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August 15th, 2014 by Steve Pavlina

The Conscious Life Workshop kicks off in one week in Las Vegas (Aug 22-24, 2014). We’ve had 119 registrations so far, which makes this the biggest 3-day workshop we’ve ever done. We sold out the original meeting room we booked, upgraded to a significantly larger room, and now that room is nearly sold out too. :)

We still have a little room left, so we’ll continue taking registrations for as long as we can.


About a day after people sign up for the workshop, they receive an autoresponder with the following message, inviting them to share more details about their situation:

Hi [first name],

Thanks again for registering for the upcoming Conscious Life Workshop. I’m really looking forward to it!

In order to do a better job of serving you, I wanted to ask if you’d be willing to share more details about your interest in this workshop and how we can help you on your path.

For instance…

What’s your current situation (as it relates to the workshop themes)?

What would you like to change or improve? What would you like to get out of the workshop? Why did you sign up?

Feel free to share as much or as little as you’d like.

I’ll read and consider anything you share to help make the event even more helpful and memorable for you (and I’ll keep it confidential of course).

Hugs! :)

Steve Pavlina

I’d thought that people would share some pretty basic info about their situations. But many have been sending some really detailed replies — as in REALLY detailed.

The total word count of the replies to this message I’ve received so far is close to 50,000 words. That’s enough to fill a book!

I’ve read and replied to many of these messages so far, and I still have at least a couple dozen more to read. I wasn’t expecting such detailed responses, but I agreed to read everything people shared, and I’m honoring that promise.

The upside is that this is giving me a wonderful understanding of where most attendees are coming from, what they need help with most, what’s been a struggle for them, and what kind of transformation they’d like to experience.

It’s also been great to read through these enthusiastic messages. We have a lot of people coming who feel very ready to transform their lives now. Maybe I’ve been inadvertently priming them with my own excitement, or maybe we’re just doing a good job of attracting the people who are ready to transition. Either way, the feedback has been really motivating me to put in an A+ effort on this event. So let me warn you in advance that you’ll likely find that I’m more enthusiastic than usual when you see me there. :)

Life Balance

Did you hear that the actor Robin Williams passed away this week at age 63, apparently due to suicide? To me that’s just further validation that we need to take assume more conscious control over how we balance our lives and not let society dictate our paths for us.

You can achieve all the fame and success in the world, make tons of money, and have everyone admire you, but what does it matter if you still feel empty or broken on the inside?

The time is right to explore and embrace a more holistic approach, such we can get the big 3 in balance:

  1. Fulfilling work
  2. Abundant income
  3. Happy lifestyle

Balancing these three aspects can be challenging at times, but this is an achievable goal. There are realistic and practical ways to get there. Many people have created this balance and maintained it for years, including me.

Once you get there, it’s fairly easy to maintain this balance. A special synergy occurs when you find yourself enjoying a pleasing lifestyle and fueling it by doing fulfilling work that pays very well. It’s a stable place to be because these three aspects harmoniously support each other.

The challenge is getting there in the first place. This is a unique challenge for everyone. You’re going to balance these three aspects differently than I would, and you’ll surely take a different path to get there.

That said, there are many common elements to these paths. Many people learn similar lessons and make the same, often counter-intuitive, discoveries along the way. In the end, they often realize that the goal is easier than they first believed — but only when they apply the right strategies to get there.

Imagine being in a room with more than 100 other people who are all working to bring these aspects of their lives into balance, each in their own unique way. You’ll not only have a chance to learn from me but also from everyone else in the room.

At previous workshops I’ve been told that roughly 50% of the value comes from the content and exercises, and the other 50% of the value comes from the social atmosphere and the transformational energy we create together. For these kinds of events, people normally show up feeling very ready to transform some part of their lives. They’ve registered for the workshop. They’ve traveled to Las Vegas. They’ve often made sacrifices to get there. They feel ready to make changes and improve their lives. What surprises them is when they enter a room with so many like-minded people who are all working on similar transformations, and everyone is excited about the growth experiences they’re going to have. At that point I so often hear people say, “I had no idea there were so many people out there like me.” This gives people even more confidence that they’re in the right place to work on their transformation.

Being surrounded by this positive group energy is very motivating by itself. Even if we didn’t do any content or exercises and just had everyone hang out with each other for the weekend, they’d certainly create a lot of transformation together.

In a workshop, however, we can combine that social energy with key lessons and activities, so we get the benefit of both modes. For example, we’ll be combining some of the core content with crowdsourcing exercises. This means you’ll not only learn from me, but you’ll also have the opportunity to compare your problems, challenges, and solutions with other attendees in the room. This will help you realize that you’re certainly not alone in having these challenges — we all share them — and you’ll be able to benefit from other people’s solutions, strategies, and transformational breakthroughs.

Watching other people go through this rebalancing process and succeed will give you some extra drive and motivation to finally create the life balance you desire for yourself as well.

This is your last call to sign up for the workshop. Book your flight to Las Vegas for a fun and transformational weekend. And enjoy the group energy of connecting with more than 100 other who are going through similar transformations.

Go here -> Conscious Life Workshop, click “Register Now”, and I’ll see you in Vegas! :)

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