Paraliminals Enhanced Ultimate You Library Discount

November 10th, 2010 by Steve Pavlina

For the next 30 days, Learning Strategies is offering a special Paraliminals discount for readers. Paraliminals are unique meditation-like CDs with Holosync technology, where you hear different messages in each ear. They’re extremely relaxing, and they help you program positive action messages into your subconscious mind.

I’ve been using Paraliminals regularly since 2006 and have been recommending them ever since, so I’m happy to let people know when Learning Strategies makes them available at a discount. One of the nice things about having a popular blog is that I can arrange special discounts with publishers now and then.

Normally the individual Paraliminals CDs sell for $29.95 each, and the Enhanced Ultimate You Library — a collection of 26 Paraliminal CDs — is $539.85.

With this discount you can get the Enhanced Ultimate You Library for 4 payments of $86 ($344 total), which is a 36% discount off the original bundle price and a 56% discount off the individual CD price.  That works out to $13.23 per CD (26 CDs). That’s the best deal I’ve seen Learning Strategies offer. In the past they brought it down to about $16 per CD, and lots of people grabbed them at that price, so I expect this promotion will be pretty popular.

The discount is only going to be available temporarily, but it will last until Dec 10, 2010. Learning Strategies doesn’t offer these discounts very often — I think the last time was in 2007 — so if you want to instantly acquire a great library for positive programming, this is the best time to do it. These aren’t one-shot CDs. You can expect to listen to them over and over. They’re tailored to many different situations you’ll encounter.

I’ve had this collection since 2006, and I still listen to it regularly. As you can probably imagine, I have a vast collection of meditation CDs and MP3s (many of them sent to me free by publishers). I keep coming back to the Paraliminals as my #1 favorite. They’re the best I’ve heard. Sometimes I use them for relaxation and to de-stress, while other times I use them to assist me in getting things done or making positive changes. They’re extremely versatile.

I listened to several different Paraliminals while prepping for the last Conscious Growth Workshop about 2 weeks ago. Workshops are always a busy time for me. I found those 20-minute sessions to be terrific for relaxing my mind, keeping stress low, and putting me into a creative, motivated state.

If you want to read my review and take advantage of the discount, visit the Paraliminals page (the ordering links are near the bottom).  Of course everything comes with a money-back guarantee. :)

As with many products I promote, I do receive a commission on sales made through this offer. I think that’s fair and reasonable given that (1) I really like this product and use it myself, and (2) I asked Learning Strategies to offer a discount for my readers. Doing promos like this now and then has made it easy for me to write and publish about 2 million words of free content since I started blogging in 2004.

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