October Conscious Growth Workshop Starts Friday

October 25th, 2010 by Steve Pavlina

I’m excited that we’re doing our 5th Conscious Growth Workshop in Vegas this weekend. About 100 people are registered to attend. We have around 20 CGW #1 alumni returning for their one-year reunion. I think they’ll be in for a treat, given how much CGW has evolved since the first one in October 2009.

Today is the last day to register for the October 2010 CGW with the $100 discount — the price will be $100 more in about 24 hours — so if you’re making your travel plans this week, be sure to sign up today.

After a year of doing CGWs and going through some major revisions of the format and having a chance to review so much feedback, I’m really happy with the results. I still made many improvements after the last one, but I’ve reached the point of not wanting to tamper too much with a workshop format that’s already working so well.

Halloween Costumes

The final day of CGW is October 31st, which is Halloween. If you’re attending CGW, I encourage you to wear a Halloween costume on that day. Erin and I will both be wearing costumes. I’ve never done a workshop wearing a costume before, so I think that will be a fun experience. I was careful to select a costume that should add to the fun, growth-oriented CGW atmosphere but without being too goofy or distracting. I think it would be hard for people to take me seriously if I went as a giant bunny, for instance. :)

Wearing a costume is optional, but it would be great if you can manage it. If most people wear costumes, it will make the workshop more fun for everyone. Also, when we do the courage-building exercises in public (outside the workshop room), you’ll have the opportunity to interact with people as your character. That doesn’t necessarily make the exercises harder or easier — it just gives you more variety to play around with. Where else will you have the opportunity to face challenges and have new growth experiences in such a fun way?

If you do bring a costume, just wear it on the final day of CGW (Sunday), not for all three days.

Feel free to use the CGW forum to discuss costume ideas with other attendees if you’d like to coordinate what you’ll wear as part of a group.

I invite anyone who will still be in town Sunday evening after the workshop to stay in costume and walk around the Las Vegas Strip together. That should be a lot of fun, as it’s common for people to dress up and parade around after dark. I believe the Vegas Strip will be closed to car traffic that night, so the revelers can have the run of the place. It will be a fun way to celebrate the end of CGW. On Halloween the Vegas Strip basically becomes the world’s biggest costume party.

Some useful links:

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See you there!

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