Real-time update: 733 of your peers have already signed up for DAI. You can still sign up during August since you'll get immediate access to all call recordings, and you can attend the remaining live calls through August 30th if you'd like. Let's co-create an awesome up-leveling experience together. Join the fun!

Deep Abundance Integration – August 1-30, 2018

Join us for a 30-day online deep dive into the core principles, mindset, heartset, action steps, practices, tools, and habits to escape stuckness and progress to a life of freedom, balance, growth, and abundance.

Watch the video to learn all about this deep dive and how it works. The key details are shared in the first 11 minutes.

Key Details

30-day series of live video calls

Every day for 30 days in a row (Aug 1-30, 2018), I'll host a video call that you can join live. Each call will begin at 11:11am Pacific time and will last about 30 minutes. Everything is online and mobile friendly, so you can access the calls from anywhere.

You get all of the recordings too

You'll get to keep the recordings of every call (video and audio, streamable and downloadable). So if you can't make the live calls, you can still follow along each day. Or go at whatever pacing works for you. This will accommodate any schedule.

Open chat to comment and connect

We'll have live text chat during the calls, so you can comment and connect as we go and see what others are sharing. Learn from your peers, not just from me. All chat logs will be saved and shared the same day, so you'll get a copy of every community insight... and knowing my readers as I do, probably plenty of jokes. 🙂

A caring and supportive approach

Let's agree to cultivate a caring, supportive, and growth-oriented vibe... with room for playfulness too. There's no shame or guilt here. We'll focus on depth of understanding, practical solutions, and improving your results. Let's have fun co-creating this experience in a friendly and supportive way.

Deep and comprehensive

We'll cover many aspects of abundance – mindset, heartset (feelings), powerful reframes, action steps, practices, tools, habits, and more. We'll cover multiple types of abundance too – financial, lifestyle, social, sexual, energy, time, etc.

Adapts to your feedback

I'll review the chat logs after each call and use that info to adapt our deep dive to your feedback. If you'd rather share private feedback, you can use my contact form. Let's co-create the results you need.

Accessible pricing – $97 USD

Your investment is $97 all-in. There aren't any tiers, scholarships, or refunds. This is priced to be an easy yes for the majority of my blog readers and newsletter subscribers who may wish to participate. I explain the reasons for not offering a money-back guarantee in the video at about the 55-minute point if you'd like to know why.

Key Topics

Here are some of the topics we'll cover during our 30 days together:

  • Use core principles of abundance and growth to understand why and how you experience stuckness or inconsistency in certain areas, and know which tools and strategies will work best for restoring your alignment.
  • Learn and adopt scalable approaches for creating value and achieving specific income goals.
  • Learn how to align your abundance path with your deepest values, including how to feel good when spending money.
  • Overcome plateaus and level up without burning out.
  • Prepare for the next-level challenges of abundance... and how to tell when you're ready to progress from the challenges of scarcity.
  • Replace self-sabotage with self-compassion and self-confidence, and deepen your trust in life, your feelings, and your unique path of personal growth.

So basically we're shredding scarcity to pieces here. 😉

Powerful Intentions

Several readers suggested this idea, so we'll make it so. We're doing a group manifestation experiment for all interested participants by holding the following intention together:

In an easy and relaxed manner, in a healthy and positive way, in its own perfect time, for the highest good of all, I intend and invite more abundance to come into my life and into the lives of everyone who holds a similar intention.

I'll be doing this with you, so let's co-create some major abundance mojo for the whole group.


I'm sharing some extra gifts to further help you on your abundance journey. Some of these are free resources available elsewhere, and some were created for this challenge. I've assembled them into a convenient collection for you.

Articles in Audio

You'll get a treasure trove of audio recordings of 96 of my personal growth articles, all done by professional voice actors – more than 11 hours of audio. Save them to your favorite device, and listen when you want some extra motivation and insight.

Creating Abundance (PDF)

You'll get a short ebook inspired by my popular 2009 video series on creating abundance with tips on focusing, visualization, consistency, intimacy abundance, financial abundance, and acting with courage.

Quality and Abundance (PDF)

You'll get a short ebook inspired by my 2017 video on the link between quality and abundance and how to gracefully upgrade your quality standards.

The Explorer's Guide to Manifesting (PDF)

If you're into the Law of Attraction, I think you'll love this guidebook for getting stronger and faster results. It includes 16 of my very best manifesting tips gained from years of experimenting.

Extraordinary Gratitude (PDF)

Here's my special guide to up-leveling your appreciation and gratitude, so you can create a more flowing and abundant lifestyle. This one will stretch you to think differently.

Conscious Transitions (Video)

This 3-part video series gives you practical strategies to navigate career, social, and lifestyle transitions.

Subjective Reality Breakthroughs (Video)

Here's another 3-part video series to show you how to use the subjective reality perspective for social, abundance, and creativity breakthroughs.

Unblock Your Creative Flow (Video + PDF)

This video and PDF shares how to develop and maintain a consistent flow of quality creative work, which is especially useful for writers, musicians, artists, and other creative types.

Your Spirit Is Strong (Music)

Enjoy 5 minutes of my own positive affirmations set to music to help you feel strong and abundant whenever you need a quick alignment boost. Stream it online, or download a copy to keep.

Quick Summary Guide (PDF)

This short PDF guide will be added after the series is complete, so expect it in early September 2018. Use it as a convenient refresher of the main ideas, tools, and practices we'll cover in this series.

All of the above items except the last one are already in the portal, so you'll get access to them as soon as you join. We also have a few more in the works that will be added along the way.

Have you ever done anything like this before? Would you find it appealing to immerse yourself in some fresh energy, insights, and action with a group of conscious, growth-oriented people? This is the type of experience I live for. It will be a new and unique experience for all of us... and I expect it will be a lot of fun too.

Let's make August 2018 an awesome month of growth, connection, leveling up, and results.

Click the "Let's do this!" button, and come join the abundance party. 🙂

At $97 this is an easy yes, right?

With love and gratitude,

Steve Pavlina