Conscious Life Workshop Discount Ends Today

July 22nd, 2014 by Steve Pavlina

Final reminder: Today (Tuesday, July 22, 2014) is the last day for the early bird discount for the upcoming Conscious Life Workshop in Las Vegas. So if you want to take advantage of the discount and save $100, please sign up today. :)

The response to this workshop has been wonderful. We have 86 registrations so far… and still 30 days to go until the workshop. That’s a terrific turnout. So this will be a bigger event than any of my last 4 Las Vegas workshops from 2011-2012, which were smaller, more intimate ones.

Incidentally, we have people coming to this workshop from around the world, including many from Europe and some from as far away as Australia. This is typical of my workshops — we always draw an international crowd.

Will This Workshop Be Repeated?

Some people have asked me if I plan to re-run this workshop. That’s a possibility with any workshop, but there are no firm plans to do that presently. I won’t make that decision until after the workshop though. For now it’s a one-time event.

I ran my first 3-day workshop (CGW) six times in a row (from 2009 to 2011). The other three workshops (Subjective Reality Workshop, Conscious Success Workshop, and Conscious Relationships Workshop), I only ran once each. So if you want to base your decision on that, you could say there’s a 25% chance I’ll repeat this workshop. The first workshop was based on my book though, so that’s why I ran it more than once. The Conscious Life Workshop is all new.

Group Discount Rate for Hotel

Please also note that we have a group discount rate for hotel guest rooms with the Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino, where the workshop will be held. That discount rate expires at the end of today as well. So if you’re going to the workshop and still need a hotel room, they have very reasonable rates. The hotel has three different towers with rooms to fit different budgets. To make your room reservation, please call 1-800-634-3454 (or 1-702-385-7111 if calling from outside of North America), and give them discount code GSCONSC. Note that they’ve only reserved a limited number of guest rooms for our group, so once those are gone, our discount will no longer be available.

This Is a Live Event Only

As I mentioned on my blog, this workshop isn’t being recorded, so it won’t be turned into a product or online course. It’s too experiential for that.

Another reason I’m not turning this workshop into a product is that the workshop is customized for the actual people in the room. About 24 hours after you register, you’ll receive a short email that invites you to tell me more about your current work and lifestyle situation and what you’d like to gain from the workshop. Replying to that email is totally optional, but most attendees are sending me some pretty detailed responses. I’m reading them all and taking notes. This is giving me a deeper understanding of the desires and challenges of the specific attendees. I’m using this information to tailor the workshop to those people. So when you sign up and reply to that email, you’ll be influencing the actual design of the workshop.

Focusing on Results

This is a very results-oriented workshop. The goal isn’t to fill your head with lots of information but rather to help you actually go through the transformation you desire. The specific transformation we’re targeting is to create the right balance of fulfilling work + abundant income + enjoyable lifestyle. Someday I may figure out how to make this work as a distance-learning type of product, but for now I prefer to use an experiential approach in a totally immersive environment with people who are already motivated to change. Many people get trapped in some form of stuckness or stagnation on this path, and so it can take a lot of energy, inspiration, and social support to create the shifts they desire.

Earning $10,000 per Month

On the workshop web page, I mentioned targeting an income of $10,000 per month (or equivalent in your currency) as a good base level of financial abundance. This is an arbitrary number of course. I want to use this specific number for the workshop though, so we can explore grounded and practical strategies that are realistically capable of generating at least $10K per month. I shared a blog post yesterday with more detail about earning $10K+ per month, and I encourage you to check it out: Earning $10,000 per Month.

If you want to target a different income level, that’s perfectly fine. But I’ll be focusing specifically on strategies for earning in the range of $10K to $50K per month, partly since that’s the income range I’ve been enjoying for years, so I can speak competently about it from real-world experience. If you want to go beyond this range, I think you’ll still find the workshop helpful because the same general principles still apply. But for this workshop, we’re targeting these particular income strategies because the idea is to balance abundant income with lifestyle freedom and enjoyable work.

Join Us!

I know it’s still a month away, but I’m really looking forward to it. It’s been delightful to read the enthusiastic emails from people who are so ready to transform this part of their lives. I’ve seen the power of that kind of group energy in past workshops — it feeds and nourishes all of us to co-create a beautiful exchange of insight, information, and inspiration. :)

So make a decision… and come join us in Las Vegas for the Conscious Life Workshop, August 22-24. Stretch yourself, make new growth-oriented friends, and have tons of fun! :)

Get the details and sign up here: Conscious Life Workshop

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