Conscious Growth Club

If you've been exploring personal growth on your own and feel ready to tackle those big challenges that have been keeping you stuck, joining CGC will give you 100 smart, conscious, aligned friends who will support, encourage, and hold you accountable for an entire year. The catch is that you'll have to do the same for them.


Conscious Growth Club (CGC) is a one-year online group coaching program and social support system for conscious, growth-oriented people. It includes online video courses on a variety of personal growth topics, live group video coaching calls, and a private discussion forum where members connect.

The purpose of CGC is to help you make faster progress on your path of personal growth. The core focus is to work together to transform members' lives for the better – and to do this across a wide spectrum of areas, including work, relationships, income generation, health, productivity, skill building, and more.

Since we'll have a whole year together, there isn't one singular transformation this program will target. Rather we'll focus on creating the conditions that stimulate and support many types of transformation – with structured content, direct coaching, and strong community interaction.

Imagine having a growth-oriented community helping you achieve your goals and implement your ideas, checking in to see how you're doing, offering help, and giving you compassionate and encouraging feedback at each step along the way.

Core Transformations

Here are the core transformations that we'll work on together throughout the year:

  • Replacing distraction with focus
  • Turning confusion into clarity
  • Adopting the habits of your best self
  • Shifting from scarcity to abundance
  • Enjoying fulfilling work
  • Building a strong character
  • Leveraging a tribe of smart, conscious friends
  • Moving from stressed/numb to centered
  • Replacing doubt with trust
  • Building and honing valuable skills
  • Waking up your spirit

Who Is CGC for?

You're a good match for CGC if the following is true for you:

  • You want to grow and improve holistically, not just in a single area of your life but in multiple areas, although it's totally fine if there's one big area you want to work on more than the others.
  • You want to enjoy good health and energy and take good care of your body.
  • You want to cultivate a sharper, stronger, smarter mind.
  • You're willing to help support, nurture, and share feedback with the other members as they work on their goals, challenges, explorations, etc.
  • You see the value in having strong social support from a group of like-minded friends that you can bond with.
  • You want to enjoy positive and supportive relationships with people who genuinely care about you (not just in CGC but in the rest of your life too).
  • You're willing to give and receive honest feedback, while you maintain the freedom and autonomy to decide how to use the feedback you receive.
  • You're willing to share some of your successes and your mistakes during the year, so others can learn from you, celebrate with you, and help you learn and improve.
  • You seek or have already found a sense of purpose in your life.
  • You want to create positive ripples in the world.
  • You want to be happy and enjoy your life.
  • You'd appreciate a whole-brain program that values logic and intuition, planning and spontaneity, and left- and right-brain thinking.
  • You feel ready – perhaps even eager – to invite new perspectives, skills, experiences, and results.
  • You want to become stronger in your character and more capable as a human being.
  • You want your social life to be filled with conscious, growth-oriented, abundance-minded friends – friends who will keep you from settling.
  • You want to see this group succeed, and you believe that it has the potential to do a lot of good for its members and for those whose lives they touch.
  • You want to interact with me more closely, including getting my personal feedback and advice from time to time.

If you can see yourself in most, if not all, of the items above, CGC is a match for you.

I'd say that most current CGC members fit at least one of these categories:

  • People who have issues with procrastination, drifting, or lack of focus and want more action and accountability to get out of complacency and stretch themselves – They want the program to have a good backbone of structure and an emphasis on disciplined action.
  • People who want more growth-oriented friends and a stronger social circle – They crave a more empowering social life with people they like and respect, often seeing that as the key ingredient that will uplift and inspire them.
  • People who want to make a difference in the world and create positive ripples – These people are especially purpose-driven and want to be inspired by other purpose-driven people, so we can all change the world for the better.
  • People who are already very growth-oriented and ambitious and want to achieve bigger goals – They want to feel stimulated by equally ambitious people and are eager to assimilate new ideas, overcome challenges, and make faster progress.
  • People who want direct advice from me personally – Some have been reading my blog for years and feel a strong personal connection to me because of that relationship, so for them it's important to be able to talk to me directly on the coaching calls and/or interact with me in the discussion group.

