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Entrepreneur’s Journey Interview

Last week Yaro Starak interviewed me for his blog, Entrepreneur’s Journey. If you’d like to read the interview, it comes in three parts: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 This interview addressed topics such as how to overcome apathy, thoughts on the future of blogging, and Western vs. Eastern values.

Humor: How to Make Your Boss Laugh

Although I don’t have a boss, I understand that keeping one’s boss happy is a big priority for many people in the workplace. Humor can help you build and improve your relationship with your boss without appearing like a suck-up and without requiring you to take on extra work. It can even give you more…

Humor: How to Write Funny Lines

My friend John Kinde has been speaking in front of audiences about as long as I’ve been alive. By his own admission, John was not born funny. During the Cold War, he managed a nuclear weapons training facility, and he found humor an effective way to release tension in what could be a very stressful… Podcast #013 – Beyond Religion

Many readers/listeners have asked me privately about my particular religious and spiritual beliefs. Sometimes people also email me after making certain assumptions about what belief system I must follow, based on reading a subset of my articles. If you’ve actually read all of my articles and tried to guess what my spiritual beliefs are, you’d…

Go for a Presence Walk

An exercise I’ve found helpful to practice living in the present moment is to go for what I call a presence walk. This is just something I made up, but I doubt the idea is original. Here’s how it works: Go for a walk alone — anywhere you like, as long as you want. As…