Free CGW Bonuses

April 5th, 2010 by Steve Pavlina

This week I’m working on creating some extra bonuses for people who sign up for the Conscious Growth Workshop. These bonuses will be free to anyone who registers. My intention is to add even more value for attendees. These bonuses will be instant downloads that people will receive as soon as they sign up.

How to Make CGW Pay for Itself

The first bonus I’m developing is a collection of tips and advice for how to make CGW pay for itself. I’ve attended many conferences, conventions, and seminars over the years, and overall they’ve more than paid for themselves. I’ve learned how to monetize my attendance well enough to cover the registration fees and travel expenses, so I actually earn money by going to such events vs. staying home. That’s a pretty cool situation, wouldn’t you say?

For example, in July I attended my first Transformational Leadership Council retreat in Bermuda. Since it was a weeklong trip and took place at a 5-star island resort, the trip cost about $7,000. Shortly after the retreat, I did a simple business deal with someone I met at TLC — nothing particularly complicated. So far that one deal has generated about $14,000 in additional income and continues to bring in more passive income every month. I don’t have to do anything to maintain it. That single deal will probably generate enough passive income over the years to more than cover the cost of going to such retreats twice a year indefinitely. Any other deals that may happen at future retreats make it even more of a no-brainer to keep attending them. I’d miss out on such opportunities by not attending.

Even when I worked in the computer gaming industry, I learned how to leverage my attendance at professional conferences to more than cover the cost of my trips. However, it took¬†years of trial and error to learn which strategies worked and which didn’t. I’m happy that I can pass this hard-earned knowledge on to CGW attendees for free.

Initially I saw such events as expenses. Then I learned to see them as long-term investments in my self development. But now I can regard them as opportunities with an expected short-term payoff too.

You don’t have to be an entrepreneur to make this work. There are plenty of strategies that employees — and the unemployed — can use too. Once you get the hang of it, it’s not that difficult to make most seminars and conferences pay for themselves. It’s mainly a matter of knowing what opportunities to look for and knowing how to capitalize on them in a win-win manner. It does take some practice, but if you’re going to attend more workshops, conferences, etc. you might as well learn these strategies now, so you can begin reaping the benefits.

I expect this bonus will be in PDF form. I was considering recording it as an MP3, but I think it makes more sense to put it in writing, so it’s easier for people to scan and review at a glance. I don’t really need the emotional expressiveness of audio to convey these ideas. A PDF format also makes it easier for you to bring this guide with you to future workshops, so with a quick scan, you can refresh yourself on how to apply these ideas while you’re there.

More Free Bonuses

I’d like to offer at least a couple more bonuses. I’m open regarding the format, but I think audio recordings (MP3s) or short ebook guides (PDFs) make the most sense. I want them to be downloadable, so people can receive the bonuses immediately after registering for a CGW. This also keeps our costs low and minimizes administrative effort, so we can sustain doing this for every CGW.

I’d also like these bonuses to be fairly compact and of high perceived value. I don’t want to overwhelm people with more material than they can reasonably go through before CGW, but I do want to offer good value that packs a punch and isn’t just fluff.

I have several ideas for other bonuses, but at this point I’d like to open it up and see if you have any suggestions for bonus ideas. What would you like to receive now that you anticipate would make your CGW experience — and your path of self development in general — even better?

Additionally, if there are any CGW graduates who feel they can contribute one or more bonuses of their own that would be relevant to CGW attendees, I’m open to hearing your ideas. For example, it might be really cool if we had something like A CGW Graduate’s Guide to Getting the Most out of Your CGW Experience. If you can create something of high quality that would provide good value to CGW attendees, either individually or in collaboration with others, I’d be happy for all contributors to include a short plug for their websites or businesses with the bonus they provide. Just be aware that I’m a stickler for quality, so it would have to provide decent value. I’m not interested in weak teaser content that’s only used for marketing or upselling purposes — there is way too much of that kind of fluff online already.

Feel free to share your suggestions in the related forum discussion thread for this blog post, or you can send them to me privately via my contact form.

I will read and thoughtfully consider every suggestion offered. However, please forgive me in advance for not having the capacity to personally comment on each one.

Free for CGW Alumni

I’ll gladly share these new free bonuses with past CGW attendees once the bonuses are good to go. And of course I’ll share them with those who’ve already registered for upcoming CGWs -AND- with those who register in the interim before the bonuses are officially added to the CGW sales page. So if you register or have registered for any CGW ever, you WILL be entitled to receive these bonuses.

Consequently, there’s no reason to wait. If you register for a CGW now, I’ll make sure you receive the bonuses as soon as they’re available.

Save Money by Booking Your Hotel Room Now

A word of advice: Las Vegas hotel room rates tend to rise as you get closer to your dates of stay, so I urge you to make your hotel reservations sooner rather than later. It’s best to book your room at least 30 days in advance if possible.

If you book your room with a credit card, you normally don’t have to pay for the room or make any kind of deposit until your dates of stay. So there’s no financial reason not to book well in advance. It’s just a reservation and only takes a few minutes to lock in the current rates. Even if the rates went down (which would be unusual), you could always call the hotel and request they adjust you to the current rate. But my experience says it’s more likely to see room rates increase by 50-200% as you approach the dates of stay.

You can normally cancel Las Vegas hotel reservations for no charge if you give them at least 24 hours advance notice before the first date of your stay. Check with the hotel to verify their cancellation policy if you have any doubts, but this policy is very common.

This means you can book your hotel reservation before you fully decide whether or not you’re going to attend CGW and then easily cancel later if for some reason you change your mind about attending. So you can lock in the current rate and won’t have to worry about a rate increase. This makes it easier to budget for your trip too since you’ll know how much the hotel will cost well in advance.