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you're not a normal person. I mean that as a compliment. What you may not realize is that there are a lot of other people out there who think the way you do. The people who read my blog tend to have a lot in common with each other, much more than you'd expect. If you've never connected with a group of people who are a lot like you, you're in for a real treat in CGC.

Program Elements

Video Courses

We'll have training modules in a membership area on a variety of personal growth topics, developed and released throughout the year. Each module will include video, audio, and text transcripts with the same material, so you can digest the lessons in whichever format you prefer. You can stream the video and audio directly to your favorite device, or you can download and save the content for later.

What's special about CGC is that the course materials are specifically designed for the benefit of our members. So this gets pretty close to having courses that are designed just for you.

Here are some course ideas that Early Access members have suggested thus far:

  • Passive income
  • Creating value online
  • Self-discipline
  • Personal growth accelerators (Truth, Love, Power)
  • Intelligent goal setting and prioritization
  • Achieving multiple goals across different areas of life
  • Achieving stretch goals
  • Taking action consistently (especially in the face of adversity)
  • Building and applying courage
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs and negative mental scripts
  • Being more playful with life and personal growth
  • Health detox / mental health
  • Going vegan
  • Raw foods
  • Overcoming perfectionism
  • Creating and living your story
  • Subjective reality
  • Passionately applying your talents
  • Lifestyle design
  • Changing your attitude / perspective (gratitude, abundance, etc)
  • Habit change
  • Life balance (especially learning vs. applying knowledge and skills)
  • Uncovering your blind spots
  • Manifesting and abundance
  • Attracting compatible relationship partners
  • Creating and enjoying deep relationships
  • Productivity, energy, and focus
  • Aligning income streams with your purpose, character, and lifestyle desires
  • Building mental toughness / strength

Live Coaching Calls

We have live 2-hour group coaching calls where you can ask questions, get feedback on ideas, and get help solving problems.

These calls are on most Thursdays at 10:00 AM Pacific time (about 40 calls during the year).

The calls are in streaming video format, just like a webinar. You can access the calls on whichever device you like. You'll see me via my webcam.

On these calls you can talk about solving problems, figuring out decisions, or dealing with challenges in your life. You can also ask for extra emotional support when you need it. Any area of life you want help with is fair game.

We may also bring in occasional guest experts for extra coaching, interviews, and live Q&A.


All coaching calls are recorded and made available for streaming or download in video and audio formats. So it's okay if you miss some or all of the live calls because you'll be able to access the recordings whenever you want.

Members-only Discussion Forums

You'll have access to our private discussion forums where you can communicate freely with the other CGC members as much as you desire.

The forums are where CGC members connect, collaborate, share ideas, give feedback, help hold each other accountable, and encourage the heck out of each other. You'll find it to be an immensely positive and supportive environment with lots of people you can turn to for help navigating your personal growth challenges.

Our forums run Discourse, which is very modern forum software that's fast to learn, uncluttered, and easy to use. Our forums are ad-free as well.

The CGC forums opened in April 2017, and members actively participate there every day, so there's a vibrant community for you to connect with right away.


CGC includes a weekly email newsletter to share updates, highlights, and reminders. You'll also be notified when new course modules are added.

Deep Dives and Challenges

Throughout the year we'll do some deep dives together such as 30-day challenges to build new habits, gain skills, or complete creative projects.

Each deep dive is an invitation for members who want to work on a certain type of challenge together, supporting each other as we go along. You can do them with the group, you can do them on your own later by using the recordings, or you can decline them if they don't fit your schedule or interests.

Action and Accountability

In the CGC forums we have a Progress & Accountability category where members share progress logs for their goals and invite more accountability for taking action on their goals and projects. I maintain a progress log there as well, sharing updates on CGC's continued development.

You can also use this category to find accountability partners for your goals, so you don't have to go it alone.

Self Pacing

For all aspects of CGC, you go at your own pacing. Nothing is mandatory.

