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July 20th, 2014 by Steve Pavlina

This is a reminder that early bird discount for the upcoming Conscious Life Workshop ends on July 22, 2014. So if you want to sign up for the workshop and save $100, please sign up for it by this coming Tuesday.

CLW is an all new 3-day workshop, and it will happen August 22-24, 2014 (Fri-Sun), in Las Vegas. Dozens of people have already registered, including some attendees of previous workshops and many from outside the USA. So we’re going to have a lively and fun experience regardless of who else signs up.

The main focus of this workshop is to help you achieve 3 synergistic goals:

  1. Clarify and follow your path with a heart (enjoy inspiring and fulfilling work that matters to you)
  2. Design and maintain a free and abundant lifestyle (no job necessary)
  3. Earn at least $10,000 per month in income (again, no job necessary)

A key outcome of this workshop is that you’ll leave with your own personal strategy for how to transition from where you are now to a more aligned situation that balances fulfilling work, lifestyle freedom, and abundant income. Not only that, but you’ll have the opportunity to begin implementing this strategy before you leave the workshop.

I feel especially qualified to facilitate this workshop because balancing these factors has been a major focus of mine for years. I achieved these 3 goals for myself many years ago, and I continue to enjoy the results today.

How long did it take to reach $10K per month?

With my first computer games business, it took me around eight years to pass $10K per month in sustainable income. I didn’t even start making a profit from that business till the sixth year. During the first five years, I sank into debt and went bankrupt. In year six I rebooted the business with a different business model, and that worked beautifully right away.

With my personal development business, I passed the $10K per month mark around 18-20 months after I started. So it didn’t take nearly as long the next time around. I’ve been earning well above that income level for at least 8 years now (since 2006). Maintaining it is fairly easy.

I can almost certainly shave years off your learning curve if you have similar goals for yourself. There are many counter-intuitive ideas to share — to be more accurate, counter-conditioning — that will save you a tremendous amount of time and energy. I strongly believe you’ll achieve these goals faster with my help than you would without it.

The main traps I want to help you avoid (or transition out of) are these:

  1. You’ve achieved your income goals, but you’re trapped doing work you dislike to maintain your income and lifestyle.
  2. You’ve discovered work you enjoy, but few people seem to care, and you struggle to make money from it.
  3. You’ve created a lifestyle you like (lots of freedom), but you’re usually broke or in debt and can’t take it very far.

Most of the people who’ve already signed up for the workshop have fallen into one of these traps, and they’d like help transitioning to a situation where they can enjoy the big 3 in balance:

  1. Fulfilling work
  2. Freedom
  3. Abundant income

Is this possible? Yes, it’s possible. I’ve been enjoying this balance for years. So have many of my friends. As I type this, I’m currently doing all three:

  1. Fulfilling work – I love writing. I love speaking. I love doing workshops. I do work that I enjoy, and it’s very fulfilling. I get feedback from people every day telling me how my work has helped transform their lives for the better.
  2. Freedom – As I type this, I’m in Canada for the Fringe Theatre Festival. I’ve seen 9 plays so far, and I’ll probably see dozens more this week. While I’m traveling, I work from my laptop, usually for a couple of hours per day. I spend the rest of each day going out seeing plays, meeting new people, and having fun with my girlfriend. This is the sixth Fringe Festival I’ve attended. I love independent theater, and I’m fortunate to have a lifestyle that supports this. Most of the time, I can travel where I want, when I want. This really is as nice as it sounds. I haven’t had a job since 1992, and I don’t want one.
  3. Abundant income – I enjoy plenty of income, even while traveling. Most of my income is from passive sources such as joint-venture deals, affiliate income, and book royalties. Obviously I’m receiving income from workshop registrations during this time too.

I’d love to show you create a similar work-lifestyle-income balance for yourself, if it interests you. I know I can save you a lot of time.

It took me many years to make this type of lifestyle a reality. I can’t just share it in a blog post or even a series of blog posts. I want to invite you into an immersive environment where you can experience the necessary shifts for yourself. If reading about it was enough, then you’d already have done it. I think that teaching this experientially will be much more effective.

Yes, this requires a bigger commitment than just reading articles online. You have to travel to attend a workshop. It requires a bigger commitment from me as well. I have to design and deliver a 3-day transformational event. But it’s obvious that the results will be stronger if we get together in person and work on this challenge as a group.

I’d love to help you achieve these 3 goals for yourself — in the right mixture that creates the right balance for you. By facilitating an immersive workshop on this topic, I also gain the benefit of more deeply exploring my own choices and options on this path.

If these goals interest you, please join me in Las Vegas in August. You’ll get off to a great start on your desired transition, and you’ll make some terrific new friends as well. :)

Be sure to sign up by July 22nd if you want to save $100.

Get the details and sign up here: Conscious Life Workshop

Take care, and have a terrific, growth-filled day!

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