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Knowing Is Being

What do you know?

Do you know about productivity, time management, and organizing? Are you highly productive?

Do you know how to be healthy? Are you healthy?

Do you believe your life should serve a purpose? Are you living such a purpose right now?

Do you know what it means to be good? Are you a good and moral person?

Do you value courage? Are you brave?

Do you value close relationships? Are you experiencing one today?

Do you value service to others? Whom are you serving right now?

Knowing is being

If you claim to know something that isn’t readily apparent in your life, then you do not really know it.

To claim to know what you are not is merely to know the conceptualization of a thing but not to know the thing itself. You can understand the concepts of productivity, health, and courage without being productive, healthy, or brave. But to know the truth behind the concepts, then those things must be in you.

To know is to be. If you know productivity, you will be productive. If you know health, you will be healthy. If you know courage, you will be brave.

A concept is a shadow cast by the truth. You can know every facet of a shadow while knowing nothing of the object which casts it. Studying the shadow can be of some help in finding the truth, but only in the sense that it serves as a pointer to the truth.

Yet how many people devote so much time and energy to the study of the shadow. They become experts in shadow studies, possessing vast knowledge of the concepts that represent truth, but no knowledge of truth itself.

Such people claim to know productivity, yet they are not productive. They claim to know health but are not healthy. They claim to know courage but are too often afraid to act.

Concepts or Truth

Do you know concepts, or do you know truth?

To study concepts, look outside yourself. To study truth, turn your gaze inward. The truth that casts the shadow in the form of a concept is the truth that already resides within you.

Concepts are useful when you understand they are projections created from truth, such that you can trace them back to the source. When you follow concepts back to their source, you will find the part of yourself that resonates with those concepts. You will know the part of you that is productive, healthy, and brave. And from then on, concepts will no longer be necessary except as tools you may use to teach others. You will already know the truth.

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