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StevePavlina.com Podcast #011 – Raising Awareness Through Multiple Perspectives

Today’s podcast is called “Raising Awareness Through Multiple Perspectives.” The goal of this podcast is to help you answer the question, “How shall I live my life?” The present conditions of your life probably won’t give you enough clarity to provide an ideal answer straightaway. At best your answer will be fuzzy and uncertain, if you can even come up with an intelligent answer at all.

By using your imagination to look at your life from other perspectives in both time and space, you can gain tremendous clarity. You will see how your life looks from different angles. Sometimes an answer that looks good from your present situation will look foolish from another angle. As you use this process to eliminate the wrong answers, eventually you’re left with only a few candidates that pass the test of satisfying every conceivable perspective.

This exercise should be particularly helpful for those of you who just can’t decide what to do with your life as well as those whose answer seems to change haphazardly year after year with no rhyme or reason.

Enjoy the podcast.

Raising Awareness Through Multiple Perspectives

8:35 • Download


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