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March 6th, 2007 by Steve Pavlina

A few weeks ago I evaluated The Science of Success program from James Ray.  James is one of the cast members of the underground hit movie The Secret, and you may have seen him on Oprah earlier this month or read my recent interview with him.  I spoke with James on the phone in January, and after recognizing many similarities in our backgrounds, I looked forward to evaluating The Science of Success.  I wasn’t disappointed.  Although I review new personal development programs every week and end up rejecting most of them for one reason or another, The Science of Success is one I can genuinely recommend to you.

In The Science of Success, James shares his insights as well as the specific processes he uses to create success in all areas of life — physically, financially, emotionally, and spiritually. He presents 7 principles and 7 laws of success and explains in detail how to apply them. I especially appreciated his emphasis on giving and contribution and how he blends those principles with manifesting abundance.

One thing I like about James is that he emphasizes the role of action when he discusses the Law of Attraction.  A common criticism of The Secret is that it makes it sound like your intentions will magically manifest out of thin air just by thinking about them.  As an introductory movie on the Law of Attraction, I love The Secret and am pleased to see it making the LoA more mainstream.  However, there’s a lot more to the Law of Attraction than can be conveyed in a single movie.

When you’re really in tune with the Law of Attraction, you’ll be taking a lot of action, and those actions will generate results.  It’s not magic.  When you resonate with your desires on a deep level — when you internally become the person you’re thinking about becoming — you’ll feel a strong motivation to act.  In fact, it will feel unnatural not to act, so the action will feel largely effortless, even though it may appear that effort is involved.

For example, this morning my alarm went off at 5am as usual.  I woke up feeling sore from my last couple workouts, and I started thinking that maybe I could skip my workout today.  Maybe my muscles need an extra day of recovery.  Then I started thinking, “Wouldn’t it be great to sleep in til 6:30?”  But then I stopped myself and began thinking about my intentions and goals.  I focused on them for a minute or two and put those earlier thoughts out of my mind.  It became clear those other thoughts were not congruent with my intentions.  I knew it was just an excuse and that I was perfectly capable of hitting the gym and working different muscle groups today.  I took a deep breath and got up to start my day at 5:03.  I felt a surge of motivation and was in the car headed to the gym at 5:16.  Even though I was initially unmotivated to go, by focusing my thoughts on my intentions, I naturally took actions that resonated with them.  The only real effort was in keeping my mind focused on what I wanted.  Once I got my mind to the right place, the right actions flowed effortlessly.  At the gym I enjoyed a very strong workout and felt great.

Extending this type of pattern across your entire life is the main theme of The Science of Success.  It puts the Law of Attraction into a larger context by showing you how to adopt the thought patterns that will naturally lead to action and thereby produce the results you want.

One thing I especially liked about this program was that on the 6th CD, James provides a walkthrough of his typical day, explaining how he applies these ideas as part of his daily routine.  Throughout the day he keeps his goals and intentions constantly in front of his face, so he can’t possibly avoid thinking about them.  His walkthrough convinced me to make some changes to my own routine.  For example, I use Google’s Desktop Sidebar and added my list of values to the Scratch Pad, so they’re constantly in front of me throughout the day as I work, even as I type this blog entry.  Seeing my values throughout the day helps me stay focused on the type of life I intend to live, so my actions are congruent with that vision.

I wouldn’t say the ideas in The Science of Success are new or unique.  I’ve encountered most of the general concepts many times before.  But what I found compelling about this particular program is how James takes high-level concepts like vision, gratitude, and accountability and explains how to apply them in real life.  After James presents a concept, he uses true stories to illustrate its application.  He also shares his own failure experiences to show that success is an ongoing learning process, not an unrealistic state of perfection.

Personally I found this program very motivating, and that’s unusual for me because I’ve heard so much of this type of material before.  There’s just something about James’ presentation style that made me want to apply these ideas immediately instead of nodding along in agreement but never following up.

If you’d like to experience The Science of Success, you can get access to a 30-day free trial of the program, which includes all of the following:

  • The Science of Success 6-CD audio program with accompanying workbook
  • The Science of Success book
  • The Science of Success online course
  • 2 free tickets to a live James Ray event
  • A free teleconference call with James Ray

The free trial gives you immediate access to the online course.  My favorite portion of the course was the audio program, and second after that would be the videos from the online course.  Plain text just doesn’t convey James’ contagious enthusiasm like his voice and body language do.

To see a short video about this program presented by Jack Canfield and/or to sign up for the free 30-day trial, visit The Science of Success.

One of my litmus tests for a good program is whether I’m still thinking about it a week after going through it.  Most programs I evaluate are highly forgettable.  This is one where I’m still thinking about the ideas and looking over the several pages of notes I took.  Again, most of the ideas in this program aren’t new, but James has a great way of presenting them in such a way that you’ll actually be motivated to apply them rather than just moving straight on to the next program.

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