About the Subjective Reality Workshop

September 19th, 2011 by Steve Pavlina

We just finished another awesome Conscious Growth Workshop in Las Vegas this past weekend. I really have to thank those who attended for helping to co-create such an amazing experience. I appreciate all the warmth, encouragement, and hugs!

This CGW’s group energy was delightful to behold as it evolved from Day 1 to Day 3, and I’m happy to see the CGW friendship network continue to expand. As with all CGWs, this was a potent growth experience for me as well. It’s going to take me a while to process all the new realizations I had this weekend. :)

I plan to take a few days off now for some much needed R&R, and then I’ll start gearing up for the Subjective Reality Workshop (SRW), which is less than 5 weeks away.

About the Subjective Reality Workshop

For those who are considering going to SRW and haven’t signed up for it yet, I just want to remind you that the $100 early bird discount expires at midnight on Wednesday, September 21st. You’ll still be able to sign up after that, but the price will be $100 higher. I don’t intend to extend this discount since we already have more than enough people signed up to conduct a fabulous workshop. This one sure has been generating a lot of buzz.

Most likely you were raised to subscribe to an objective belief system, and you probably relate to reality through that lens without even realizing that it’s not the only useful lens available to you. Yet the subjective perspective remains an equally viable, internally consistent alternative.

Objectivity and subjectivity are both assumptions about the nature of reality, so neither systemis falsifiable. Hence it makes no sense to say that one is more valid than the other. That would be like saying that a set of wrenches is true and but a screwdriver collection is false. Similarly objectivity and subjectivity are best seen as toolset for interacting with reality, not as truths unto themselves.

To only have one perspective at your disposal throughout your entire life is unnecessarily limiting and perhaps a bit naive. That would be like only having wrenches but no screwdrivers in your toolbox. Perhaps you could turn a screw with the right wrench, but there are better tools for that kind of job.

At SRW our aim is to help correct this imbalance in your upbringing by educating and immersing you on the subjective perspective. This is meant to complement the objective perspective, not to replace it.

Anything that can be created or explained subjectively also has an objective analog, and vice versa. Both system are equally valid, just as a wrench and a screwdriver are both valid tools. But as with hardware tools, the objective and subjective toolsets each have their particular strengths and weaknesses. They’re more useful together than they are separately. You can accomplish more with a richer set of tools.

The aim of SRW isn’t to try to convince you that reality is subjective — that’s impossible for us to know for certain. Instead SRW is your opportunity to experience the subjective side in a rich and lively 3-day weekend. This will give you another complete toolset which you can use to further your personal growth.

Examples of useful objective tools include the Scientific Method, predictive reasoning, the laws of physics as we currently understand them. By using such tools, we can achieve a great many things.

What are the most powerful subjective tools? The Law of Attraction is one. The others will be taught at the Subjective Reality Workshop next month. I wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise. :)

Some problems are easier to solve using the objective tools. Others are far simpler to handle with subjective tools. And many problems are best solved using tools from both toolsets, such as creating financial abundance, overcoming fear, or attracting loving relationships.

Neither system is superior to the other. But since each system has different strengths, by learning both you can effectively became a lot more capable than you’d otherwise be if you were limited to using just one of these potent toolsets.

If you’re curious to learn more about Subjective Reality before deciding whether to attend SRW, you can find many articles on that topic in the Archives. A good place to start would be with the Subjective Reality Simplified article, which will give you a basic overview of it.

Even though I’m a bit spent from facilitating CGW this past weekend, I’m really looking forward to the Subjective Reality Workshop next month. I’ve been enjoying the mental challenge of figuring out how to define, structure, and interactively teach the subjective toolbox. If you’ve read my book Personal Development for Smart People, then you know how much I love to take abstract ideas and search within them for hidden structure and relationships in an almost mathematical way.

Make Your Tropicana Hotel Reservations Today

Tropicana Hotel

If you’re attending SRW, please make your hotel reservations at the Tropicana ASAP. A few CGW attendees waiting too long and then tried to get a hotel room the week before the event, discovering that a number of hotels, including the Tropicana, were fully booked. They had to scramble to find other places within their budgets, ending up miles away from the venue. It’s very common for hotel rates in Las Vegas to double or triple if you wait till the week before an event to register, so please avoid this situation and make your reservation now. It only takes minutes.

Please note that the cutoff date for our group discount rate for the Subjective Reality Workshop is September 23, so that’s only 4 days away. After that you may still be able to book a room there, but you could end up paying a lot more. So use the link below to book your room now.

Subjective Reality Workshop (Oct 21-23, 2011) – Tropicana Hotel Reservations (Group Code SSP1011)

Here are the links for booking your Tropicana rooms for the other two upcoming workshops:

Conscious Success Workshop (Jan 13-15, 2012) – Tropicana Hotel Reservations (Group Code SSP112)

Conscious Relationships Workshop (Feb 17-19, 2012) – Tropicana Hotel Reservations (Group Code SSP212)

If you miss the group rate cutoff deadline, you can still reserve a room through the Tropicana’s main website, but again, you could up paying significantly more.

You can also reserve your hotel room by calling the Tropicana directly at 1-800-634-4000 (or 1-702-739-2645 if calling from outside the USA). Just give the the appropriate group code as listed above.

The Tropicana recently underwent a $200 million renovation, so the hotel property and guest rooms are all nicely upgraded. I’m sure you’ll enjoy staying there.

Are you ready to start wielding conscious control over your current dream reality? If so, come to the Subjective Reality Workshop in October, and meet people who will finally admit that they’re characters in your dream world.

Otherwise, choose the blue pill instead, and you’ll wake up in your bed the next morning, forget all about Subjective Reality, and go on about your day within the matrix as usual. 😉

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