May CGW Early Registration Discount Extended Through May 3rd

April 15th, 2010 by Steve Pavlina

The early registration discount that lets you save $100 on your registration for the May 14-16 Conscious Growth Workshop was set to expire yesterday, but I decided to extend it through May 3rd. So you still have about 2-1/2 more weeks to take advantage of the $100 discount.

This is the first time I’ve extended the early registration discount for any CGW. The main reason is that we’ve been working behind the scenes to add some extra free bonuses, and I really want to get those online during the discount period, so people who may be waiting to see what bonuses will be offered aren’t unduly penalized for waiting.

CGW Bonuses Update

As a quick update on the bonuses (which were previously explained here), I received the first draft of a 12-page CGW User Guide, developed by CGW alumni Matty Blumenthal, Sonya Sidky, and Alex Wu. It includes tips on travel planning, connecting with CGW attendees before the workshop, how to get the most out of the workshop, what to do after the workshop, and even restaurant suggestions for attendees with special diets. So this will be one of the cool bonuses we expect to include. As I mentioned previously, this bonus will be provided free to anyone who has already registered. You won’t miss out on any of the bonuses if you register early.

More CGW Feedback

One thing I really enjoy is tracking the long-term progress of CGW alumni. I’ve especially seen some amazing shifts in people’s career and relationships.

Sonya Sidky recently shared some feedback on her website titled “Why I choose to attend Conscious Growth Workshop #3: An overview of the CGW Experience.” Sonya has been to CGW #1 and #2 and is returning for CGW #3. She explains how she’s been using CGW as a growth accelerator to make sweeping improvements across different areas of her life. I think you’ll enjoy reading her story and seeing what amazing progress she’s made in the past several months.

Another Year Older (and Hopefully Wiser)

Yesterday was my 39th birthday. Thanks so much for the hundreds of b’day well-wishes people sent me. :)

As I often do at this time of year, I spent some time reflecting on my past. I recalled how when I was 19 years old, I used to commit felony grand theft as a matter of routine. A “bad day” meant getting arrested or having to appear before a judge.

It’s almost unreal to recall how deeply I was mired in that kind of lifestyle. Despite being arrested multiple times, I was in deep denial of where my path was leading me; I only cared about creating excitement in the moment. I embraced friends who were equally self-destructive, and I pushed away my smarter friends who tried to get me to see reason. I was very lazy most days, often going to bed after dawn and waking up around 3-4 in the afternoon. Stealing was my way of caffeinating myself; without that adrenaline boost, I’d be a zombie all day.

Shortly before my 20th birthday, I was expelled from UC Berkeley, and then I narrowly escaped a 1-2 year prison sentence for a crime where I was caught red-handed. That was a huge wake-up call for me. Those experiences jolted me into admitting — and finally accepting — that my life was totally out of control. I had to face the very somber prediction that if all I did was continue to maintain the status quo, I’d probably end up in prison for years. It was only a matter of time, given the path I was on. Continuing to live the way I’d been living was no longer an acceptable option.

It took time, but eventually I was able to create a whole different life for myself, and I’m much happier (and a lot less stressed) today than I was back then. I still have many challenges to face, and I make plenty of mistakes, but they aren’t the kind that have me in handcuffs. Well… sometimes… but only for fun. 😉

When you’re committed to conscious growth, it’s really gratifying to reflect back and see how much progress you’ve made. Sometimes we encounter setbacks, but over a long enough timespan of a few years or so, real progress should be easy to observe. If there’s no evidence of progress over time, then perhaps you’ve been spinning your wheels instead of making changes that matter. We all get stuck in ineffective patterns from time to time, and it’s important to notice when that’s occurring and make changes to shake things up.

I’d say the most important aspects of growth are the inner changes, like developing your honesty, compassion, courage, self-discipline, focus, and intelligence. If you truly develop yourself from the inside out, the external results will manifest as well, including abundance, loving relationships, fulfilling work, and good health and energy.

Personal growth is not easy. It takes a serious commitment of time and energy to consciously develop yourself. It’s my hope that by sharing what I’ve learned on my own journey (and what I continue to learn with each passing year), I can help you make your own path less frustrating and more fulfilling than it might otherwise have been. :)

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