Personal Development Workshops

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Conscious Abundance Workshop

July 29 - 31, 2016
Las Vegas

This was the most requested workshop from readers. The Conscious Abundance Workshop is intended to help you shift from scarcity to abundance — to reach your own personal tipping point. When you’re in scarcity, so much of your energy is tied up in wanting and needing. When you flip to abundance, your energy shifts to experiencing, appreciating, creating, and enjoying.

Conscious Mind Workshop

August 19 - 21, 2016
Las Vegas

At the Conscious Mind Workshop, you'll spend three stimulating days sculpting your mind into a stronger, more consistent, and more intelligent ally on your path of growth. You'll develop a deeper understanding of how your mind has been trained by past experience and how you can retrain your mind for better performance and greater cognitive harmony. In fact, we're going to do some of this retraining at the workshop itself.

Conscious Life Workshop

October 14 - 16, 2016
Las Vegas

At the powerful and transformational Conscious Life Workshop, you'll explore and discover how to make your path with a heart financially sustainable. Learn how to center your life around doing what you love while you generate abundant income from your interests to fuel your desired lifestyle.

Conscious Entrepreneur Workshop

October 21 - 23, 2016
Las Vegas

The Conscious Entrepreneur Workshop is designed to help you start your own successful business, to make it profitable, and to enjoy what you've created. This workshop blends inspiration and motivation with the practical, how-to details that new entrepreneurs crave.

Workshop Benefits


Expose yourself to fresh ideas and insights. Learn the keys to accelerate your growth.

Action Steps

Learn the practical action steps you need to navigate important transitions and make positive, lasting changes.


Make conscious, growth-oriented friends. Workshop attendees consistently report how much they love the social experience.


As a former game developer, Steve designs his workshops to be fun, playful, and experiential. Expect to enjoy yourself and share laughs as you learn, grow, and connect.


More than 95% of workshop attendees travel from other cities to attend, and 30% travel from other countries. The travel adventure makes each workshop especially memorable.


Recharge your motivation. Feel encouraged and inspired to take action and make real changes that empower you.