already signed up for it, with more still joining each day, so that’s great to see. 🙂

The current sign-up count is displayed at the top of the Stature page, so you can see how may more people have joined at any point during the launch week.

Today I added a new lesson to the course called “Summon Your Power.”

Stature Course Is Now Open for Enrollment

Jan 1, 2020

Good news – The new Stature character sculpting deep dive course is now open for enrollment.

You’ll also find it listed on the Courses page and the Courses menu on this website.

I plan to add an invitation video to the website tomorrow, so if you like those video invites from past courses, you may want to wait about 24 hours for that to be added. I like video for conveying the vibe of a course, while text is good for sharing the full details.

This is a weighty course, and it will take a genuine commitment to do the actual character sculpting work, so I prefer if people think about this one a little before deciding if they want to commit to it.

Remember that this course is being co-created as we go, so it’s launching with the first 4 lessons now, and I’ll continue creating and publishing more lessons each week as we build it out in January and February, with some of the bonus material being added in March. This is similar to how we launched and developed the Submersion course.

I’ll continue sharing updates about Stature throughout the launch week.

New Stature Launch Group on Facebook

Dec 29, 2019

Today we created a new Facebook group for the upcoming Stature course launch, which begins on January 1st. Everyone who’s interested in sculpting and improving their characters for the New Year is welcome to join now!

Just visit the group, request to join, and we’ll approve you ASAP.

You’re welcome to invite friends, colleagues, and anyone else to join as well – as long as they have a keen interest in personal growth.

The intention is to make this launch more social and fun by providing a place where my blog readers, previous course participants, and other growth-oriented people can connect. Rachelle and I will both be active in the group as well.

Let’s make it a big party!

Just note that this group is temporary, so it will be closed and archived after the launch is complete.

Deep Abundance Integration Ebook Volume 2 Published

Oct 16, 2019

Volume 2 of the Ebook version of the Deep Abundance Integration course is now published to that course’s portal. All DAI participants will find a link to this bonus on the course’s Gifts page, so you can download it now or read it online. It’s yours to keep.

This new volume covers lessons 11-20 and is 144 pages. The previously published Volume 1 (added in June) covers lessons 1-10 and is 155 pages.

The third and final volume covering lessons 21-30 is well underway and will be added to the portal when it’s ready.

Turning an interactive video course into an ebook has been a real challenge. If we’d known in advance how much work this extra bonus would have been, I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t have promised it. But we did promise it, and so we’re delivering on that, however long it takes to do it right.

That said, it does feel good to provide such a hefty bonus that gives people another way to delve into the material. This is a massive course on overcoming scarcity and creating abundance, so the three ebook volumes will likely add up to about 450 pages. This one bonus could make the whole course worthwhile to many people, even without the videos.

Enjoy this new ebook volume!

If you haven’t done the Deep Abundance Integration course yet, do yourself a favor and sign up for it, like hundreds of other readers have already done. DAI has changed many lives, and I’m still receiving grateful stories of the ripples it’s creating. Many people have finished the entire course 2-3 times already. It’s designed to be timeless.