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Workshops - Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the workshop hours?

Registration begins at 8:00am on Friday, the first day of the workshop.

The workshop hours are:
9:00am-5:30pm Friday (registration at 8:00am, workshop begins at 9:00am)
9:00am-5:30pm Saturday
9:00am-4:00pm Sunday

Lunch breaks will be about 2 hours long, roughly at noon-2:00pm each day, so you'll have lots of time to socialize with other attendees. There are plenty of restaurants within walking distance of our meeting room. No food will be served in the meeting room.

Las Vegas is on Pacific Time (GMT-8).

What payment options do you accept?

There are several payment options you can use:

  • Credit card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover)
  • PayPal
  • Amazon
  • Bitcoin (select Credit Card for the payment option, then select the Bitcoin tab on the pop-up payment window)
What airport should I use if I'm flying into Las Vegas?

McCarran International Airport (LAS) is the closest. It's just southeast of the Las Vegas Strip. Many major airlines fly to Las Vegas, so it shouldn't be difficult to book a flight.

How do I book a flight to Vegas?

For booking flights, Expedia is very popular and reliable. And they often have the best rates.

A great tool for quickly comparing flight options (like seeing what the prices will be on different arrival and departure days) is Google Flights. You can do this with Expedia too, but Google's service is really fast in giving results.

Which hotels are near the venue?

Our venue, which is called Place on 7th, is located at 115 N 7th Street in Downtown Las Vegas. We're across the street from the El Cortez Hotel.

Here's a Google Map showing the venue location. If you look at that map, you'll see Fremont Street just to the south of our venue. Fremont street is the main tourist corridor in Downtown Las Vegas. If you follow Fremont Street to the west (left on the map), you'll see lots of hotels all the way down to Main Street (where Fremont ends).

Any downtown hotel will be within easy walking distance of the venue because the downtown area is fairly compact. It's about a 10-minute walk from Fremont & Main to our venue, for instance.

A good way to find hotels is to use a travel site like Expedia. Select a "Hotel Only" search, enter "Downtown Las Vegas" for the destination, choose your dates, and search. You'll find plenty of options, and you can check ratings and reviews to find a place to stay.

Some attendees also like using AirBnB (the link will give you some free AirBnB credits).

When you sign up for a workshop, you'll be emailed some 20% discount codes for two hotels in the area: the El Cortez and the Oasis, so feel free to use one of those codes if you'd like to save some extra money. These hotels are within a 5-minute walk of our venue.

What transportation options are available between the airport and the hotel?

Uber and Lyft are both available in Las Vegas, so feel free to use one of those services if you're familiar with them.

There are commercial shuttles that can take you from the airport to your hotel for a small fee. You can catch one of these shuttles just outside of the airport's baggage claim area. These shuttles come and go frequently. You won't need to reserve a shuttle when you're leaving the airport, but you'll need to schedule a reservation for pick-up at your hotel if you want a shuttle to take you back to the airport. There are no free hotel airport shuttles because Clark County prohibits local hotels from operating their own airport shuttles.

For shuttle details and pricing, go here: Las Vegas Airport Shuttles.

You can also find plenty of taxis just outside of the baggage claim area if you'd prefer to take a taxi. You can rent a car at the airport as well if you'd like to have a car during your stay.

I'm arriving by car. What's the parking situation?

If you're staying at a hotel near the venue, you can simply park your car at the hotel parking lot.

Other parking options will be emailed to you after you register for the event.

How long should I stay in town after the workshop?

If you have the flexibility to stay in town for a few extra days after the workshop (perhaps until Tuesday or Wednesday), you'll probably be glad you did. Attendees are often surprised at how quickly and easily they make new friends at the workshop, and they love being able to immerse themselves in all that positive social energy for an extra day or two. Many people have rescheduled flights and extended their trips because they didn't want to leave so soon. It's common for attendees to get together in small groups and independently arrange fun social activities after each workshop.

What should I wear to the workshop?

Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable. If you feel good in shorts and a t-shirt, that’s fine. If you want to wear something nicer, that’s fine too.

Most attendees dress somewhere along the spectrum between casual and business casual, but leaning towards the casual side.

During the summer months, outside temperatures in Las Vegas often fall within 100-120º F (38-49º C). At this time of year, it will often remain warm all through the night.

During the winter in Las Vegas, highs can be in the 40s (about 5-10º C), with lows falling below freezing. Some tourists mistakenly believe that Vegas is hot all year long. It does get cold here in the winter and even snows occasionally.

Inside our meeting room, the temperature is usually about 70º F (21º C), so if you tend to feel cold in air conditioned rooms, you may want to dress slightly warmer.

Should I bring my laptop or tablet to the workshop room?

You can if you want, but it will probably be more trouble than it's worth. Since the workshops usually include a lot of interactivity, you may be getting up and moving around a lot.

Pens and paper pads will be provided for you if you want to take notes.

Will there be any presenters other than Steve?

Steve will be conducting the entire workshop. Others may help facilitate some parts of it, but this isn't a multi-speaker event.

I'm a vegan, vegetarian, or raw foodist. Where can I find suitable food while I'm in town?

Finding food to suit your diet shouldn't be a problem. Usually we provide a list of nearby restaurants where you can find plenty of vegan, vegetarian, and raw options.

There are many restaurants within walking distance of the workshop room, so you should be able to find something to fit any diet.

If you want to locate vegetarian or vegan restaurants in the city, consult HappyCow.

What's the refund policy after I register for the workshop?

Your registration is non-refundable, so there are no refunds or exchanges on tickets once purchased. If you sign up, please show up.

Can I attend only part of the workshop (and pay a lower registration price)?

