Las Vegas Meet-up on Saturday Feb 16

February 14th, 2013 by Steve Pavlina

I haven’t hosted a meet-up yet this year, so let’s make that happen this weekend. I was traveling in frozen Canada last week, but I’m back in Las Vegas now, so Vegas is our meet-up city this time.

Instead of sitting around somewhere, let’s get off our butts and make this a more active meet-up. We can go for a walk around the Strip together, talking about personal growth or whatever else interests us as we walk.

I think a good spot to meet would be at Starbucks inside Mandalay Bay. There are multiple Starbucks there, so let’s meet right in front of the Starbucks at the bottom of the escalator that goes to the bridge connecting Mandalay Bay to the Luxor. It’s the same Starbucks that’s next to the House of Blues. This mean do NOT meet at the Starbucks that’s close to the conference center.

If you need help finding the meet-up location, just ask any hotel employee to direct you to the Starbucks that’s next to the House of Blues.

This Starbucks has lots of tables and chairs in front of the place, so that would be a good spot for our initial gathering. We’ll hang out there for about 10 minutes, and then we’ll head up the escalator and go for a walk together, eventually returning back to this spot. If you want to grab a latte or something at the Starbucks first, feel free.

How long will we walk for? I’d say about 90 minutes round trip. We can make that decision by rough consensus.

Mandalay Bay connects to the Luxor and then to the Excalibur through interior bridges, and then from there we could take the outside bridge to NYNY, then walk through Monte Carlo and maybe City Center. So our walk will be partly indoors and partly outside.

I never know how many people will show up to these meet-ups. We’ve had as few as 3 and as many as 40, with 10-20 being typical. Whether we’re just a handful or enough to fill a bus, we shouldn’t have any trouble moving around. Smaller groups are usually more intimate, while bigger groups are more fun and energetic.

When to meet? Let’s meet at 8:30am, and then we’ll head out for our walk at 8:40am. If you’re a zombie at that time, well… that’s what the Starbucks is for. 😉

That’s Saturday, Feb 16th, so two days from now.

Most of the tourists stay up late on Friday night, so the Strip is normally much less crowded on Sat morning. Then everyone hits the buffets around 10am. So this should be a nice time to go for a walk.

When you see me, don’t do the handshake thing. Hugs only, okay!

And while we’re out walking, don’t be a text-a-holic. You can manage 90 minutes with real human beings.

Whether you’re a Vegas local or just visiting this weekend, definitely join us if you can. Kick off your weekend by meeting cool people and enjoying some social fun and inspiration. :)

P.S. I’m heading to Berlin at the end of April, so hopefully we can do a Euro meet-up while I’m there.

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