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February 17th, 2005 by Steve Pavlina

Today I sorted all previous blog entries (about 75 of them) into categories related to personal development. You can now see a list of categories on the right sidebar. Clicking on any category will allow you to see all the posts in that category, so you can conveniently review previous posts on topics that interest you: time management, goal setting, productivity, motivation, planning, etc. Posts that cover a variety of topics have been assigned to multiple categories.

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Steve Recommends
Here are my recommendations for products and services I've reviewed that can improve your results. This is a short list since it only includes my top picks.

Site Build It! - Use SBI to start your own money-making website
Lefkoe Method - Permanently eliminate a limiting belief in 20 minutes
PhotoReading - Read books 3 times faster
Paraliminals - Condition your mind for positive thinking and success
The Journal - Record your life lessons in a secure private journal
Sedona Method (FREE audios) - Release your blocks in a few minutes

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