No, Steve's workshop are designed to be experienced in their entirety, not in parts. Later material builds upon earlier material. If you expect to miss some of it, it's probably not a good idea to attend. Plan to be there for every day of it.

Can I decline an exercise or activity if I choose to?

Yes, absolutely.

Workshops may include a variety of different exercises. Each exercise is an invitation to learn through direct experience. However, this isn’t one of those large group awareness training events where social pressure is used to create false breakthroughs. Some of the exercises may be challenging, but you’re always free to opt out of any exercise for any reason.

The exercises and activities are designed to be educational and experiential — and often fun as well. They may challenge you to think and to be creative, but they aren't intended to be scary or stressful.

Is it possible to do a payment plan to pay for the workshop registration?

Absolutely, if you arrange to finance it with your bank, credit card company, or some other entity. We aren't in the financing business though.

Will this workshop be recorded?

It's possible but probably not. If the workshop is recorded, this will be clearly noted on the web page for that workshop, in which case the recordings may be used for a variety of purposes, including posting clips online and/or creating new products.

Most events are not recorded though. This is because the workshops are designed to be experienced in person. To watch a recording of such a workshop would be like learning to drive a car by watching videos of people driving. The point is for you to have the experience yourself, not to watch other people do it.

The positive and lively social atmosphere is a significant and inseparable part of the experience. There's no substitute for being there.

Can I record the workshop (audio or video)?

Please don't record the workshops. People often share intimate details of their lives at these events. We can't authorize anyone to record what's being shared in the room.

These workshops are meant to be live, interactive experiences. If we do a workshop that will be recorded, it will be announced in advance, so everyone knows that up front.

Do I need to read any of Steve's material before I attend a workshop?

Nope. You don't have to read Steve's book or anything from his blog before you attend the workshop. Each workshop is designed to be complete unto itself.

Can I ask Steve to sign a copy of his book at the workshop?

Sure. If you bring a copy with you, he’ll be happy to sign it. If you bring other copies for Steve to sign for other people, that's fine too. Just ask during one of the breaks or at the end of the workshop.

What else is fun to see and do in Las Vegas while I'm in town?

Las Vegas is home to some of the most amazing live entertainment on the planet, and workshop attendees often get together to see shows in the evenings after dinner. This is totally optional of course, but if you're able to see a show or two while you're in town, it will make your trip that much more memorable.

If you like variety, the Blue Man Group at the Monte Carlo is a lot of fun. Kà at the MGM, Mystère at Treasure Island, O at the Bellagio, and Le Rêve at the Wynn are great choices if you enjoy stunning acrobatic performances.

You can usually make show reservations the same day if you want, so feel free to pick one spontaneously while you're in town. Just be aware that a show could sell out if you wait till the last minute.

If you like freebies, some people enjoy watching the fountain show in front of the Bellagio or the erupting volcano in front of the Mirage. At the registration desk at many hotels in town, you can request a "fun book" or "coupon book." This will get you a bunch of discount coupons for things like drinks and food. Sometimes people hand these out on the street as well.

If you enjoy shopping, the Forum Shops at Caesar's Palace is a large indoor mall in the middle of the Strip. Going north up the Strip, the Venetian/Palazzo has a large indoor mall and food court, and the Fashion Show Mall is a little further north on the opposite side of the street (just north of Treasure Island). Going south down the Strip, Planet Hollywood has many indoor shops ringing the casino. While the casinos and many of the restaurants are open 24 hours, the shops maintain typical mall hours.

If you want to try your hand at gambling, most major casinos offer free lessons on how to play their games. Just ask any pit boss if they have free lessons and when/where. Of course there's a house edge on every game, so if you do choose to gamble, treat it as an entertainment expense, and don't risk your rent money. Good choices for making your money last are blackjack (if you know how to play basic strategy well) and craps (if you bet the pass line and take the odds bet). Roulette and the big six wheel are generally the worst in terms of the house edge. The house edge on roulette is 5.26%. Gimmicky non-standard games usually have really bad odds too. Just be aware that swings are common, so your short-term results may not align with the long-term probabilities.

Casinos offer unlimited free drinks to gamblers (including alcoholic drinks, coffee, tea, soda, juice, water, etc). You can get free drinks even if you're just playing slots. A cocktail waitress will come by periodically to take your drink order and will deliver your drink to you. They work on tips, so tipping 50 cents or a dollar is appreciated but not required. You can tip casino employees with casino chips or cash.

You must be 21 or older to drink alcohol or gamble in Las Vegas. If you look like you're younger than 30, expect to be carded and show your ID to any casino employee who asks for it.

At some point during your stay, you may be approached by someone wearing a dark suit who asks you a question like, "Hi, how long are you in town for?" or "Would you like some free show tickets (or a free hotel stay)?" These offers are legit, but the catch is that you'll have to sit through a presentation for buying timeshare properties that takes a few hours if you want the freebie they're offering. You'll see these salespeople in many high-traffic areas, including inside the casinos. They almost exclusively target couples, so if you're alone they probably won't approach you.

Vegas is a liberal, free-spirited city, so expect to loosen up and have fun while you're in town. 🙂

Are there plans to do workshops in other cities/countries?

We're sticking with Las Vegas for now.

Are any workshops available for streaming over the Internet or as products to be purchased later?

Each workshop is designed to be experienced in person. The social aspect is an integral part. So there are no plans to deliver them as anything other than live events. Even if you must travel from far away, it's well worth it for the transformational experience and the results. Get off the Internet for a few days, and join us in person for a memorable weekend. 🙂

Are there continuing education credits for this workshop?


Is there an affiliate program for this workshop?


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