Get a Half-Price Hotel Room for Subjective Reality Workshop

August 26th, 2011 by Steve Pavlina

Tropicana HotelSomeone just informed me that there’s an active Groupon deal for the Tropicana Hotel, where all 4 of my upcoming workshops are being held. This Groupon gives you two hotel nights for half price, and they even include a free bottle of Vodka. :)

This is a nice way to save some money on your hotel room, but given the terms of the deal, it would only be useful for those attending the Subjective Reality Workshop in October. The Conscious Growth Workshop in September overlaps the Groupon’s blackout dates, and you have to use it by Dec 29th, so it wouldn’t be useful for next year’s workshops. But since we already have dozens of sign-ups for SRW, I wanted to share this in case some people want to take advantage of it.

Groupons show a countdown and expire in a matter of hours. Go to the Groupon page to see how much time is left. At the time of this posting, there’s about a day and a half left. Groupon says this deal has a limited quantity, so once they sell out, I guess that’s it even if there was time left on the deal.

If you’re not familiar with Groupon, they’re a major corporation that rose to prominence in the last several years, leveraging the collective power of group purchasing to offer major discounts on food, travel, services, and more. I’ve bought some of their deals in the past, and I’ve never had any problems. Rachelle has used Groupons for major discounts on Bikram yoga classes.

This particular Groupon is only for 2 nights, so if you need more nights (which I’m sure you will if you’re using it for SRW), you can book those extra nights using our group rate discount. Here are the links for booking your Tropicana rooms for each workshop that way:

Subjective Reality Workshop (Oct 21-23, 2011) – Tropicana Hotel Reservations (Group Code SSP1011)

Conscious Success Workshop (Jan 13-15, 2012) – Tropicana Hotel Reservations (Group Code SSP112)

Conscious Relationships Workshop (Feb 17-19, 2012) – Tropicana Hotel Reservations (Group Code SSP212)

The group rate for CGW in September has expired, but you can still reserve a room through the Tropicana’s main website.

You can also reserve your hotel room by calling the Tropicana directly at 1-800-634-4000 (or 1-702-739-2645 if calling from outside the USA).

The Tropicana recently underwent a $200 million renovation, so the hotel property and guest rooms are all nicely upgraded. I’m sure you’ll enjoy staying there.

CGW Early Bird Discount Extended

I’ve extended the $100 early bird discount for the September Conscious Growth Workshop a few more weeks (it was set to expire August 17th), so you can still sign up at the lower price if you’d like to attend. It took longer than I expected to finalize the workshop dates with the hotel, so I wasn’t able to give as much advance notice as usual for this workshop. Normally I like to give about 3 months notice, but for this one it was just over 2 months, so I’m fine extending the early bird pricing for a while longer. I know some people want more time to decide. I just needed to avoid a situation where everyone waits to the last minute to sign up since I have to work out the seating configuration with the hotel.

The early bird discounts for the Subjective Reality Workshop, Conscious Success Workshop, and Conscious Relationships Workshop are all still in effect. They don’t expire till 30 days before each workshop.

Other Ways to Save Money on Travel

For booking flights, I normally use Expedia, but Rachelle seems to be enamored of lately. We used that site to book our recent flights to and from Paris. Keep in mind that flights to and from Las Vegas tend to be less expensive than for most other cities. Las Vegas welcomes tourists because that’s the city’s primary income source.

If you come across other deals that can help people save money on the total costs of attending workshops, please let me know about it, and if it looks good, I’ll be happy to pass it on.

Only 3 more weeks until CGW kicks off… I’m really looking forward to it since we haven’t done one in almost a year.

And how appropriate that SRW would be the workshop to manifest half-price hotel rooms. 😉

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