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San Francisco Trip Jan 23-26

Erin and I will be in San Francisco January 23-26, 2009. We’ll be staying in Emeryville and will be visiting various parts of the Bay Area. Our kids will be with their grandparents.

The last time we visited the Bay Area was about 3 years ago. I was amazed at how much had changed since I used to live there (1989-91).

Originally I preferred to go to Seattle, but we settled on San Francisco because we know more people there that we’d like to catch up with.

Cafe Gratitude

I’m especially looking forward to eating at Cafe Gratitude, a raw food restaurant with several locations in the area. They have a unique menu where everything you order is a positive affirmation.

I’m definitely ordering a slice of “I am Amazing.” I’ve been told that when you order, the waiter/waitress will repeat the affirmation back to you: “Yes, you are amazing!” Nice touch.

I saw a presentation by Cafe Gratitude’s owners at the Raw Spirit Festival. They seem to have a very progressive business model. A number of friends have eaten there, so naturally I’ve been overcome with jealousy. 😉

I also own their cookbook. It’s heavy on the fats/nuts, but the recipes I made all turned out great.

No Group Meet-up

Because this is a fairly short trip, we aren’t planning to host a group meet-up like we did during our New York City trip. We prefer to limit this trip to hanging out with people individually.

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