3 Free CGW Bonuses Now Available for Download

April 29th, 2010 by Steve Pavlina

I’m happy to announce that three new Conscious Growth Workshop bonuses are now available. They’ll be automatically delivered to you as instant downloads when you register for the workshop.

Best of all, they’re FREE. :)

These bonuses include:

1) The CGW User Guide – Written by CGW alumni, this 12-page guide will help you get the most out of your CGW experience.

2) Growth Accelerator MP3 – This 88-minute audio program is packed with hardcore material to help you prepare for CGW… and to help you make some powerful gains before you even attend CGW. You can also listen to it after attending CGW as a quick refresher course.

3) How to Make Workshops, Seminars, and Conferences Pay for Themselves – This 10-page PDF explains 10 different ways you can monetize your CGW experience. With the right mindset and strategies, you could earn more from the event than it costs you to attend. I’ve been using these techniques for years with amazing results.

You’ll find much more detailed descriptions of these bonuses on the Conscious Growth Workshop page.

These bonuses are already set up to be instantly delivered to anyone who registers for any CGW workshop henceforth.

The bonuses will also be sent out to all previous CGW attendees (all the way back to CGW #1) and to anyone who’s already registered for an upcoming 2010 CGW. Just give me another day or two to get the bonuses sent to those people.

Bonus #1 won’t likely provide much value if you read it after CGW, but bonuses #2 and #3 were designed to provide a lot of value even if you digest them after attending CGW. So for anyone who’s already been to CGW, consider these extra thank-you gifts. Don’t you love that CGW just keeps on giving? :)

New CGW Web Page

The Conscious Growth Workshop page also received a major overhaul. I wasn’t particularly fond of the original version, which was like a giant wall of blocky text.

I received some positive feedback from many people about the old page, but it was the worst form of feedback. It went something like this:

Person: “Steve, I LOVE your CGW page. It’s so low-key… like here’s what the workshop is about, so either sign up or don’t.”

Me: “Thanks for sharing that. I’m glad you liked it. :)”

Person: “Sure thing. Just figured you’d appreciate some positive feedback.”

Steve: “So did you register for CGW?”

Person: “No… I just wanted to let you know that I liked the page.”

Me: “Sigh…”

That told me my original stab at that page probably missed the mark.

Since I’m still figuring out the best way to promote CGW, it became obvious that I need to do more experimenting.

So I bit the bullet and worked with a copywriter to completely redo that page from top to bottom.

I did this for several reasons:

1) Now that I’ve done a few CGWs already and I’ve had a chance to see the impact on attendees — even months after they went to CGW — I have a much better understanding of the overall CGW experience and what people can expect to gain from it.

2) I’ve had time to improve CGW itself. I’ve discovered more concise ways of conveying the core principles, so now we can spend more time on practical application. Consequently, CGW #3 will be a lot more detailed in terms of the how-to aspects than CGW #1 and #2 were.

3) I need to know if there’s a more optimal way to promote CGW. Until now I’ve only tried one version of the CGW page (with minor revisions), and I know from experience that the only way to know if there’s a better approach is by TESTING.

4) I felt I could do a much better job of explaining what CGW is all about, including adding a lot more detail regarding what’s actually being taught.

5) Ironically, I felt like I was too close to CGW to properly explain it to someone who’s never been there. Even previous attendees have said that words are inadequate to describe it. It made sense to step back a bit and work with someone who could be more objective and help me come up with a better way of presenting it.

6) The original CGW page was designed to promote CGW #1. I made only minor edits to it for CGW #2. CGW #3 is an evolutionary leap forward, so the description needs to be updated to keep pace with the improvements to CGW.

7) People gave me many suggestions for improving the CGW page. I had a long list of ideas to incorporate, such as adding a 1-year 100% money-back guarantee.

Given all these factors, it made sense to do a major overhaul of that page. It was a LOT of work to get this done, involving the efforts of several people and spanning many weeks. This included creating about 25,000 words of all new content for the free bonuses. That’s about a third of the size of my book — a lot of added value at no extra cost to attendees.

The new CGW page also includes video feedback from 4 previous CGW attendees, so now you can see and hear what they had to say. :)

Anyway… check out the new Conscious Growth Workshop page if you’re interested in getting a better understand of what goes on there.

The most important feedback I’ll be looking at is what effect this has on the number and types of people signing up for future CGWs (i.e. are we continuing to attract people who will benefit strongly from it?). I’ll also be taking note of people’s feedback on the free bonuses, since those are brand new and have never been offered before. But as for whether or not someone “likes” the new CGW page or preferred the old version, that sort of feedback isn’t particularly actionable. The purpose of that page is to explain CGW in enough detail that people can make a good go/no-go decision. It’s not intended to be an article.

With CGW #1, I used a ready…fire approach. Now I’m taking time to aim. :)

Only 4 More Days to Save $100 on the May 2010 CGW

The $100 early registration discount for the May Conscious Growth Workshop (May 14-16, 2010 in Las Vegas) expires at midnight on May 3rd. You’ve got Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday left to save $100 — and after that it’s full price only.

Now there’s even a countdown timer on the Conscious Growth Workshop page (just above the first “Add to Cart” button), so you can see exactly how much time you have left.

See you in Las Vegas in two weeks!

Yes, I’m excited about it! I love CGW! :)

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