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July 9th, 2006 by Steve Pavlina

You’ve alluded in past posts that there are even more things you’re involved with regarding psychic phenomena than you have written about.  I’ve gotten the sense that you are holding back some things.  Is my hunch right?  What are you dying to tell us (your readers) about psychic phenemena that you feel would really challenge us in our personal development?

Your hunch is correct.  There’s quite a bit I haven’t addressed here in terms of psychic development.

There are three main reasons for this:

1. First, I only started addressing psychic development a couple months ago, so it will take some time to get around to covering all the various parts of the field.  I’ve been trying not to let a single subject hijack the blog for too long, since I’m well aware that not all readers are interested in all subjects.  Please be patient with me, and I’ll be sure to write more on psychic development over time.

2. Secondly, the vast majority of my readers simply aren’t ready to dive headlong into their own psychic development.  Many are dealing with far more basic questions like, “What should I do for a living?” and “How can I stop feeling depressed?”  My most popular article of all time was How to Become an Early Riser, which is a pretty basic skill compared to what’s required for psychic development.

In The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey writes that private victory should precede public victory.  For example, if you can’t discipline yourself to get your own work done, then you won’t function well as part of a team.  I think it’s equally true that physical victory should precede psychic victory.  That isn’t a requirement of course, but I think it’s best to achieve a reasonable degree of success with your health, home, career, and finances before you go full out trying to communicate with spirit guides.  Success in the physical world will give you a solid foundation and help you stay grounded.  Psychic abilities are of little help when it comes time to pay your taxes.

I prefer not to push too forcefully into psychic development when most of my readers are still working hard on their physical world challenges.  Erin’s site, however, attracts a different audience than mine, so she feels more free to focus on psychic phenomena.  So if this is your main area of personal development right now, I would recommend you start reading her site.

3. Thirdly, this web site isn’t my main outlet for exploring psychic development.  My wife and I continue to experiment on our own, and we recently started hosting weekly gatherings at our house with like-minded individuals.  For this group we only invite people who are 1) interested in working on their own psychic development, and 2) already possessing substantial personal experience in this area.  This allows us to dive right into some wonderful high-level discussions without having to deal with someone’s fear or resistance.  My favorite way of describing this group to first-time visitors is to say, “Weird just gets you in the door.”  :)

A web site that gets as much traffic as this one does (over a million visitors per month) isn’t the ideal venue for exploring psychic development.  I think it’s much better to connect with like-minded individuals locally in a small group format.  This allows you to go straight to the interesting stuff without being slowed down by skepticism.  I know some people love debating psychic development with skeptics, but I find that to be a waste of time.  I prefer personal experimentation with an open mind.  Skeptics demand proof before they’ll try anything, but they fail to understand that their own preconceptions block them from ever seeing.  When someone asks for proof of what they “know” to be impossible, it’s like an underwater candle asking for a light.  So I tend to restrict myself to discussing psychic development with people who already “get it” due to abundant personal experiences.  I find those discussions far more productive, since we skip over “Can we?” and go directly to “How can we?”

Now if you happen to live in Las Vegas (we live in the NW part of town), have had sufficient experiences of your own to know there’s more to reality than just the apparent physical world, and are interested in joining us, you can contact Erin to let her know of your interest.  Presently this is a very unstructured discussion group, but as it evolves we want to give it greater structure and direction.  Partly our goal is to share experiences to broaden our understanding, but I expect we’ll also work on skill development, and personal preference is to conduct a lot of experiments.  We provide free snacks too… vegan of course.  ;)

This entry is part of the “Ask Steve” series.  See the original Ask Steve post for details, or view the Archives (July 2006) to peruse the entire series.

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