Latest News: We've added 5 new bonuses to Submersion, our popular 60-day Subjective Reality deep dive course. These include the new Summary Guide, audio walkthroughs, walkthrough transcripts, Subjective Reality story videos, and the Subjective Reality Explorer's Guide. All Submersion explorers can access these bonuses in the Submersion portal now. See the related news post for details. Enjoy!

New Subjective Reality Course Now Available in Audio too

About 1000 people have already begun watching the new Subjective Reality course that I published this week, which is great to see. The early feedback is very positive, especially regarding the depth and the conversational style.

A few people asked me if I’d be willing to publish an audio version of the original video course, so they could save bandwidth while streaming over cellular networks. I’m happy to oblige, so now you can watch the videos or listen to the audios – your choice. Each page of the course gives you both options.

Part 1 (The Red Pill) covers the beginning challenges that people experience when exploring Subjective Reality, including feeling anxious and ungrounded.

Part 2 (The Rabbit Hole) explains how to solve intermediate challenges on this path, such as consistency, unfulfilled desires, and how to deal with partial matches.

Part 3 (Wonderland) shares how to handle advanced challenges including thinking bigger and upgrading your imagination.

Our new Submersion 60-day deep dive is off to a strong start as well with 58 people signing up in the first 2 days – that was fast! It’s fair to say that we’ll see hundreds of people doing the deep dive together this month.

It’s going to be fascinating to see what results people get from exploring Subjective Reality together for two full months, co-creating the experience day by day. I think we’re all going to be deeply affected by this. I’m already noticing some powerful shifts just from recording the first 12 lessons.

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