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Costa Rica Trip

May 4, 2016
I’m flying to Costa Rica tomorrow. I’ve never been there before, so I’m excited to visit a new country, and it’s a good opportunity to practice some Spanish.I’ll be staying in San José, so if you’re in the area and want to meet up, or if you have any tips or suggestions for what to see and do there, I’d love to hear from you.It will probably be a very damp trip since it’s supposed to rain 7 out of the next 10 days there.

First Female U.S. President

May 3, 2016

I predict that the USA is about to have its first female President.

Meditators Have Younger Brains

May 3, 2016

A new study to be published in the journal NeuroImage found that the brains of long-term meditators at age 50 were 7.5 years younger than the brains of a non-meditating control group, which suggests that meditation may be helpful for keeping our brains younger. Computer imaging and machine learning were used to make the comparisons.

The study found that after the age of 50, for every year that a non-meditator’s brain ages, a meditator’s brain only ages about 10 months and 8 days. That allows plenty of extra time each year for meditation practice.

I’ve been meditating semi-regularly for more than 25 years, including 30 minutes of mindfulness meditation this morning. It’s nice to know that my brain may be aging more slowly because of this basic habit.

Unplug: 26 People Share How They Recharge and Reconnect to Passion, Presence and Purpose

Apr 29, 2016

If you’d like to enjoy more passion, presence, and purpose in your life, I encourage you to read Deb Ozarko’s new book Unplug, which is about reconnecting with your true self.

Deb is an amazing woman, and her book is powerfully heart-centered and transformational. I personally contributed a chapter to it. I deeply respect and honor her and her contribution.

2016 Workshop Topics

Apr 28, 2016

I’m happy to announce that the topics for the 2016 Las Vegas workshops have been selected:

Jul 29-31 – Conscious Abundance Workshop (overcoming scarcity, creating abundance, the Law of Attraction)

Aug 19-21 – Conscious Mind Workshop (focus, clarity, self-discipline, mental skills)

Oct 14-16 – Conscious Life Workshop (lifestyle design, freedom, independence, creating your own path)

Oct 21-23 – Conscious Entrepreneurship Workshop (starting and growing a small business, business skills, combining business and lifestyle design)

These were the four most popular topics requested by readers who participated in the recent workshop survey.

I expect to open enrollment for all four events sometime in May, with further details to share about them. If you’d like to be notified when enrollment opens, please sign up for the mailing list. In the meantime, be sure mark your calendar to save the dates for the workshops that interest you. 🙂

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Apr 20, 2016

I’m testing a new feature that will enable you to receive my newest articles via email as soon as they’re published. If you’d like to try it, you can enter your email address here: Blog Posts by Email. Then you’ll receive an email with a link to verify your email address.

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Free Diamond Feng Shui Fest Starts May 16

Apr 19, 2016

Starting on May 16, Learning Strategies and Marie Diamond will be streaming one of their popular audio programs for free in an online event called the Diamond Feng Shui Fest.

Feng shui is a Chinese system for creating a harmonious and relaxing environment. You can apply its ideas to your home, your workspace, and many other environments. Many houses, office buildings, hotels, and parks were deliberately designed in accordance with feng shui principles.

The Diamond Feng Shui Fest includes six audio sessions that will be streamed online started on May 16 and running for six days. These sessions are pre-recorded, so you have some flexibility in choosing when to listen to each one. Many people enjoy tuning in during their lunch breaks.

You can get the details at Learning Strategies’ Diamond Feng Shui Fest page. It’s free to sign up. The fest is still four weeks away, so if you sign up now, you’ll receive an email reminder when the fest is about to begin, and it takes only seconds to sign up.

SuperPowers Super You – Free Online Video Series

Apr 15, 2016

On Saturday, April 16, Paul Scheele and Learning Strategies will broadcast a free online video series called SuperPowers Super You that includes 7 parts:

  1. Abundance & Money – How to create prosperity consciousness and greater financial abundance
  2. Connection & Relationships – How to have satisfying personal and professional relationships
  3. Living & Working Fully – How to have power and effectiveness in everything you do
  4. Solid Skills & Great Habits – How to do what you intend to do
  5. Super Body – How to have great physical health and abundant energy
  6. Super Emotions – How to have healthy emotions and supportive feelings
  7. Super Mind – How to get control over your mental images, self-talk, and self-sabotaging thoughts

Experts in the series include Jack Canfield, Hale Dwoskin, Bill Harris, and several others.

The whole thing is free, and you can enroll right away at SuperPowers Super You.

The No Hit Wonder

Apr 12, 2016

Jake Birkett of Grey Alien Games gave this talk at the Game Developers Conference last month about the power of persistence as an indie game developer. At 42:55 in his talk, Jake mentions that the article Cultivating Burning Desire was a factor in motivating him to go indie. Now he’s been running a sustainable business for more than a decade.

If you run a small business or are thinking about starting one, I think you’ll find Jake’s talk inspiring. Check it out!

The No Hit Wonder – 11 Years and Still Going. How?

The revenue chart he shares at 43:42 looks very similar to mine from my indie game dev years. It took me 5-6 years to figure out how to make a sustainable living from that business. Some key success factor were reaching out to get more involved in the indie game dev community, learning from others, and paying it forward.

Free Chapter of Personal Development for Smart People

Apr 10, 2016

You can download a free sample chapter of my book Personal Development for Smart People on the book’s web page. No email address needed.