Lifestyle Connect – Sep 28 in Bucharest, Romania

September 22nd, 2013 by Steve Pavlina

Here’s a pleasant surprise for anyone in or near Bucharest, Romania this Saturday. :)

I’ve been in Europe for about 3.5 weeks now, most of it spent in Bucharest. While I’ve been here, enjoying a whirlwind of amazing social connections and new experiences, I saw that there was some serious demand for a live personal growth event. Dozens of people expressed interest in this during my first week in town.

I’ve even been recognized on the street three times in the past week (in the USA I get recognized on the street maybe once per year). And two of those people asked me if I’d be having any events here.

I love the people here, and I really wanted to make this happen. But there was no way I could do this on my own during the time I’ll be in town. I have to return home to Las Vegas in early October at the latest. This could only be done so quickly with a solid team.

So some friends and I got together in person and decided to make an event happen here — fast. Within the first 3.5 hours, we had already worked out a theme, title, date, location, list of speakers, pricing, a URL, and more.

Our primary goal: Deliver a very social, high-value, multi-speaker event to inspire and encourage people to take the plunge and transition to a lifestyle that they truly love.

We only began brainstorming ideas for an event on Thursday. Now it’s a reality. And it begins in only 6 more days…

Part of me is still stunned that we’re actually doing this. I normally start planning new events 90 days or more in advance. The planning for this one began only 9 days before the actual event.

Consequently, due to the speed, I ask that you do your best to be somewhat forgiving as to our launch process. We are still putting pieces together as we launch.

If you’re looking for a day of dull lecture and PowerPoint slides, you won’t find it here.

Lifestyle Connect is about sharing our journeys, connecting in person, doing fun games and exercises together, and encouraging the heck out of you. Our goal is to help show you what it’s like to live a fun, rewarding, and fulfilling lifestyle that you love — and to help you bring this desire from a mere fantasy into your actual reality.

Lifestyle Connect in Bucharest

Lifestyle Connect

Our one-day LifeStyle Connect event happens this Saturday, September 28, in Bucharest, Romania.

Tickets are already on sale now, even as we continue to refine the web page (still need to add speaker bios as of the time of posting this).

Currently we only have capacity for about 80 attendees. About 10 tickets were already sold before we even had the event page up.

Speakers include: myself, Zan Perrion, Dragos Roua, Aurelian Popa, Octavian Baban, Florin Tabirca, Hans Comyn, and Raluca Popescu.

The theme of the event is how to create a lifestyle that allows you to:

  • do what you love (center your life around your passions and interests)
  • make your lifestyle financially sustainable (no need for a job, unless you really want one)
  • identify and develop the skills you’ll need (tech skills, social skills, travel savvy, etc)
  • stay motivated as you live on purpose (find your why)

Details of the event can be found here: LifeStyle Connect (link removed since the event is over)

Save 38% on Registration

For readers of my blog, I’m offering a discount on your registration that gives you 38% off the regular price (save 150 RON). That brings the price down to only 247 RON (about $75 USD, or 55€). This is a very good deal!

Please reshare this if you have any friends who may be interested. Hope to see you there! :)

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