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Raw Food Coaching Session

I’ve decided to share a recording of my raw food coaching session with coach Roger Haeske. This session was conducted on January 4, 2008, when I was only 3-1/2 days into my 30-day trial of the raw food diet.

Roger recorded the phone call from his end. My voice is a little faint on the recording, but you should still be able to make it out well enough.

Some of the items we discuss include:

  • how to eat simpler, non-gourmet raw meals
  • eating fat later in the day
  • green smoothies
  • blended salads
  • dried fruits
  • how to incorporate fat in the diet w/o food-combining problems
  • social consequences of raw and vegan diets

I don’t recommend listening to this unless you have a keen interest in the raw food diet; otherwise you can certainly skip it and save yourself an hour.

Raw Food Coaching Session

1:01:34 • Download


For me the value in this coaching session was mainly in learning the attitude and mindset of someone who’s been eating a low-fat raw diet for years.

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