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January 31st, 2006 by Steve Pavlina

After seeing my results over the past 16 months, my wife was inspired to start her own web site and blog. She recently launched Her site just has a few articles right now, but with the time she’s been putting into it, I don’t think it will be long before she has an abundance of content. And like this site, it’s all free.

Erin’s purpose is “to help people increase their awareness and remember where they came from so that we can reconnect with ourselves and other people to create love, peace, and harmony on our planet.” So her web site is centered around the realization of this purpose. Many of her topics overlap with what I address here, but she has a very different way of approaching them. She takes a more intuitive/emotional approach to personal growth, whereas mine is more mental/logical. She’s even thought about promoting herself as, “the softer side of Steve.” :)

Erin has been running since 1999. VegFamily is a free online magazine dedicated to supporting people who’ve chosen to follow a vegan lifestyle (it isn’t designed to convert people to veganism). She’s also had two books published. But since that’s a fairly tight topic with a niche audience, Erin wanted to branch out with a new site that could reach more people and allow her to share more of her real self. She’s going through a similar shift that I went through when I decided to transition away from game publishing. Fortunately, she has a staff of people to keep VegFamily running as she spends more time writing for her new site.

Some of the things she plans to include on are:

  • A free articles section. She’s already written a few articles and recommends starting with “Pick a side, any side.”
  • A blog with an RSS feed. She may also do some podcasting down the road, since we already have the equipment for it. In fact she just did a podcast on lucid dreaming with me for this site.
  • Paranormal topics like astral projection, channeling, lucid dreaming, life after death, life before life, speaking to our higher selves, etc.
  • Social commentary on the death penalty, homelessness, poverty, animal rights, etc. How can we as individuals help fix the major social, political, and environmental problems we face today?
  • Fictional stories and parables to help expand our awareness.
  • An “Ask Erin” section to submit your own questions, which she’ll answer in her blog.
  • A free newsletter, including exercises to help you reconnect with your true self, to connect more deeply with other people, and to increase your awareness.
  • Possibly some channeled messages and thoughts from higher consciousness.

As you can see, being weird runs in the family. :)

What motivated Erin to create her new site wasn’t the income or the traffic potential. It was the opportunity to help people and to make a difference. She’s seen the fantastic results of the work I’ve been doing, and it opened her eyes to the possibilities of what she could do if she followed a similar strategy.

I’m thrilled that she finally decided to create, since I’ve been mercilessly badgering patiently encouraging her to do it for the past several months.

Erin’s site will probably attract a different demographic than mine, but many people will enjoy reading both of our sites. Whereas I’m a typical Aries (fire sign), Erin is very much a Cancer (water sign) and almost my opposite in many respects. Together we create steam. :)

Go check out, and let her know what you think.

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