Man Transformation - Become a Man Who Can Attract and Enjoy a Fulfilling Intimate Relationship

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This is my review of Man Transformation, a 20-DVD home study course from David DeAngelo which helps men learn how to attract and maintain successful relationships with women.

Man Transformation

I've been looking for a good relationship course for years because people often ask me for recommendations in this area. I've been able to suggest a few books here and there, but until recently I haven't come across anything truly comprehensive. Suffice it to say there's a lot of fluff in this field that isn't of much help on a practical level, especially when it comes to helping men improve their relationship skills.

Fortunately, Man Transformation is a unique course I can strongly recommend. Not only is the content superb, but it also aligns nicely with my own relationship experiences on a practical level.

Man Transformation is a home study course recorded at a live event with hundreds of attendees. In this program David DeAngelo and 16 other relationship experts share their best advice in three primary areas: inner game, interaction, and intimacy. I'll explain those areas in a moment.

But first, let me explain...

The Problem with Technique-Based Methods

There are some people who teach men how to relate to women using a variety of techniques, some of which can be very manipulative and inauthentic. Some of these guys refer to themselves as pick-up artists (PUAs) or seduction experts. They tell you what to say and do to get women to react in certain predictable ways.

The truth is that many of those techniques work... at least in the beginning. I can attest to that because I've seen people demonstrate this stuff right in front of me. But this approach has some major drawbacks. First, the women you're going to attract with such tricks will likely be very immature and insecure. That's why those techniques work on them. But hopefully your goal isn't to attract insecure girls and have a lot of childish drama in your relationships. You really wouldn't want to be stuck in a long-term relationship with a woman you can "capture" like this. A woman who would make a great relationship partner might be curious about you at first, but she'll soon be turned off when she discovers that there isn't much of a man behind the facade. You can only fake it so far.

That said, I must admit that some men are initially helped by these sorts of techniques. Learning some "outer game" techniques can help guys move past fear and hesitation and at least start conversations with women they find attractive. It's still a bandage for low self-esteem, but it can help men to take action and start making changes. It gets people started on a path of transforming their social lives, which can be a positive development overall, as long as you don't get stuck at the level of social tactics.

Eventually the men who begin with "outer game" techniques get frustrated, especially if they have some success with it. They may get good at approaching women, starting conversations with women, and getting dates. Their sex lives may also improve dramatically, but the connections are inauthentic and only inches deep, and new "relationships" usually don't last more than a few weeks. Techniques can open the door, but they aren't enough to create lasting love and connection.

I've seen the same thing in the field of public speaking. Some speakers become masters of technique. They polish their use of vocal variety, gestures, and stage blocking. They learn storytelling and wordsmithing techniques to deliberately shift people's emotions. They develop amazing stage presence and charisma. But their messages remain shallow and derivative. There's no real substance behind their words. Speaking is treated as a skill that can be used to make money and get applause.

In their private lives, these same people tend to be rather miserable. They have the outer game down pat, but the inner game is missing completely. They often feel empty inside and suffer bouts of depression and loneliness. Often they'll disconnect from their feelings by focusing on "drugs" like money and fame. But they aren't happy and fulfilled.

The pick-up artist community is riddled with similarly minded people. "Getting the girl" becomes a drug of its own, a substitute for lasting fulfillment and genuine self-worth. I definitely want to steer you away from that path if I can. It's not a horrible place to visit, but you wouldn't want to live there long-term.

Techniques do have their place, but they should serve to enhance who you are. A collection of techniques shouldn't serve as a social mask you hide behind. If a technique makes you feel inauthentic, don't use it.

Now let's consider...

Upgrading Your Inner Game

Inner game is about developing yourself from the inside. This includes what's happening in your mind, body, and emotions when you interact with women. The idea here is to build strong character attributes like confidence, courage, honesty, empathy, and high self-esteem. Then when you interact with women, you'll be in the right state of mind. You won't need to learn a bunch of techniques because when you're coming from the right mindset, you'll naturally say and do things that women find attractive. Even if you say and do very little, women will be attracted to who you are on the inside. You won't be able to help it.

How do you feel when you interact with women? Do you feel nervous and suffer from approach anxiety, or do you feel strong and confident?

What thoughts are going through your head when you talk to women? Are you worried about what you're going to say? Or do great conversation and humor flow easily and effortlessly?

How do you handle rejection? Do you fear it in advance, or do you take it in stride and brush it off?

Why would a woman find you attractive? Do you know what your most attractive qualities are? Do you feel attractive?

All of these questions have to do with inner game. Man Transformation spends a lot of time covering how to develop yourself on the inside, so you'll naturally be attractive to women on the outside. This inside-out approach resonates strongly with my own philosophy of personal growth.

