Personal Coaching with Steve

If you'd like to personally enlist my help to solve problems, overcome challenges, or navigate transitions in your life, please consider scheduling a phone coaching session with me.

A Unique Approach -- With No Set Hourly Rate

The way I do coaching is different than what you might expect. I don't have a set hourly rate. I charge a flat fee for each call, regardless of how long we talk or how many issues we tackle. This means that you don't have to worry about the minutes ticking by. We can both relax, take our time to understand your issues and challenges, and create practical solutions that work for you.

Many personal coaches take calls for 30-60 minutes and spread them out over weeks or months. I find that's normally too little time to create meaningful transformation. You may pick up some useful insights, but one short discussion like that probably won't help you get the results you want. You may also feel a bit stunted; if you take too much time to explain your situation, you're paying for all those minutes. This fee structure also gives the coach an incentive to stretch things out across multiple calls, so they can make more money, and you only get a bite-sized chunk of value for each call. I think that's a waste of your time and money.

My experience is that the juiciest insights normally come well after the first hour. It depends on the situation of course -- everyone is unique -- but once I get on the phone with someone, I enjoy sharing as much value as I can and doing my very best to help them. I feel great when people leave the call feeling they've received more valuable insights and action steps than they thought possible.

In practice this approach works really well for me and my clients. By eliminating the artificial time pressure, we can focus on what matters -- clarifying and identifying the problems and challenges you're facing, and coming up with solutions and a game plan to help you live a happy, fulfilling, and abundant life. We can talk like real human beings without looking at our watches since you aren't paying by the minute.

The reason I can do this is that coaching isn't my primary income source. I have plenty of other income streams like workshops, joint-venture deals, affiliate sales, and royalties. Consequently, my coaching focus is on providing value and making a difference in people's lives, not on trying to make as much money as possible. This gives me the freedom to use a pricing model that everyone can feel good about.

Creative Solutions, not Formulaic Drivel

I don't have a set formula or a rigid set of processes for these calls. I get the best results by being present and attentive and by really connecting with and caring about my clients. When I'm in that space, meaningful insights and practical solutions are naturally forthcoming. I've studied and lived in the space of conscious growth for so long that all the process and methods I could possibly need have already been internalized. I'm very much a natural at this. Consequently, I can't really explain how I'm able to help people in the way I do. I simply notice and articulate the insights my clients need to hear in order to improve their results.

My expertise comes from real life, such as running successful businesses, overcoming setbacks like bankruptcy, training in martial arts, and achieving financial abundance without selling my soul. I didn't buy my way into this field by paying for coaching certification programs. I got good at coaching by coaching people -- for free -- until I reached the point where I was constantly turning people away because I had more referrals than I could handle. At that point it made sense to start charging for it.

My coaching approach is very personal. It generally goes through 3 stages. First, my aim is to understand your situation and to empathize with you. I want to put myself in your shoes and understand not only where you are but also how you got there and how you feel about it. I think it's premature to rush into solutions until we both feel that I really understand you.

Second, we talk about your desires. Even if you aren't sure what you want, I'm good at helping people gain clarity about what they want to experience next. This part also generates some excitement as people open up about their goals and dreams.

Third, we discuss solutions and help create an actionable plan you can follow. How can you get from where you are now to where you want to go? I don't rush into this phase because I need to get a good grasp of your personal strengths. A practical solution for one person might be unreasonable for another. This is my favorite part of the call because I enjoy seeing the rise in people's energy and excitement. Quite often we come up with simple solutions that the other person never even considered.

Best Coaching Situations

Here are the primary areas where I can offer one-on-one coaching:

Here are some situations where I prefer NOT to do coaching:

What to Expect When You Book a Coaching Call

After booking your call with me, you'll receive an automatic email to request some basic info about your situation. Once I receive your reply, we'll schedule the call at a time that works for both of us.

Here's a general outline of what our coaching call may look like. This is a flexible structure that helps us stay focused, so you can get a lot of clarity and value in a reasonable period of time. Every situation is unique, however, so it's important to adapt this process to the circumstances at hand.

Preparation. Before our call I'll do a simple meditation to create the space for being totally present with you. I'll also review any materials you may have provided (such as a website, resume/CV, etc). Then I'll call you at our appointed time. I never book more than one call per day, so I can devote all my attention to you during our call.

Understanding your situation. During the call, we'll start with a quick introduction. I'll invite you to explain your current situation, challenge, or problem. I may also ask you some clarification questions to make sure I understand your situation well.

Your desired outcome. Next, we'll discuss what you'd like to experience in this area. We'll clarify the differences between where you are now and what you desire. If you don't have much clarity regarding your desired outcome yet, that's okay. Feeling fuzzy or unclear is actually quite normal, and sometimes an exploratory approach is necessary to gain clarity.

Plotting the course. Once we can agree upon the contrast between your current situation and your desires, we'll tackle the question, "How do you shift from your current situation to your desired outcome?" This part is normally very positive and upbeat as we explore a variety of options to find the ones that are the most workable for you.

Transitioning. Once we can agree on the overall solution, we'll outline a practical transition plan that fits your situation and your personal strengths. We'll identify specific action steps you can take.

