Podcast #004 – Using Patterns for Personal Development

October 7th, 2005 by Steve Pavlina Personal Development for Smart People podcast #4

This podcast is a live recording of a 30-minute mini-seminar I presented in Las Vegas on Monday, titled “Using Patterns for Personal Development.”

During the recording you’ll hear references to a handout. I’ve included the complete text of that handout below, so you’ll have the same support material the original audience had.

Here are some of the things you’ll learn by listening:

  • Discover the three primary subconscious patterns of thinking and behaving, and observe them operating in your life right now.
  • Learn the three vulnerability points you can use to permanently break unwanted habits and addictions.
  • Use overwhelming force to eliminate resistance and establish new patterns to put your goals on autopilot.
  • Transform goal achievement from an uphill struggle into an easier, more relaxed feeling of flow.

Enjoy the podcast…

(Time = 30:30, Size = 13.9MB)

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Three Primary Patterns
1. Chain
– Stimulus -> response (thought -> result)
2. Loop
– A repeating chain (thought -> result -> thought -> result -> …)
– Self-reinforcing feedback loop
– Habit or addiction
3. Spiral
– An unstable loop where each pass through the loop changes in intensity
– 4 types of spirals: positive mild, positive intense, negative mild, negative intense

Three Ways to Break a Pattern
1. Break the stimulus (prevent the stimulus from ever occurring again)
2. Break the thought (stimulus generates a different thought)
3. Break the result (ruin the result you attain upon proceeding from the thought)

How to Change Patterns to Be Congruent With Goals
1. Identify your goal
2. Diagnose the patterns that are working against you (chains, loops, spirals)
3. Design a new set of patterns that will support you in reaching your goal
4. Use overwhelming force to break the old patterns and install the new ones

Overwhelming Force
30 Days to Success
Are Your Friends an Elevator or a Cage?
Environmental Reinforcement of Your Goals
You Need People
Conditioning Yourself to Succeed
Behavioral Conditioning
Making a Quantum Leap

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