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August 12th, 2005 by Steve Pavlina

I’ve received many requests for adding downloadable audio content to this site, which is something I planned to eventually do since the time I started the site. I’ve worked out the basic idea for an audio content subscription service, and I’d like to ask your opinion on it.

The service I envision won’t be a true podcasting service in the sense that I don’t expect it to be delivered via RSS and enclosures. Most of the recent personal development related podcasts I’ve heard are of such low quality in terms of production and content that I really don’t want this service to be associated with them. This service is NOT about a couple of guys sitting on a porch recording a casual conversation about their opinions on the latest technology.

Think of this service as a professional-quality audio magazine on personal development, where you’re emailed a link to download the latest issue as an MP3 file as soon as it becomes available. You can listen to it on your computer or portable audio player or burn it to a CD.

Here’s what I have in mind in terms of the technical details:

  • Each issue = one 30-60 minute downloadable MP3
  • All content, no commercials
  • Covers personal development topics similar to those found on this blog, including productivity, self-discipline, relationships, problem solving, overcoming addictions, etc.
  • Blend of practical, actionable ideas (what and how) with motivational stories (why)
  • Original, exclusive material recorded in my own voice (fast tempo, high energy)
  • Deeper and more organized presentation of ideas than what appears on this blog
  • 2 issues per month = 24 issues per year
  • $99 for a one-year subscription ($4.13 per issue)

Since I know I’m eventually going to produce audio material for this site (whether in the form of this service or some other form), I’ve already purchased and setup some basic recording equipment, including a cardiod studio condenser microphone and mixer. My younger brother, an amateur musician, was instrumental (ok, bad pun) in helping me figure everything out. I also have previous audio recording and editing experience from creating computer game sound effects for several published games.

I realize you may need more details to make an informed decision on this, but if you already have an opinion on whether such a service interests you or not, please take a couple clicks to answer the poll below. If you don’t have an opinion either way, feel free to ignore it.

If you’re viewing this in an RSS reader and cannot see the poll, click here to go directly to the post online.

Comments and suggestions are welcome as well.

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