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August 17th, 2005 by Steve Pavlina

Earl Nightingale’s The Strangest Secret is one of the most popular recordings on personal development, albeit one that’s 40 years old. Nightingale-Conant sells a CD of this recording for $19.95, but I picked it up as a freebie at a seminar I attended earlier this year. This particular CD contains some introductory material by Mark Victor Hansen (which I felt was mostly fluff), but the original content is still there.

I already own another copy of this recording, so I’ll give this CD away for free (shipped anywhere in the world) to whichever reader provides the most interesting story (as subjectively decided by me) of how s/he attempted to apply something learned from this web site as well as what the results were (for good or ill). It doesn’t have to be long-winded unless you want it to be — a few sentences is just fine.

If you’d like to participate, please send your story via private feedback, post it as a comment below, or if you have your own blog and wish to write about it there, you can post a link to your story. Just be sure to fill in your email address correctly, so I can follow up with you if you’re the one selected to get the CD. I’ll select the CD recipient after 72 hours and will add a note to that effect to the end of this post, so if you don’t see such a note, it’s still open. If that person has a web site or blog, I’ll be happy to include a link to their site/blog from this post as well. But I won’t publish any personal details about the CD recipient unless s/he gives me permission to do so.

I’m soliciting this feedback to see if people are getting and applying actionable ideas from this site. The CD is just a small bonus. Some posts on this site are geared towards action, while others are intended to make you think about things from different perspectives. But if you read this site regularly, the long-term result should be that you take some kind of action to change your life for the better. Otherwise, we’re just wasting our time together, and we’ll need to make some changes to fix that.

Update 8/20: There were 22 participants, some via email and some via blog comments. I asked my wife to read them all and select the one she found most inspiring. She selected the entry by Anthony Salter (aka Viridian) to receive the CD, who posted comment #2 below (linked to his story). Thanks for sharing!

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