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Jennifer Jarvi’s Manifestation Story

Here’s a delightful story I received from one of our Million Dollar Experiment participants, Jennifer Jarvi. This is a great example of how a tapestry of synchronicities can weave itself together once you begin holding a clear intention. I asked her if I could share her story here, and she said to go right ahead. Here it is:

I have to tell you my Million Dollar Experiment experience. It just blows my mind!

I read about it on 11/3, and decided to hold the intent and participate privately. I also decided after months of not finding a car I liked, I would try the same thing with bringing the perfect car into my life.

On 11/4 I decided, what the heck, and signed up publicly.

On 11/5, out of the blue, I walked into a yarn store (I’m a knitter) and found out they were going out of business and everything was $1 a skein. This is well below wholesale prices, absolutely unbelievable. So I bought a large portion of inventory and stocked my new business venture, thinking this was absolutely too much of a coincidence to not be connected. I had been selling jewelry on eBay without much luck. I have started selling yarn and the bids are pouring in! This has worked out so perfectly!

As for the car, things weren’t progressing as fast – until last Friday when I saw a car on a lot that fit all my requirements. Every last one! Today I test drove it and came home to run a title check on it. When I saw that the dealer had acquired the car on 11/3 – the very day I started holding both intentions – I took it at as a sign and went and bought it. It’s now in my driveway, ending a long dilemma I had about finding the perfect car.

So I sat here thinking of a name for my car, and I thought maybe to name it after some yarn. Everything sounded too cutesy. So to honor this experiment, I decided to name it the Japanese word for intention. (I’m learning Japanese and the car is a Japanese make.) I looked it up: “ito” – sounded cool. I looked it up in Japanese then, to reverse-check the translation – “ito” means both intention… and yarn. (They’re pronounced different for each meaning, but the spelling is the same.)

Not just a coincidence. I don’t believe in them anymore!

Thanks for letting me share my story. What a wild ride these two weeks have been. Can’t wait to find out what else is in store!

Congrats, Jennifer!

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