Confidently Interacting With Women

The second theme of Man Transformation focuses on interacting with women and creating attraction. Partly this is a matter of adopting the right mindset, and partly it's a matter of developing your social skills.

Can you walk up to a single woman or a group of women you don't know, start a conversation, and keep it going? Can you do this under a wide variety of conditions, even when you don't look and feel your best?

Approach anxiety is a big problem for many guys. They pass up countless relationship opportunities because they're afraid to go up to women and start conversations.

Do you understand women in general? Do you know what women find attractive? Do you know how to express qualities that women find attractive? Do you understand how men and women differ in what they find attractive?

Do you know how to progress smoothly from conversation to touching, kissing, and beyond?

Another problem many guys have is that once they start talking to a woman, they don't know how to express attractive qualities, so they end up turning her off or creating a friendship connection instead of a romantic one.

If you've had these problems, you certainly aren't alone. Man Transformation delves into these issues and offers solutions and training techniques to improve your results dramatically.

Creating Lasting Intimacy

The third theme of Man Transformation is creating lasting intimacy. In my opinion this is the best part of being in a long-term relationship.

Do you know how to create a real connection and enjoy lasting intimacy with a woman -- mentally, emotionally, and sexually? Once you've found a woman you really like, how do you take your relationship with her to the next level? How do you develop deep and lasting intimacy?

Many guys have trouble progressing beyond shallow, short-term relationships. They find themselves unable to create anything deeper.

There's a big difference between going on a few dates with a woman and cultivating a successful long-term relationship with her. A different skill set is required for long-term intimacy. Pick-up lines and techniques won't be of much use to you here.

Man Transformation addresses how to get your inner game, interaction skills, and intimacy skills all working congruently. This means that your thoughts, feelings, and actions are cooperating with each other, so you avoid self-sabotage.

Repairing the Damage of Social Conditioning

Man Transformation explains how to identify and release old mental programming, emotional imprints from childhood, and social conditioning that is negatively affecting your behavior toward women today. Some of this baggage may not even be about women per se. It may have more to do with your self-image, causing you to inadvertently behave in ways that women find unattractive.

A great deal of self-delusional thinking comes to the surface when you begin working on your relationship skills. A guy who seems confident and successful in his career may find himself on shaky ground when it comes to interacting with women. He may find it nearly impossible to just "be himself" as his hidden insecurities rise to the surface, especially when he's confronted with the possibility of being rejected by someone he's attracted to.

Many men have discovered that handling this area of their lives produces extremely positive rippling effects. A man who develops the ability to confidently and comfortably connect with women begins to feel much better about himself as a whole. He starts to think, "If I can do this, what else can I do?" As part of his process of self development, he goes on to make positive changes to his career, finances, health, and more. I've seen this happen with several friends. When they get their relationships handled, other areas of their lives begin to fall into place as well.

We all have a lot of baggage to unload, especially from early childhood. It would be great if we were taught empowering relationship skills in adolescence, but that usually isn't the case. So we find ourselves struggling as adults, especially during our 20s, trying to play relationship catch-up.

Unfortunately a quick fix approach isn't enough to create lasting change. We have to go deeper inside and deal with the limiting beliefs and negative programming that were installed long ago. We have to transform ourselves from the inside-out. This isn't easy, but it does produce positive results over time.

Why the Best Relationship Advice for Men Comes From Other Men

A common mistake many men make is to seek relationship advice from their female friends. On the surface this seems logical. If a man is confused by a woman's responses, then who better to decipher the code than another woman?

In reality, unfortunately, women often give men relationship advice that is the exact opposite of what works. The advice may be well-intentioned, but it's bad advice. If the man tries to apply the advice he gets from other women, it will frequently generate weak results and leave him stranded and confused.

You may find this counter-intuitive. The first time someone explained this to me, it took a while to get my head around it. But after a while it began to make sense. And I couldn't deny that the advice from experienced men simply worked much better than any relationship advice I received from women.

One reason for this is that most women have little or no experience being in romantic relationships with other women. A guy who's been in just a handful of relationships will often give you much more practical and effective advice because his advice is based on real experiences relating to real women. Men and women are quite different when it comes to relationships. You can't simply take advice that works for a woman relating to a man and flip-flop it to make it work for a man relating to a woman. It would be great if relationships were so symmetrical, but in reality they just aren't.

Another problem is that what women say they respond to is often quite different from what they actually respond to. Women are subjected to a tremendous amount of social conditioning just as men are. Women are taught how "Mr. Right" is supposed to behave and what they should look for in a guy. When you ask a woman for relationship or dating advice, you'll often get her socially conditioned answer, but not the real truth. Women often have a good sense of what they've been taught to find attractive in a man, but they usually aren't as aware of what they actually find attractive in men. This is at least as confusing to women as it is to men.

