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"When Steve first introduced me to The Journal in 2004, I wasn't sure I needed it. I was used to journaling in a notebook. But the more I used it, the more I realized how rich it was. Being able to search old journal entries for keywords wasn't something I could do with paper. The Journal is now one of my favorite software programs. I use it several times a week and refer my clients to it all the time. It's a wonderful tool for personal and spiritual growth." - Erin Pavlina

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The Journal from DavidRM Software is by far the best journaling software I've ever used. I originally bought it in 2002, and I've been using it regularly ever since.

The software is incredibly easy to use and feature-rich, doing everything I could possibly desire from a journaling program. I introduced Erin to The Journal in 2004, and she quickly became a fan of the program too. It's just an incredibly solid program for personal and business journaling.

I first recommended The Journal on this site in 2004, shortly after was launched. I'm recommending it again now because I was able to arrange a special deal for you with The Journal's developer.

I recently worked with The Journal's developer, David Michael, to create a special value-added version for visitors. This new version includes the Steve Pavlina Templates -- 20 original journaling exercises based on material from my website. These exercises are designed to help you gain clarity, solve problems, discover valuable insights, and more. Best of all... this bonus material is totally free.

Make Your Journal as Rich as You Want Your Life to Be

What I like most about The Journal is the well-designed interface. The program is extremely easy to learn and use, but it has a deep and intelligent feature set that goes way beyond making plain text entries. For example, you can drag and drop photos, audio, or video into any entry. You can even post journal entries directly to your blog if you want.

The Journal
Keeping a journal has never been easier or more convenient.

Here are some of the best features of The Journal:

The Journal Dated entries.
This is an obvious feature you'd expect from a journaling program. The calendar interface is very robust, and you can easily browse previous entries by date.
The Journal Notebook entries.
You can create general "notebook" entries that aren't tied to any particular date. I use this feature to maintain my current goals and plans.
The Journal Privacy and security.
Your journal is stored in a secure, password-protected database. So even if you share a computer, you can still keep your journal entries private.
The Journal Search.
Search through years of journal entries based on keywords, topics, or dates -- a great reason never to use paper again.
The Journal Rich text editor.
The standard text editing tools you'd expect are all there: fonts, tables, hyperlinks, styles, headings, paragraph formatting, borders, background colors, bullets, outline mode, print preview, etc. Tables are especially great for recording your progress, such as by keeping a food or exercise log. For power users there are keyboard shortcuts galore.
The Journal Spell checker and thesaurus.
The spell checker is automatic, so you'll see the squiggly lines appear under misspelled words as you type. The thesaurus is especially useful when composing poetry, which is a popular journaling activity.
The Journal Support for images, audio, video, spreadsheets, files, and more.
The Journal can accommodate whatever digital items you want to include, so you aren't limited to plain text. Just drag and drop your photos, videos, and other items directly into The Journal. This gives you a lot of flexibility in recording your thoughts and experiences.
The Journal Categories.
You can create multiple categories for your entries as well as nested subcategories. A category can contain either dated entries or loose-leaf entries. I like to keep everything simple, so I only use the standard Journal (dated) and Notebook (loose-leaf) categories. Categories would be useful if you want to create a separate diet/fitness log or if you want to separate your business and personal journaling. Subcategories could be used to organize chapters of a book you're writing.
The Journal Tabbed interface.
The tabbed interface makes it easy to switch between different categories and subcategories with a single mouse click. I use this frequently when I want to access my goals and plans (stored in the loose-leaf Notebook) while I'm writing a dated journal entry.
The Journal Topics.
If you're familiar with tagging, then you already know how topics work. You can assign one or more topics (tags) to any entry. Then you can search entries by topic. For example, you could list all the entries you've made regarding health and fitness. There are 60 built-in topics, and you can create your own topics as well.
The Journal Reminders.
Easily record appointments, recurring events, tasks, and special days. Let The Journal remind you of birthdays and anniversaries... or when it's time to take out the trash.
The Journal Create your own journaling templates.
Easily create your own templates for common types of entries. For example, if you have a favorite method for problem-solving, you can create a template that will automatically prompt you with your preferred list of problem-solving questions. This feature is one of my favorites.
The Journal Blog from The Journal.
You can actually use The Journal as a blogging platform to post any entry (or selected portion of an entry) to your blog, including text and images. The Journal supports many different blogging platforms: WordPress, Moveable Type, Blogger, TypePad, MSN Spaces, LiveJournal, and more. Plus it can be customized to add more platforms.
The Journal Stopwatch and countdown timer.
The stopwatch counts up, showing you how long you've spent on a journaling session. The countdown timer lets you set an alarm, which is convenient if you only have 15 minutes to write a journal entry and want the program to notify you when you're out of time. These are nice features for staying focused... and dead simple to use.

