Last Day to Listen to the Mindfest for Free

June 24th, 2012 by Steve Pavlina

Just a quick reminder that your free access to the Ultimate You Mindfest (a free online personal growth audio series) ends on Monday morning, so if you still want to listen to it for free, this is essentially your last day to do so before it converts to a paid-only program.

You can still get access to all 6 sessions and the bonus session until Monday morning at 7:30am Pacific time (10:30am Eastern) for free. After that you would have to purchase the recordings. The recordings are on sale through July 1st, after which the price will increase.

Even if you haven’t listened to any of the Mindfest sessions yet — and if you haven’t, the Mindfest includes a session on overcoming procrastination just for you — the entire program is available online now, including free access to a half dozen Paraliminals. So if you still want to listen to it for free, it would be wise to do so now. Each session is about 30 minutes, so you could go through the whole program in a few hours. It’s not a bad way to spend part of a weekend.

This Mindfest has been extremely popular with my blog and newsletter readers — tens of thousands of them have signed up to listen to it — and the feedback about it has been terrific. So due to its obvious popularity, I’ve been giving it a lot of attention to make sure people who could benefit from this don’t miss out. It’s not particularly difficult to take advantage of something that’s free.

You can get free access to the Mindfest here: Ultimate You Mindfest

And you can see my blog posts about it here: Free Online Event – Ultimate You Mindfest and Ultimate You Mindfest Update

I listened to the entire Mindfest and quite enjoyed it. I also re-listened to the first session this morning and got more out of it the second time.

What I Gained from the Mindfest

While many of the core ideas in the Mindfest weren’t new to me, I still find it valuable to reinforce these ideas. Being exposed to similar ideas in new ways helps me understand them better. I also feel a renewed call to action each time.

The main idea I got from the Mindfest was the importance of subconscious training. I’ve been using Paraliminals for this since 2006, but the Mindfest also gave me the idea to make the habit even more personal.

A few days ago, I decided to type up some personal affirmations — positive, present-tense statements to reinforce inspiring goals, desires, habits, relationships, and more. I ended up with a list of 152 items. This list includes items like I use my time well; I keep my technical skills fresh and sharp; and I create, maintain, and enjoy a rich and rewarding social life.

Then I used a voice recording app to record them with my iPhone. Most smart phones come pre-packaged with such apps. It took 10 minutes to read the list, so this produced a 10-minute recording.

Now when I have some extra time, like when I’m driving to the gym or going for a walk, I listen to my recording. I aim to listen at least once a day. The first day I was able to listen to it about 6 times, so once a day is definitely doable.

The idea here is to program these ideas more deeply into the subconscious mind. You can think of it as a form of self-hypnosis.

You don’t even have to consciously listen. You can tune out and let your subconscious process the information while you’re doing something else such as cooking, eating, exercising, driving, etc.

Since advertisers are trying to drill their messages into your subconscious mind with repetition to alter your behavior, like making you order a Coke with your meal, why not use this process to condition your own consciously chosen desires and behaviors?

I think the Paraliminals are a nice companion to this approach. There are Paraliminals on many different topics, and they’re excellent in my opinion, but you’ll always have some interests and desires that aren’t covered by them. I also like the idea of packing every positive idea I can think of into a single recording.

I’ve used this method in the past, and it really does help. What happens is that you start modifying your behaviors in subtle ways over time, and you also start noticing opportunities that you might otherwise have missed. Paul shares some incredible examples of this in the Mindfest.

Catch the Mindfest

If you listen to some or all of the Mindfest, I think you’ll also get a sense of just how much power your subconscious thoughts and behaviors are wielding over your life. The good news is that you can use your conscious mind to alter your subconscious inclinations, so that your automatic behaviors are aligned with your goals and desires. This means less frustration and overwhelm. When your subconscious is on your side, you feel like you’re in the flow. You decide to do something, and you soon catch yourself doing it.

Paul does a great job of explaining these ideas with stories and examples, so the Mindfest is an easy listen. Even if you can’t listen to the whole thing, I’d suggest you try to squeeze in at least a couple of the lessons, perhaps Day 1 and Day 6 at a minimum.

You can even access the Mindfest on your cell phone, so listen to it while you’re out running errands if you’d like.

You can sign up and listen right away at the Ultimate You Mindfest page. Once you sign up, you’ll be emailed the instructions to access the recordings. It’s very straightforward.

If you have any technical issues with the Mindfest, please drop an email to info at learningstrategies dot com, and I’m sure they’ll be happy to help you out. As far as I know, there haven’t been any notable technical problems with the Mindfest — the technology worked great — but occasionally people have browser issues that need to be corrected to get access.

Have a terrific, growth-filled day!

Update: Free access to the Mindfest is now closed. This was a very popular event. If you wish to purchase the recordings, they’ll be on sale through July 1st. Learning Strategies says the price will increase on the morning of July 2nd.

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