The best relationship advice for men almost invariably comes from other men -- specifically from men who are very experienced and very good with women. Such men have figured out under real-world conditions what's effective and what isn't. They understand female psychology more deeply than most women do. They are masters of social dynamics. Some of these men have had the opportunity to engage romantically or flirtatiously with thousands of women. This level of experience allows them to notice patterns that other men -- and women -- miss completely.

Most of the experts who share their wisdom in Man Transformation are men who've had a tremendous amount of experience with women. Many of them started out being very bad with women, and they transformed themselves by consciously working on this part of their lives, usually by learning from other men who were already good with women.

I talked to David DeAngelo briefly by phone a while ago (that's a pseudonym by the way -- his real name is Eben Pagan), and I asked him how he got started on this path of learning about social dynamics. He said that he learned it by hanging out with guys who were really good with women. He was amazed when he saw how good they were, doing things he didn't believe possible. By learning from these men over a period of years, he was able to improve his own results dramatically -- and pass on what he learned to other men. His story isn't unusual. Some men I've talked to who are experts in this field started out as "naturals," meaning that they were good with women from a young age, but most of them learned this from other men.

Not all of the experts in this program agree with each other 100%. I think that's actually a strength of this program. The truth is that there are many different paths to a successful relationship. You'll learn a lot from being exposed to such a rich variety of expertise. You may find that one expert doesn't resonate with you much, while another has you sitting at the edge of your seat taking pages of notes. Ultimately you must develop your own relationship style that feels authentic to you.

Men tend to be a lot more honest with other men when it comes to sharing truths with other men. You'll encounter a lot of advice in Man Transformation that isn't politically correct, but it is honest. I think it's really helpful for men to learn from other men who've struggled with the same challenges and grew beyond them.

Man Transformation has a very empowering attitude throughout. This program is about men teaching men how to be more successful with women, not by tricking or deceiving women but by learning how to become more authentic from the inside out.

What's on the DVDs?

There are so many topics covered in this course that it would be overwhelming for me to list everything in detail. So I'll simply share a general content overview by disc:

There's about 35-40 hours of material on these DVDs, so this course is extremely comprehensive. By the time you've completed the program, you'll know more about dating and relationships than most men learn in a lifetime.

Why 20 DVDs?

Twenty DVDs is obviously a lot to watch. It took me more than a month to watch them all.

The reason this program is so long is that it covers a tremendous amount of ground. There's a great deal of information packed into it. It's also presented in a variety of different ways, including lecture, personal examples, on-stage demonstrations, exercises, audience interaction, and more.

In addition to David DeAngelo sharing a great deal of material himself, Man Transformation includes presentations from a considerable list of dating and relationship experts, including:

All these experts have different styles. Some focus on being strong and confident. Others teach the importance of leading an interesting life that will make you more attractive. Some teach specific communication and relationship skills. And still others teach empowering mindsets that give rise to effective actions.

The nice thing about having multiple experts is that each one shares their very best ideas.

If I had to pick my three favorite presentations from these experts, I'd pick David Wygant, Sean Stephenson, and Lance Mason. You may have totally different favorites though.

Why I Recommend Man Transformation

Man Transformation is a consciousness-raising program that can help you dramatically increase your understanding of relationship dynamics. You'll gain new insights into your own relationship history and learn why your previous relationships turned out as they did. You're going to experience many a-ha moments as you go through the DVDs. You'll also see your current relationship (if you have one) from a new perspective.

Most of all, I think what you'll gain is a new sense of possibilities for your future relationships. When you watch Sean Stephenson talk about interacting with women, you'll surely say to yourself, "Well, damn... if he can do it, surely I can do it to." Sean was born with a bone disorder and is only 3 feet tall and restricted to a wheelchair. When you see him speak, you'll understand why women twice his height find him irresistible.

Before I reviewed any of David DeAngelo's products, I requested feedback from people who'd already gone through his programs. You may have seen my posts about that in our forums, on Facebook, or on Twitter. I was impressed by how many people were already familiar with David's work and especially with how many told me that David's programs had helped them a great deal. Since the "word on the street" was so positive, I went through several of his products over a period of months, including Cocky Comedy, Meeting Women Online, On Being a Man, Deep Inner Game, Man Transformation, and Become Mr. Right. This was a massive quantity of dozens of DVDs, It took me months to go through all of it.

Honestly I found all of these programs insightful and valuable. My favorite was definitely Man Transformation though. It's the largest and most comprehensive of these programs. I especially like that Man Transformation includes such a wide variety of experts. However, I can easily recommend all of the other programs as well.

As far as I can discern, David DeAngelo is by far the most well-respected of all the "gurus" in this field, and his product line has been enormously popular and successful. The field of social dynamics has become extremely crowded in recent years, with so many guys now branding themselves as dating and relationship experts and putting e-books up for sale online, often with recycled material that David first popularized. I've gone through a number of products from these other experts. Most were pretty bad, although some were honestly quite good, but so far I haven't found anything that compares to the depth and scope of Man Transformation.

