Free Business Coaching for Lightworker Entrepreneurs

February 10th, 2014 by Steve Pavlina

Visionary TrainingIf you’re interested in starting and growing a lightworker-style business where you get paid to create positive ripples in the world, here are some free resources from top business coach Ryan Eliason to get you off to a strong start.

First, Ryan’s new ebook The 10 Best Ways To Get Paid for Changing The World is now available for free. Go download it here:

The 10 Best Ways To Get Paid for Changing The World
How To Make A Lucrative Career Out of Profound Service

Second, Ryan released a new Mind Map today to help you improve your business strategy, so you can focus on the right things while letting go of the time wasters. A Mind Map is a single image that shows you how to intelligently connect the dots between different parts of your business. You can download this new Mind Map here:

Client Attraction and Enrollment Mind Map

Third, Ryan’s free webinar training program for lightworker entrepreneurs starts tomorrow, Feb 11th. This includes 10+ hours of free lessons spread out over a couple of weeks. There are specific case studies and examples to show you just how to succeed on this path. Go through the lessons at your leisure. You can sign up for the free training here:

The 2014 Visionary Entrepreneur Empowerment Training

For further details on the free training program, see my previous post about it.

Ryan runs a successful lightworker business. He’s an entrepreneur who makes great money teaching people how to use business as a vehicle for changing the world. He’s been on this path for 20+ years and has an amazing track record of helping people design and launch successful lightworker businesses that actually make money.

To promote his work widely, he gives away a ton of value for free, including a significant portion of his more in-depth training programs. I’ve told him during a previous phone call that given the value of what he provides, I think he actually gives away too much for free and that he should slide more of the free content into his paid program. He noted that he likes giving away more in his free programs than most people do in their paid programs. This approach clearly works for him. Last I checked, he already had 32,000 people signed up for this free training. It’s probably closer to 50,000 by now.

The benefit to you is that you’re going to get a ridiculously generous amount of value just from his free resources. If you want to go beyond that and sign up for his paid coaching afterwards, that’s entirely up to you. That’s why you need to enter your email address to access his free resources. It gives him the opportunity to send you the details on the free webinars as they’re made available… and to encourage you to sign up for the paid program afterwards. I suggest you scoop up all the free info you can, evaluate how helpful it is to you, and then decide if you want to go further with it.

Or you can go work for some corporation doing soulless work for the rest of your life, making other people rich. 😉

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