Why I’m Not Recording CLW

June 30th, 2014 by Steve Pavlina

Several people have asked about recording or streaming the upcoming Conscious Life Workshop, but I don’t intend to do that.

CLW isn’t that kind of event. It’s going to be way too interactive, and the transformational value is experiential. To watch a recording would be like trying to learn how to drive a car by watching videos of people learning to drive. You might learn some minor details that way, but you still won’t know how to drive. Watching other people go through the experience isn’t the point. The point is for you to have the experience.

Making money without a job is a learnable skill, but I think it’s best learned with an active, fully engaged, and physically present approach. If the information alone were enough, then you’d be earning plenty of money just by reading about it. I’ve certainly written a lot about this already. Was that enough for you to get the results you wanted? Maybe for some, the information was a piece to the puzzle. But when it comes to income generation, many people need a lot more help than that. They need help gaining experience and getting into action. Reading about it and doing home study courses aren’t enough.

This workshop is for helping people get into action and start creating results. The social environment we create together is a significant part of that. While it’s true that some aspects of this are mindset-related, even those aspects are best learned experientially, such as through hands-on exercises, games, and challenges.

I want to give you some real practice at creating income streams. I’d especially like to help you get moving on a viable new income stream before you leave the workshop. I think that would be much more valuable than sending you home with many pages of notes. I’d like to see you taking some real action steps as part of the workshop. I don’t want to just tell you what the steps are — I’d like to help you do them too.

So to use an analogy, this workshop isn’t a lecture on how to go skydiving. It’s more like getting into the plane and doing your first jump. This is for people who actually want to start creating new income streams. Let’s help you start funding your path with a heart.

If you feel a little anxious or nervous about this, I think that’s a good thing. It means you care. It means the results will matter to you. It means that being in a room full of like-minded people to assist and support you will be especially helpful for you. Where else are you going to get that opportunity?

I understand and appreciate that it isn’t practical for some people to attend CLW. However, I’m unwilling to make any sacrifices to produce a watered down info product from this, even if it might generate significant income for me. What excites me about this is the chance to work with people face to face and to help them discover and start implementing ways to fund their desired lifestyles. I find the idea of helping people kick off new income streams very stimulating.

This workshop is intended to help people fast-forward. For this type of event to work, we need people who are motivated to start creating results, people who are ready for change. That will create a truly exciting atmosphere for transformation. So I think it’s a good thing that it takes a bit of effort and commitment to attend. It means that everyone else you meet at CLW will have made a similar commitment, so you can count on them to encourage and support you on your path because they want results just as much as you do.

I only started promoting CLW about 5 days ago, and we’re already into double-digit registrations now, including some from outside the USA. That’s really good considering that CLW is still 7+ weeks away. I recognize some of the names from past workshops, but we also have several first-time attendees signed up. Come join us! :)

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