Last month I did this for a 3-day conference in Costa Mesa, California that I wasn’t sure I was going to attend. I booked the hotel 30+ days in advance just in case, knowing I could cancel it with as little as one day’s advance notice. It took 5 minutes to book the room. I didn’t commit to going to the conference until about 2 weeks out. I was glad I booked the hotel in advance because the rates would have been double otherwise.

Having attended many out-of-town conferences, seminars, and self development retreats over the years, I’ve learned (sometimes the hard way) that it’s best to book the hotel room as soon as possible. So I want to pass this advice on to you. Again, it only takes a few minutes to book your room — you can even do it online — so there’s no reason to wait till the last minute and potentially pay more for the same room. Lock in the lower rate now, even if you aren’t fully committed to going yet. If you find a better deal later, you can always cancel with the first hotel and switch.

See the Workshop FAQ for specific information on booking your hotel room for CGW.

Free Registration for CGW #1 Alumni

If you’re an alumni of CGW #1 from October 2009, remember that you have the option to attend any one 2010 CGW for free. About 15-20 alumni used their freebie pass for the January 2010 CGW. So we still have almost 100 alumni with valid freebie passes they can use for one of the remaining 2010 CGWs.

This isn’t a hard rule, but as a courtesy to make our lives easier, I’d suggest that if you want to request a free alumni badge for the May 14-16 CGW, please submit your request by April 14th. We may be able to accommodate requests after that date, but I can’t guarantee it because a lot of people register within the final 10 days of the $100 discount period.

Only 10 More Days to Save $100 on the May 14-16 CGW

Just a heads up that you only have 10 more days to get the $100 discount on the May 14-16 Conscious Growth Workshop in Las Vegas. The last day you can take advantage of this discount is April 14th… which just so happens to be my 39th birthday. :)

On April 15th the registration price increases from $497 to $597. This is because we need to give the Flamingo Hotel a semi-accurate head count well in advance of the workshop. We also need this info for our own planning purposes.

Incidentally, Las Vegas weather in May is normally gorgeous, especially in the evenings when you’ll have plenty of free time to hang out with other attendees and have fun on the Vegas Strip. It’s a great time of year to visit the city.

CGW Improvements

I’m especially enthusiastic about the upcoming May 14-16 CGW. I’ve gotten lots of wonderful feedback from graduates of CGWs #1 and #2. Most of it was of the form: X, Y, and Z were awesome. Make sure you keep doing those things in future workshops. So there was a lot of feedback on what worked.

I also received many suggestions of tweaks for improving CGW. These workshops went so well that many people didn’t agree on how to make it better. However, based on this feedback, I was able to come up with a list of improvements that I’ll be implementing in future CGWs. The main thrust of the improvements being made for the May CGW is adding more detail and specific how-to action steps for dealing with specific challenges, such as the challenge of transitioning to a new career or boosting your income or attracting a new relationship partner.

I must reiterate a big THANK YOU to those attendees who took the time to give me such detailed responses to my post-CGW follow-up questions. That’s been extremely helpful and will make the 2010 CGWs even better. After all, this workshop is for you!

It’s so gratifying to keep tabs on many CGW alumni and watch how they’ve been applying what they’ve learned and how they’re capitalizing on the shifts they’ve experienced. A number of them have quit their old jobs and are embarking on exciting new careers that are more aligned with their true selves. It’s immensely exciting to see the rippling effects that are being created.

CGW Relationships, Friendships, and Social Support

Another cool effect is that I’ve learned of a few CGW-spawned relationships. I must say that this is very rewarding to witness. I’m actually one of those people since I met my girlfriend Rachelle at CGW #1. When so many growth-oriented people gather in the same place, there’s bound to be some instances of mutual attraction. Of course we’re also seeing lots of new friendships develop as well. Some of the CGW bonding experiences I’ve observed have been quite profound.

A number of CGW alumni are keeping in touch via weekly Skype calls. You can even join in on their calls if you haven’t been to CGW yet. There have been 16 calls so far. See the CGW discussion forum for the announcements of upcoming calls. It’s free to participate, so don’t be a stranger. The last Skype call was held on Sunday. I expect there will be another one next weekend. Look for the threads that start with the text “CGW Skype Meetup.”

One-Year 100% Money-Back Guarantee

As I just announced last week, CGW now includes a one-year 100% money-back guarantee. Obviously for this kind of workshop, it’s important to bring your A-game and participate in the self development exercises we’ll be doing. But at least you don’t have to worry about taking a financial risk on the registration price. I want to remove the financial pressure from your CGW experience, so you can keep your attention on your growth process and on the results you desire.

Also, with the ¬†upcoming “How to Make CGW Pay for Itself” bonus, which you’ll receive in time for the May CGW, you might even make enough money from attending to more than cover the cost of your trip. Now wouldn’t that be nice? And best of all, it doesn’t require gambling. :)

See You in Las Vegas!

The main reason to attend CGW is to get yourself unstuck and started moving forward with strong momentum on a path of real conscious living. This includes:

  • Dropping uninspired work and building a career that excites you
  • Letting go of scarcity and creating abundance
  • Releasing disempowering connections and attracting loving, growth-oriented relationships
  • Dropping bad habits and developing and maintaining positive habits that serve you
  • Escaping apathy and cultivating deep feelings of belongingness and contribution

Regardless of your starting point, these are attainable goals. At CGW you’ll be surrounded by other growth-oriented people who are rooting for you to succeed, and even after you graduate, you can continue to connect with such people to enjoy ongoing social support as you transition to a more conscious, abundant lifestyle. You don’t have to go it alone.

All you need to do is sign up and get yourself to Vegas. You’re going to have a blast! :)

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