July Workshop Update

July 12th, 2010 by Steve Pavlina

Here’s a quick update on the July Conscious Growth Workshop, which starts this Friday (July 16-18).

A More Intimate CGW

This is going to be a smaller CGW than previous ones. I’m guessing we’ll have in the range of 30-40 people, depending on how many last-minute registrations come through (today is the last day to get the $100 discount).

The nice thing about a smaller group is that it’s more intimate and personal. We can get to know each other in ways that just aren’t possible with a larger group. We’re not going to be filming or recording this workshop, so that should help with intimacy as well.

A smaller group also provides more accountability. It’s harder to sit in a back corner of the room and hide. If you commit to doing something, people are likely to check up on you to make sure you follow through.

I have a friend who only does workshops for 40 people or fewer. He’s perfectly capable of speaking to bigger groups, but he prefers smaller groups due to the increased intimacy and connection they create. He charges $2000+ for his workshops, partly to limit the number of attendees.

Obviously I don’t make as much money with a smaller group (since I’m not charging more for it), but I’m okay with that. Other income sources have been doing great recently, so that isn’t a problem. With a smaller group size, the costs are lower too. Depending on the final attendee count, we may not even need microphones and an audio technician. I may also use a less formal seating arrangement and perhaps get rid of the stage altogether to make it easier to connect.

When I first started doing CGWs, I wondered what the best audience size would be. I think I mused about that in a blog post last year. So now I’m looking forward to having our most intimate CGW this weekend.

Last Day to Save $100

Today (Monday, July 12th) is the last day to take advantage of the $100 early registration discount for the July CGW.

Tomorrow the price will increase from $497 to $597. I need to work out the room setup with the Flamingo Hotel tomorrow, so I need a reasonably accurate count of attendees by then.

If you need any help with hotel and travel arrangements, see the Workshop FAQ. It’s very thorough and includes travel tips. Keep in mind that it’s often cheaper to fly to/from Las Vegas than to/from other cities.

Free Passes for CGW #1 Alumni

At CGW #1 (October 2009), I offered all attendees a free pass for any one of the 2010 CGWs. It was meant as an extra “thank you” to those who attended the very first CGW.┬áMany CGW #1 alumni have already used their free passes to attend the January or May 2010 workshops.

This is a reminder that there are only two remaining CGWs in 2010, so if you went to CGW #1 and haven’t used your free pass yet, you can still use it for the upcoming July 16-18 workshop or the October 29-31 workshop. After those two workshops, the free passes expire.

CGW has changed significantly since the original version, so if you do choose to come back, I think you’ll gain a lot of value from it.

CGW Web Page Updated

A couple days ago, I posted a new version of the Conscious Growth Workshop web page.

I rewrote most of the text from scratch to make it more concise. I also added details weren’t there before, such as the part describing the use of accelerated learning techniques. The page contains many photos from the May 2010 CGW as well. It’s still a fairly long page, but I think it flows much better than before.

This version is much more left-brained than previous versions. You could say it’s at the opposite end of the spectrum from the version created by the copywriter that I mentioned in a previous blog post. I think it will give you a more accurate picture of what CGW is all about.

Conscious Growth Workshop

Immerse yourself in a positive environment of conscious growth seekers

Hope to see you at an upcoming Conscious Growth Workshop. :)

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