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Conscious Growth

What does it mean to grow as a conscious human being?

Conscious growth means aligning yourself with certain core principles which serve as growth accelerators. When you live in alignment with them, you experience faster, more consistent progress and deeper levels of fulfillment. When you fall out of alignment and violate these principles, you'll usually feel like you're not progressing, and life seems less fulfilling.

The beauty of these principles is that they're effective for all types of growth and change. You can use them to improve your career, your finances, your relationships, your skills, your health, and more.

The seven core principles of growth are:


See reality as it is.
Free yourself of false beliefs.


Feel good in your own skin.
Explore deeper connections.


Create your desires.
Build motivation and discipline.


Make the world your ally.
Stop creating resistance.


Make strong decisions.
Take command of your life.


Act in spite of fear.
Summon your inner strength.


Live authentically.
Express your creativity.

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