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New Skill Building Category for CGC

A big thanks to Walter Freiberg who suggested adding a discussion category for Skill Building & Learning to the new Conscious Growth Club forums. I originally figured this would be part of the Personal Effectiveness category, but for an action-oriented group like CGC, I think it makes sense to call this out as a separate category. It’s becoming increasingly important for people to stay nimble in developing new skills to future-proof their career paths, so I’d like CGC to have a strong skill-building emphasis. This aligns well with the Mile Wide, Mile Deep theme too.

Walter’s timely suggestion is a nice synchronicity since I recently read Peak: Secrets from the New Science of Expertise – an inspiring book that got me thinking about where I want to invest next in long-term skill building.

Here’s a snapshot of what the new category looks like:

CGC Skill Building & Learning Category

Thanks again, Walter! 🙂

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