Conscious Growth Workshop Update

September 30th, 2009 by Steve Pavlina

Here’s an update for those who are coming to the Conscious Growth Workshop being held this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at Harrah’s in Las Vegas.

What to Wear

Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable. If you feel good in shorts and a t-shirt, that’s fine. If you want to wear something nicer, that’s fine too. As long as you feel comfortable, that’s what matters.

The temperature in Las Vegas is expected to be in the mid-80s Fahrenheit on Friday and Saturday with a high of 72 on Sunday. It’s been cooling off lately. Nighttime temps are expected to be down to the low 50s on Sunday night (low 60s on earlier days).

Inside our meeting room, the temp will be set to 70 degrees F. Inside the hotels and casinos on the Strip the temps are often set on the cool side, so even when it’s hot outside, you may feel cool if you stay indoors for a while.


Please be aware that this workshop is being professionally videotaped.

My intention is to turn the workshop recording into a set of DVDs to offer on this site for those who couldn’t attend. But first we’ll have to see how the final footage turns out.


This workshop includes a variety of different exercises. However, this isn’t one of those large group awareness training events where intense social pressure is used to create false breakthroughs. Some of the exercises may be challenging, but you’re always free to decline anything that you feel may stretch you too far beyond your comfort zone.

Social Meet-up on Thursday

Some workshop attendees are planning a social meet-up at the food court in Caesar’s Palace on Thursday at 6:30pm. Caesar’s is across the street from Harrah’s, and the food court is located inside the casino near the interior entrance to the Caesar’s Forum Shops. I think they’re meeting near the coffee bar, which is on the leftmost side of the food court if you’re facing toward the food court from inside the casino. Someone will probably display a cover from my book to identify the meet-up area. I’m not sure how many people are going. If Erin and I have time, we’ll try to stop by and say hi, but I can’t guarantee it because we need to finalize a few things at the hotel close to that time. I’m not sure how crowded the food court will be on a Thursday evening, but it’s safe to say there will be plenty of other people there who aren’t part of the workshop.

Some people also talked about hanging out together after hours and maybe seeing a show. It’s usually not difficult to get show tickets on the day of a performance. Just ask a hotel employee where you can buy show tickets, and they’ll direct you.

Twitter updates

A forum member suggested using the hashtag #pavlina if you want to post Twitter updates about the workshop, so people can search on it. That seems like a good idea.

Please don’t do any tweeting or texting during the workshop itself. I know this practice has become popular at tech conferences, but it can be distracting for other attendees if people are using laptops, PDAs, and cell phones to post text updates during this particular workshop. Feel free to post whatever you want during the breaks though. There will be three breaks each day, a short morning break, a 90-minute lunch break, and a short afternoon break. You won’t have to go more than 90-120 minutes before jacking back in if that’s your thing.

Bringing a laptop

We had to go with theater-style seating for this workshop (we sold too many seats to use classroom style). This means that there are chairs for everyone but no tables. So if you bring a laptop with you, it will truly be a LAP-top. Given the interactive nature of this workshop, I expect that a laptop will be more trouble than it’s worth. This is a pretty dense workshop content-wise, so it’s best that you stay focused and don’t get distracted. Also, you’ll be getting out of your seat sometimes to do exercises, so you’ll need to be careful your laptop doesn’t get knocked over. If it were me, I’d leave the laptop behind.

Taking notes

Whether or not you want to take notes during the workshop is a matter of personal preference. The hotel will provide paper and pens, but hotels usually have small pads of paper, so you might want to bring something larger if you tend to write a lot.

In general I wouldn’t expect you to be taking copious notes the whole time. There will be some written exercises, but mainly this workshop involves shifting your perspective and training you to use certain techniques. You’ll probably want to jot down some ideas here and there, but at other times you may feel inclined to just sit back and listen. There’s a lot of variety in this workshop.

Signing Books

Some people asked if I could sign their copies of Personal Development for Smart People at the workshop. If you bring a copy with you, I’ll be happy to sign it. We’ll also have some copies of the book in the room if you’d like to buy a copy (paperback or hardcover) at the workshop and have me sign it for you right there.

I’m relieved that the workshop is finally arriving — less than 36 hours away. It feels like I’ve been pregnant with this baby for months, and I’m more than ready to give birth to it. As Erin can attest, I’ve been rather obsessed with it for the past several weeks… talking about it incessantly, dreaming about it, waking up at 3am with an idea to tweak one of the exercises, etc. I’ve already delivered so many permutations of this workshop in my mind that it feels like I’ll be doing it for the 50th time this weekend.

You’re going to have an awesome weekend — of that I have no doubt. :)

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