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Friday, October 19th, 2007

A forum member recently shared the Carl Sagan quote, “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.”  Sagan is credited with popularizing that slight rephrasing of an older quote by Marcello Truzzi:  “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.” These quotes assume an objective universe, which is a rather biased way of looking at reality — and not particularly accurate.  […]

Reality and Perception

Friday, October 12th, 2007

Our shared physical reality is the most common state of reality we experience, but it certainly isn’t the only one.  Our nighttime dreams are another state, as are astral experiences, near-death experiences, and out-of-body experiences. I regard these different levels of reality as being at different frequencies or energy levels.  It’s like tuning into different TV channels.  Physical […]

John Assaraf Interview

Thursday, September 20th, 2007

John Assaraf is an international best-selling author, speaker, and entrepreneur. You may have seen him as one of the experts in the popular movie The Secret (as well as in The Secret book), talking about how he manifested his dream house. What’s most amazing is that he lived in that house for quite a while before discovering it was the exact same house he originally posted on his […]


Monday, September 17th, 2007

Readers often ask me, “Steve, how do you know if the whole subjective reality belief system you describe is accurate?  Do you really believe in this stuff?  It just seems so… you know… out there.” Behind such questions is usually an assumption that reality is in fact objective and that accuracy is an objective standard.  But […]

Subjective Reality vs. Solipsism

Sunday, September 16th, 2007

I want to make a distinction between subjective reality and solipsism, since many readers still confuse the two.  I think the best way to explain the difference is by way of a simple analogy:  lucid dreaming. Imagine you’re having a lucid dream.  This means you’re lying in bed having a dream, and while still within […]

Life on Purpose

Friday, September 14th, 2007

I recently read a book called Life on Purpose: Six Passages to an Inspired Life by Dr. Brad Swift. This is a truly excellent book on how to discover your life purpose. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to gain clarity with respect to their core reason for being here. On Amazon.com this book currently […]

Achieving Peak Motivation

Monday, August 13th, 2007

Several people have asked me about the origins of the polarity concept I began exploring last year.  Where did it come from?  How does it relate to personal growth? These ideas actually stemmed from some journal entries I wrote in 2002.  At the time I was asking myself questions like these:  What is the deepest source of ongoing motivation, such that if we […]

I Can Do It! Conference Review – Day 4

Wednesday, May 30th, 2007

The review of the 2007 I Can Do It! Conference concludes. Day 4 – Sunday Group Meetup Steve:  About fifteen people showed up to our 8am meetup.  Not everyone stayed for the duration, although most did.  Fortunately the concourse was not at all crowded and was fairly quiet during that time, so we had a good spot all […]

I Can Do It! Conference Review – Day 3

Tuesday, May 29th, 2007

The review of the 2007 I Can Do It! Conference continues. Day 3 – Saturday Bill Phillips – Transformation: You Have the Power and Ability to Change Steve:  After a heart-warming welcome by 80-year old Hay House founder Louise Hay, Bill Phillips took the stage to talk about transformation.  Years ago I’d read his popular book […]

I Can Do It! Conference Review – Day 2

Monday, May 28th, 2007

The review of the 2007 I Can Do It! Conference continues. Day 2 – Friday Brian Weiss, M.D. - Same Soul, Many Bodies Steve:  Friday began with a six-hour workshop on past life regression therapy from Dr. Brian Weiss, author of Many Lives, Many Masters.  The main reason I opted to attend this workshop (there were 9 to choose […]