PhotoReading at 59% Off

September 15th, 2010 by Steve Pavlina

I recently made arrangements with Learning Strategies to reintroduce the 59% discount for PhotoReading. The last time they offered this discount was a few years ago, so they don’t do this often.

The discount will run for 30 days only, through October 15, 2010. This will save you about $300 if you get the Deluxe program, which is the version I have.

I also added  a couple videos to the PhotoReading page. The first video shows some people talking about their experiences with PhotoReading, and the second one shows a news anchorman going through the process and reporting on his experiences with it.

Since I wrote the original review of PhotoReading, I’ve also had the opportunity to meet Paul Scheele, who created the program. He knows a great deal about accelerated learning and is very passionate about transforming the education system with whole-brain learning methods.

It was a little surreal talking to Paul in person because I’m so used to hearing his voice on audio programs… almost a dream-like experience. :)

PhotoReading on Electronic Devices

PhotoReading on a computer (like with a PDF) is easy. It works just as well for electronic documents as for print books — actually better in my opinion.

I have an Kindle device for reading e-books, but I’ve never been able to PhotoRead with it. The Kindle’s electronic ink technology makes the page turning too slow for PhotoReading to be practical. I can do some of the PhotoReading steps but not all of them. I suspect the same problem will occur with other devices that use e-ink technology because it can’t refresh the pages fast enough. Technically you can still do it, but I find the experience frustrating. Another drawback to the Kindle is that you can’t scroll or zoom; it’s a one-page-at-a-time device.

For similar reasons I wouldn’t try PhotoReading on a smart phone. The screen is too small, so you can’t take in much text at a time.

Last month, I got an iPad, and since it has an LCD screen, the page turning is very quick. Consequently, it’s easy to PhotoRead with it.

I know the iPad is more expensive than a Kindle (and much more versatile), so it’s not just an e-book reader. I simply want to point out that some devices lend themselves better to PhotoReading than others. The main issue is how quickly you can turn the pages and how much text is visible on each screen. The iPad has a decent screen size, so it can show a lot of text at once, and the page turning is speedy and responsive.

I think it’s actually easier to PhotoRead on an iPad than with a regular book since the page turning doesn’t require as much dexterity. You never have to worry about your fingers slipping if you try to turn the pages too quickly. You just tap, tap, tap in the margin to keep turning the pages.

See my PhotoReading review for the details. PhotoReading makes an especially nice holiday gift if you know someone who could benefit from accelerated learning techniques.

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