You can work through the training modules in whichever order you like, at any pace you desire. You can attend the coaching calls live, or you can listen to the recordings later. You can use the discussion group as much or as little as you like. All of the challenges are optional. You can do them with us, on your own later, or not at all.

CGC is your personal growth playground. It will fit your schedule because it's designed to be flexible. You can access it whenever you want, as much as you want. You can work according to your own cycles and rhythms. If you like going at a steady pace throughout the year, great. If you prefer bursting into activity like a maniac for a few weeks and then going at a slower pace while you recharge, also great. You can take breaks whenever you want. This is a key advantage of a one-year program. There is no forced pacing.

You're free to choose which specific transformations you want to focus on at any given time. Do you want to work towards leaving your job and starting an online business? Would you like to add new income streams? Do you want to improve your health? Would you like to enrich your social life? Are you facing a potential separation or divorce that needs to be resolved? We'll help you set priorities for what you want to improve during our year together.

If you want to be pushed, held accountable, and nudged out of your complacency, we'll help you get your ass in gear. If you need to be nurtured, accepted, and understood, we'll shower you with unconditional love. If you need to heal, we'll help you heal.

A major goal of CGC is to help you get good at holistic transformation, so you can continue creating the life you desire, regardless of the future challenges you may face.


Your investment for a full year of membership in Conscious Growth Club is $1997.

It's important for us to create a strong feeling of investment from the members, so everyone in the group has some real skin in the game. As with any type of coaching or club, active participation means results.

Your CGC membership will last for a whole year, so you'll have many opportunities and lots of time to extract good value for your investment.

I can tell you from experience that when you join this group, you're going to grow in many ways that you would not have predicted in advance. Some of your expected improvements will surely happen too, but be prepared for surprises. When we expose ourselves to such intense transformational energy, it changes us in ways we wouldn't even have thought to ask for. I get changed by this energy too.

Early Access – Now Open

We expect to do the official launch of CGC in Spring 2019. However, enthusiasm about CGC has been so high that many people have inquired about the possibility of joining sooner, even while the program is still in development, so I've added an Early Access option that has already proven very popular, with about 100 people joining so far.

Here's how CGC Early Access works:

  • No extra cost - If you want Early Access to CGC, you still pay the same price when you join, but your one-year membership doesn't start counting down until we do the official launch. So the whole Early Access period is bonus time added to the front of your membership for no extra cost. Hence the sooner you join, the more free bonus time you get.
  • Access to the forums - Our discussion forums launched in April 2017, so they're already up and running with dozens of active Early Access members, and you'll get access to the forums within 24 hours after joining.
  • Immediate access to courses and deep dives - As we develop new courses and deep dives, you'll get access to them as part of your CGC membership automatically, so there's no extra cost for you to participate. You also get access to all previous courses and deep dives as part of your CGC membership, including Deep Abundance Integration and Submersion.
  • Extra coaching calls - As an Early Access member, you'll be able to participate in extra coaching calls that we host during the Early Access period. We began doing the coaching calls in August 2017. As a member you'll gain access to the recordings for all previous calls too (video and audio versions).

The Role of Commitment

In CGC we invest in each other's growth, so as we go forward, we need to know that new members feel committed to their path of growth and to the success of the group. Consequently, CGC has a strict "no refunds" honor code policy. If you join, please do so because you're willing to make a true commitment to an amazing year of growth and change. Our members need to know that they can invest in you.

Join Conscious Growth Club – Early Access

If you wish to join Conscious Growth Club during the Early Access period and get started right away, you can sign up right here:

Join Conscious Growth Club

  • Membership: One full year of CGC membership
  • Courses: Members-only video training courses on a variety of personal growth topics (with audio and text formats available too)
  • Coaching: Video coaching calls 3 times per month (with recordings posted after the calls)
  • Forums: Private discussion group to connect with Steve and other CGC members for support, accountability, and friendship
  • Deep Dives: Opportunities to participate in frequent deep dives such as 30-day trials to build new habits, gain skills, and complete creative projects
  • Newsletter: Members-only newsletter to share updates, highlights, and reminders

Need Help?

If you have any questions about Conscious Growth Club or if you need help joining, please send a message through the contact form.