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September 9th, 2012 by Steve Pavlina

Here’s a quick update regarding a few events that may interest you.

SBI’s Buy-One, Get-One Free – Get Started Earning Passive Income

If you’re interested in passive income, here’s a very timely deal that’s going on now.

This weekend SBI kicked off a 72-hour Buy-One, Get-One Free special on their Facebook page. To access the special, go to this page, click “like” to join, and then click on the icon for the special.

I’ve been recommending SBI for several years since it’s an easier way to make money online than blogging in my opinion. Be sure to read my full SBI review if you haven’t already seen it.

There isn’t much time left in this special, so if you want to take advantage of it, definitely look into it now. You may want to follow their Facebook page anyway, so you’ll be alerted to other specials they may run. This 2-for-1 is the very best deal they offer.

Meditationfest – Free Online Event

Learning Strategies is hosting a free online event called Meditationfest which begins on Monday, Sep 10th. It features 7 different meditation experts. Each will share a different style of meditation along with a lesson to help you understand the meditation and its benefits.

I’ve met 4 of the 7 teachers of this program, and I know the people who are hosting it, so I’m confident it will be a quality event. It should give you a nice introduction to different styles if you’re new to meditation, and if you’re already experienced, it will expose you to other styles you may not have tried before.

The Meditationfest is totally free, so it won’t cost you anything. When you register for it, which only takes a minute, you’ll receive your first meditation right away. They also have some pretty nice prizes you could win.

Visit the Meditationfest website to sign up and get started. I’m signed up for it myself.

Norway Trip – Morten Hake Summit

I’m going to Oslo later this month (my first time in Norway!) to speak at the Morten Hake Summit. This will be a awesome weekend to be sure!

Most of the attendees will be men, so the sales page is geared towards them, but the conference itself is for men and women alike — anyone who wants to learn to communicate and connect more authentically.

This conference is very inexpensive for what it offers — only $199 USD for the whole weekend — so if Oslo is an accessible destination and you’d like to hang out with dozens of cool growth-oriented people while learning to improve your social skills, I encourage you to attend.

This is a non-profit event, so I’m speaking there for free. The proceeds go to help schoolgirls in Africa.

I’ll be hanging out in Norway for a few extra days after the conference. I’d really like to see the fjords, and I know others who are interested as well, so perhaps we can get a group together to do that. :)

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