$100 Workshop Discount Expires Today

December 15th, 2009 by Steve Pavlina

This is your final reminder that the price for the upcoming Conscious Growth Workshop (January 15-17, 2010 in Las Vegas) will increase from $497 to $597 after today (December 15), so you only have about 12 hours left to get the $100 discount. On the morning of December 16th, the price will be $100 more than it is now.

The registration rate has been steadily increasing as that deadline gets closer, with more people signing up for the workshop every day now.

If you live outside the USA and are thinking about attending, once again you won’t be alone. As with the previous workshop, we’re seeing that about a third of registered attendees are flying in from outside the USA.

Travel and Hotel

The workshop FAQ includes lots of information to assist you in making travel plans. Flights to and from Las Vegas are often cheaper than other cities, and the hotel rooms are very affordable, so your total trip cost may be less than you expect.

There’s also a recent forum thread where attendees are discussing good flight and hotel deals to keep costs down. It looks like HotWire.com may have some good deals.

Social Activities

At the previous workshop, it was obvious that we attracted an extremely social group. That pattern seems to be continuing, as attendees of the January workshop are already planning a number of social gatherings outside the workshop hours.

Potential activities include a disc golf meet-up, indoor skydiving, and more.

For more social opportunities during your stay in Las Vegas, check out the Conscious Growth Workshop Forum. Please feel free to suggest your own group activity if you’d like, or offer to help coordinate one of the meet-ups that are still being planned. With 30 days remaining until the workshop, there’s still plenty of time to arrange your social calendar.

Toastmasters Meeting

On Monday, January 18th at 6:15pm, the Toastmasters club that Erin and I belong to is hosting an open house, and attendees of our workshop are invited to attend. One of our workshop participants, Alex Wu, will be a guest speaker at our club that night. For further details see this forum thread.

The Toastmasters meeting is totally free, and it’s a great bonus opportunity for anyone who feels that public speaking may be part of their path. You won’t have to speak at the meeting, but you’ll be able to learn from others, watch speakers in action, and see if Toastmasters is a good fit for you. There are about 10,000 Toastmasters clubs worldwide, so chances are there’s one close to you. Erin and I have been members of this particular club in Las Vegas for many years. It’s currently the largest club in Las Vegas.

At the previous workshop, we brought 16 guests from the workshop to our Toastmasters meeting, and it was one of the liveliest meetings we’ve ever had. If you’re able to stay in Las Vegas for an extra day, I encourage you to hang out with us at Toastmasters too. Our club is very fun and upbeat with an abundant flow of humor.

Some Useful Links

Conscious Growth Workshop (all the details, who should attend, what you’ll learn, daily schedule)

Workshop FAQ (questions answered, travel advice, Las Vegas info)

Register NOW (take action, engage, make it so)

Would you rather spend a weekend with an amazing group of growth-oriented people while being pushed to think, feel, and stretch yourself in new ways, or would you rather stay home and do what you normally do? You decide.

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