The Journal does an outstanding job of blending convenience, power, and flexibility. I'm especially impressed with its attention to detail. The interface is very intuitive, so you can jump in and start creating entries within minutes, gradually exploring more advanced features as you desire.

The Journal
Insert photos, audio, video, spreadsheets, Word documents, and more.

Initially I wrote nothing but plain text entries, but since then I've learned to take advantage of many more features, so The Journal has become more valuable to me the longer I've used it.

This is a very robust and flexible program. For example, you can quickly create a goal collage or vision board with images you find online. You can use to search for images, and when you find something you like, click the image in your web browser and drag-and-drop it into The Journal. You'll be done in a matter of minutes. This is much easier than creating a paper vision board or buying special software just for this one task.

Get 20 New Journaling Exercises Designed by Me - Free

I wanted to do something special that would provide even more value for you -- and make a great program even better -- so I worked with The Journal's developer to create a unique add-on for the program. This "Steve Pavlina Template" includes 20 custom journaling exercises based on material from, including exercises to help you:

The Journal Discover your life purpose.
Take the first step in creating a rewarding, fulfilling, meaningful life.
The Journal Evaluate your progress.
Get a check-up on how you're doing in 11 key areas of your life.
The Journal Identify your core values.
Learn what's most important to you in life.
The Journal Craft an intention.
Form an intention or set a new goal using powerful, positive language.
The Journal Live congruently.
Balance your life to create alignment between your needs, abilities, desires, and purpose.
The Journal Assess your relationships.
Which relationships are supporting you? Which are holding you back?
The Journal Kick off a 30-day challenge.
Install a positive new habit. Overcome a bad habit.
The Journal Develop your character.
Build your self-discipline, courage, and compassion.
The Journal Solve problems.
Apply different perspectives to zero in on a practical solution.
The Journal Gain clarity.
Discover valuable new insights about your life.
The Journal Cultivate a positive attitude.
Learn to see the good and uncover the hidden lessons in life's many challenges.
The Journal and much more...

Here are several more benefits of the Steve Pavlina Templates:

The Journal Easy to use.
Insert a template into a journal entry with only a few mouse clicks.
The Journal Reusable.
Templates are designed to be used again and again, so these aren't just one-time exercises.
The Journal Fully customizable.
Easily add new exercises, or change the existing exercises to suit your needs.
The Journal Time-tested.
All 20 of these templates are based on practical exercises I've been doing for years and which have been of great benefit to me.

I've also included links to related articles with the templates, so you can quickly gain further insights related to your exercises.

Download The Journal Today

The Journal normally sells for $49.95. In my opinion that's an amazing value already, and I was more than happy to pay that price for each of the copies I bought (mine and Erin's). However, today you can get an even better deal.

As an exclusive bonus for visitors, you'll get the Steve Pavlina Templates totally FREE. You pay only $49.95 for The Journal -- the same price everyone else pays WITHOUT the bonus templates -- and the Steve Pavlina Templates are yours FREE. They're automatically bundled as part of the software. Just click here to order now.

Again, I've been recommending The Journal here since 2004, so I'm delighted to contribute to making this an even better tool for your personal development. I think you'll get a lot of benefit from The Journal as well as from these new templates.

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Only $49.95 - includes FREE Steve Pavlina Templates

I wish The Journal was available when I first began journaling in college. Then I'd have all my journal entries on my PC in a secure, searchable format instead of having several handwritten paper volumes as well. I highly recommend you order The Journal today, and see how great a tool it is for your personal development. You'll be glad you did!

Try The Journal FREE for 45 Days

If you'd prefer to try The Journal before buying it, you can download a fully functional 45-day free trial version. Try The Journal free for 45 days to see why it's been my favorite journaling software for the past five years. The free trial includes the Steve Pavlina Templates, so you'll be able to use those too.

Runs on nearly all versions of Windows. There is no native Mac version, but the PC version can be run on a Mac with a Windows emulator such as Virtual PC or Parallels.