As others pointed out before I reviewed his products, David's work has evolved tremendously since the early days of Cocky Comedy, which is a technique-based program he created many years ago. His later programs reflect his own personal transformation along the way, with the focus shifting from outer game to inner game. Specific techniques are still shared in his later products, but they're integrated into an inside-out development approach.

Man Transformation is a course I can wholeheartedly recommend. I expect that the majority of my male readers will find it very helpful to them.

How Much Does It Cost?

Man Transformation is normally $485. That's the price you'll pay whether you buy it directly from David's company or through one of his affiliates.

Fortunately, I can offer you a better deal. If you buy Man Transformation through one of the ordering links at the bottom of this page, you can get it for a 10% discount. That brings the price down to $436.50.

This discount is exclusive to readers. And I do mean exclusive. This offer is available nowhere else on the Internet, not even if you previously bought something from David DeAngelo's company directly.

Why am I able to offer you this special deal when no one else can? The most basic reason is that I have a very sizeable online readership, and I'm extremely selective about recommending products. This often makes it possible to negotiate a group discount and/or bonus. I like to make sure you're getting the best deal possible.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Just so there's no risk to you, you also get a 100% no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. If you don't feel it's worth at least 10x the price, just ask for a refund, and you'll get all your money back with no hassles and no questions asked.

Additional Bonuses

Man Transformation includes several other bonuses to help you achieve better results in life:

Bonus #1 - Time Management and Productivity Secrets for Massive Success DVD

Since I've read such a vast quantity of material on time management and productivity already, I didn't expect to find anything new here. I was pleasantly surprised to encounter some fresh ideas though. I especially liked David's 60-60-30 method, which is a structured application of timeboxing to create a solid flow of productive output. I've applied it myself with positive results, including using it to write this review.

Bonus #2 - The Real Man's Guide to Money and Success DVD

This covers high-level thinking and attitudes towards money as well as specific action steps you can take to become more financially successful. You'll appreciate the level of detail here since David is very candid in this DVD.

Bonus #3 - Ultimate Physical Health and Wellness DVD

David's approach to health and wellness is very similar to mine, the priorities being to maintain a disease-free state and to enjoy high levels of vitality on a daily basis. The info here is solid and practical and aligns well with my own health experiments. This DVD includes a brief appearance from Dr. Joe Mercola.

Bonus #4 - Spiral-bound journal

Since you'll probably want to take notes during this program, a high-quality spiral bound journal is included at no extra charge.

So the total package you get includes 20 Man Transformation DVDs, 3 bonus DVDs, and a note-taking journal. And you get all of this for 10% less you'd pay for Man Transformation elsewhere.

And just to make it better, here's one final freebie if you live in the USA...

Free shipping

If you live outside the USA, you'll pay a reasonable shipping fee, but shipping is included free for anyone in the USA.

Try Man Transformation FREE for 30 Days

The best part is that you get try Man Transformation for free before you decide if you want to buy it. So even if you liked what I had to say about it, you don't have to take my word for it. You can check it out for yourself without having to commit.

If you like it, keep it, and you'll be billed automatically. If you don't like it, just send it back within 30 days, and you won't be charged for it.

If the cost of this program is a financial challenge for you, you can opt to spread your payments out over 3 months. This means your first payment of $145.50 won't be billed until 30 days after you order, and after that you'll be charged in 2 more payments of $145.50 each in the following months. And of course you still get the 10% discount if you opt for the 3-payment plan.

Or if you'd prefer, you can order Man Transformation with a single payment of $436.50 and still get the no-questions-asked 100% money-back guarantee.

Either way there's no risk to you.

Incidentally, when you click one of the links below to order Man Transformation, you'll see a mention of their monthly interview series for an additional cost. This is optional -- if you don't want to include that, you can opt-out of it on the second page of their online shopping cart. If you decide to include it with your order, you'll receive monthly CDs containing audio interviews with top dating and relationship experts. This is a good way to keep exposing yourself to fresh ideas and motivation even after you've completed Man Transformation.

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The Man Transformation course will make you aware of misalignments in your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that are holding you back. You'll gain many tools for improving your inner game, your interaction skills, and your intimacy skills. This information can shave years, if not decades, off your learning curve and save you a lot of frustration and grief. I expect this program will forever transform the way you think about men, women, and relationships.

Just watching the DVDs will give you many powerful a-ha moments, and those shifts alone will likely induce some changes in your thinking and behavior. But the real benefits arise from applying these ideas over time. That's where you can expect to make the biggest leaps forward. Fortunately this program is very motivational -- it will inspire you to want to go out and take action.

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