Review. Lastly, we'll review the solution and make any necessary tweaks or refinements. Time permitting, I may also offer you some additional implementation tips and advice to help you get started.

After the call. It's wise to set aside some time after our call (perhaps an hour or two) to begin implementing solutions that we discuss during the call. These types of calls can be very energizing, so if you're feeling motivated afterwards, please take advantage of that by jumping into action as soon as you can. This will help you to build some momentum. Usually clients take notes during the call, so they already have some action items to work on.

Another possibility is that you may want to reflect on new ideas and options after our call. You may wish to journal about it. Or you could create a more detailed to-do list based on the action items we discussed.

Email follow-ups. Feel free to email me during the week after our call with follow-up questions you may have. Time permitting, I'll do my best to help you as you begin to make changes. I also love receiving progress updates, so please stay in touch and let me know how you're doing.

Please note that the above outline is just a rough idea of what to expect. Every call is unique, and they often take interesting twists and turns as we get to the heart of your challenges. It's rare that we actually go through the steps above in a totally linear fashion.


The price for a phone coaching call is $4,997. That's not an hourly rate. That's the total cost for the entire call, no matter how long we talk.

There's no set duration for these calls. Regardless of how long our call goes, you only pay a one-time flat fee for it. You can devote the whole call to a single issue, or you can bring up a variety of issues you'd like help with.

The most typical duration for a single call is 3-4 hours. There is no specific time limit, but in practice it usually isn't productive to go much longer than 4 hours. By that point you'll probably have so many ideas that you'll be anxious to go implement some of them. You'll also need time to process some of the perspective shifts you experienced. My clients always let me know when it's time to end the call because they want to take some immediate actions.

Of course there's a realistic practical limit such as when someone gets hungry... or if you've taken in so many insights that your brain feels like it's about to explode. :)

To make sure I have sufficient energy for these calls, I don't schedule more than one coaching call per day, and I do my best to keep my schedule open for at least 4 hours after the call begins. I also recommend that you don't schedule anything immediately after our call if possible, so you have the freedom to keep going for as long as you desire.

Again, my commitment is to help you get what you want, not to keep an eye on the clock.

The specific rate I charge isn't meant to be an hourly rate, and I don't do so many coaching calls that this is a significant percentage of my income. As some previous clients have figured out, my pricing is basically a filter. I set the price so I can predominantly work with clients who have the leverage to create more positive ripples in the world, i.e. people who are serious about growth and change and who are willing to take action. I've noticed that when people pay for a coaching session, they often dive into action right after the call. But when the help is free, it's too easy for people to slack off and make excuses afterwards since their commitment was minimal to begin with. So I'm quite comfortable charging for these calls even though I used to do them for free because I can see plain as day that the results are better for my clients.

If you wish to book multiple appointments, the same rate applies for each call. Generally I don't recommend booking multiple appointments in advance. One call should be sufficient. Feel free to book another call when you feel you need it, but I wouldn't expect you to need more than one call with me every few months. I'm not the kind of coach to go to for a short weekly chat session. My role is to provide you with intensive short-term help to get you through a desired transition, whereafter your momentum can carry you forward.

Additional Details

Appointment times. I typically provide phone coaching on weekdays (Mon-Fri) during normal business hours (8am-5pm Pacific time). If those times don't work for you, please let me know, and we'll work something out.

International clients. International clients are welcome, as long as you can communicate in English clearly enough for us to understand each other.

Individuals and businesses. I'm happy to do coaching calls for individuals as well as businesses. Many of my clients are business owners, so we often discuss personal and business challenges during the same call.

Recording calls. If you wish to record our call (for private use only), feel free to do so.

Rescheduling. If you need to reschedule your appointment after we've set a time for it, please give me at least 24 hours advance notice. If you need to reschedule due to an unexpected emergency, then please give me as much notice as you can. I'll extend you the same courtesy if I need to reschedule for some reason.

Refunds. Due to the time and energy investment required, there are no refunds for coaching calls after they've taken place. However, if you change your mind before our call and decide that you'd like to cancel your appointment, I can refund your money or transfer the credit to someone else, whichever you prefer. Note that refunds can only be issued via the same payment method that was used to purchase the call (same credit card, PayPal account, etc).

Confidentiality. I'll keep the details of our coaching call private by default. I may share general lessons learned from coaching in my blog, workshops, books, and other media to benefit others, but I won't share personally identifiable details.

Multiple topics. During our call we can address as many problems, challenges, questions, or issues as you like, as long as time permits. How long it takes to achieve resolution on each issue depends on many factors, such as the complexity of the issue.

Booking Multiple Calls. If you're interested in booking another coaching call sometime after your first one, you're welcome to do so, and the same rate applies. I'd suggest waiting at least 30 days between calls since you'll probably have more than enough ideas to keep you busy during that time. I'm happy to help people more than once, but I don't want to encourage anyone to become a long-term coaching junkie.

Subject to Approval. All coaching call bookings are subject to approval. Upon reviewing your information, if I feel that we aren't a good match for working together, that I wouldn't likely be of sufficient service to you, or for any other reason, then I may decline your request, and in such cases I will of course give you a full refund of any coaching fees paid.

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